Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness


In the land of China there was a place called the "Valley of Peace" where Men and women alike would go about their day and work to make a living in content. A warm and sunny day it was, the sky was blue, the tree's leaves followed the spring breeze, and the citizens of the valley of peace was setting up decorations for the up coming third annual Dragon Warrior Day Festival. Celebrating Po, the Dragon Warrior, for defeating Tai Lung before he took over the valley of peace. Everyone was planning, cooking, and designing the third annual festival to be just perfect for Po's liking. Cooking preparations were being dealt with at Mister Ping's Noodle Shop as the planning and decor was being taken care of in the village. Posters of Po in his Kung Fu stance where on many buildings. Streamers of the color orange and yellow hanged from rooftop to rooftop and on those streamers were Po's Kung Fu stance lanterns that will be lit at noon.


At the Jade Palace's courtyard, where our heroes train day after day to become the best Kung Fu Masters of the valley and protector as well, each of the Warriors where taking turns sparring with each other. Right now it was Viper against Mantis while Tigress, Monkey, and Crane spectated, on the stairs, studying the movements of their friends Po, on the other hand, was catching up on his nap siting up making it seem like he was alert until a knock on the head from Sifu's stick woke him up.

"Gaah!...why'd you do that Master Shifu I was wide awake watching Tigress and Monkey spar. That really hurts when you do that!" Po let out a very angered and annoyed sigh. Lately Po's been dosing off during training because he was excited for the upcoming festival that celebrated him. If it was a dream he defiantly doesn't need Shifu whacking him on the head to wake him up.

"Po" Shifu says annoyed with a twitch of his ear "Do you honestly think that Viper and Mantis look anything like Tigress and Monkey?"

"No of course not because Mantis and Viper are right next...to...me!?" Po stopped what he was claiming to only see that he was wrong. Mantis and Viper was training for at least ten minutes after Po dosed off not recognizing that Monkey and Tigress was siting next to him.

"look who decided to wake up, finally" Tigress said with a smug look on her face "What training is so boring that you fall asleep on us now?" Po starts to sweat with the tension that's building around him and Tigress looked like she was going to punch him back to sleep.

"WHAT...no...I.." as Po tried to redeem himself for the lack of professionalism but Shifu cuts him off his words and silences him as he tells Po that the dragon warrior needs to focus more on their training and not slacking off. As Shifu finishes his lecture towards Po he and the Furious Five went inside to eat their Lunch while Po stayed out in the courtyard to clean up the mess as punishment for dosing off.

As Po tidy ups the mess he mumbles to himself "They know why I was sleeping so couldn't they cut me some slack geez!...the least they could have done was help me with most of the mess they made whatever the faster I get done the faster I can eat mine and their dumplings as pay back for my services oooh yeah!". When the courtyard was clean he raced through the barracks and back to the Jade Palace.