I am a modest woman.

I like being covered.

I balk at crop tops and bikinis.

Which made my ordeal all the more shocking.

My alarm clock went off just as I was about to smash into the ground. Gasping awake I blinked furiously attempting to calm the phantom adrenalin pumping through my veins. Sighing I rolled onto my back or at least tried to.

A pleasant murmured, "Five more minutes." wafted from behind me followed by a muscled arm wrapping around my waist. My naked waist.

Time ceased to exist.

Faster than you can say rape I was out of the bed taking the loose sheet with me. In my quick escape it never occurred to me that the person in the bed was as naked as I was and he certainly was. Sucking in a wispy lungful of air I knocked my head back to scream.

"Silents." The man appeared clamping a hand over my mouth. His eyes seemed to glow gold. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Snorting I snapped my teeth down on his hand drawing blood. As soon as his hand was out of my mouth I let out a ridiculously girly shriek. The man backed away clutching his hand a look of cold calculation on his face. Scoping the room I choked back the scream as I recognized where I was. Propped against the nightstand was a replica of Anduril the sword from the lord of the rings. Grabbing the sword I unsheathed it and pointed the semi sharp blade at the man.

"Why are we at the Blue Fairy Motel?" I growled jabbing the blade in his general direction I kept care to keep eye contact.

"And how did you know that?" He seemed ridiculously at ease.

"This is my brothers room."

"Your brother was part of Xavier's pack?" His eyes never left mine and they continued to glow.

"Are you?" I was tempted to look for an exit but I had the feeling if I looked away he would attack me.

"Am I?" He still hadn't blinked. "Hazel do you remember what happened Monday?"

Gritting my teeth I looked away it felt like he won something. "My brother was killed."

"Do you know what day it is?" He asked his voice had softened dramatically and at some point he had picked up a pair of pants and was putting them on.

"Wednesday?" The word came out as a question. I wasn't sure what day it was it should have been Wednesday but it didn't feel like it.

"Its Sunday." The man whispered. "Put the sword down Hazel."

"How did you know my name?" I muttered unwillingly lowering the sword. Realizing what I was doing I fought against my own muscles. Managing to steady it at knee length I refused to let it go. "What are you? Who are you?"

His eyes began to glow again. "I am a werewolf my name is Bran Cornick-."

Before I could stop myself I let out startled chuckle. "Bran like the Muffin?"

"I am Bran Cornick," He pointedly ignored me. "I am the Marrok."

Marrok, the word had some weight like it should mean something. Unfortunately it meant nothing to me. "So Bran Cornick, if I gave your name to the police will I become a part of a list of attractive murdered women?"

"Attractive?" Ouch.

"Yes. I know I don't look like much but I deserve it. Plus I need the confidence." I bared my teeth an action I had never used before but felt quite natural. The man in turn bared his own.

"Hazel Gray," His voice took on a gravelly tone. "I have not molested you in any way."

"And I suppose my nakedness is all in my head." I looked at my arm in mock wonder. "Thank you for letting me borrow the Emperors clothing."

Snarling he drew my attention. "I came to help you change."

"You certainly had the right start." I glared and got nothing. "My brothers the werewolf not me and you're a bit late Xavier helped him threw the change last month."

"Your brothers dead." He said bluntly. "Do you remember how it happened?"

I wanted to stab him with the sword but it wouldn't budge or at least I couldn't. "Werewolves killed him."

"They almost killed you too." With his voice, he forced my eyes to look at him. "You changed Tuesday night on the full moon."

"Its Sunday." I said numbly echoing his previous words.

"Yes.' He said slowly. "You nearly went Lupe. You were stronger than Xavier could deal with. You're an Alpha."

"My brother was Submissive." He shouldn't have become a Werewolf. He was too kind to pure. To soft.

"Your wolf took full control. She hunted down the lone wolves that killed your brother, killed them then started playing with the pack." He let me absorb that before going on. "My son Charles was called to put you down."

"I'm still alive." I questioned.

"My daughter-in-law was able to sedate you long enough to pull out Charles alive." Leaning against the wall he went on. "You're more dominant then my son."

"Not more than you?"

He cracked a grin. "Thankfully not more than me."

Dropping the sword I backed myself into a corner. "I killed?" I asked in a small voice.

"Charles got here before you killed any of the pack."

"But I killed." I asked shakily sliding down the wall.


I had time to whisper, "Oh." Before throwing up on my feet. I had never killed anything before. "Did I kill anyone else beside the lone wolfs?"


"That's good," I nodded sinking deeper into the corner until I sat in a crouched position. Understanding dawned, I looked up. "Have you come to kill me?'

The man had stalked closer while I having my panic attack, close enough to count the lines in his iris. Crouching on his knees he studied my face, his eyes glowing gold. I looked away my head tilting farther then I wanted it to. Exposing my very vulnerable neck.

"No, I don't think I have to."