The pounding in my ears muted as a slow smile spread across my lips. "How interesting."

His head tilted as my body relaxed. "What is interesting?"

The feeling in the cabin had changed. It felt heavier as if the air had suddenly turned to lead. The flight attendants chatting in the front of the plane quieted.

I leaned forward resting an elbow on my knee and bared my teeth. "I'm terribly conflicted."

The metallic color in his eyes dulled as he leaned forward to meet me. "About?"

I licked my lips. "How strong is our wolf urges compared to this human facade we create." I took in a deep breath tasting the crackling power radiating from the man sitting across from me. "I imagine it has been some time since you've let your wolf have free reign."

"What are you trying?" He growled his eyes burning into mine. They flitted briefly to my lips. "Hazel."

"What must you think of me?" I placed my free hand lightly on his knee. "My human sensibilities are of the mind that this…proposal is dangerous...I would have to agree with her." My lips grazed the Marrok's. "I'm not sure if I want to be your mate...or be the Marrok."

His eyes lit up but he stayed still.

The tension snapped burning deep in my belly. Suddenly his hands caught my shoulders and pushed me back into my seat. "I have no doubt that which ever decision you come to will offer me entertainment." I moved to attack him but he snarled a warning. "You have twenty minutes to make your decision before we land." He grit his teeth as he stared down at me. "I can offer you companionship and physical intimacy. I am very fond of you but love may never bless this union."

He pulled back and sat down. "I know you well enough that my place as Marrok will never tempt you more than the occasional threat but know this," His voice turned to a whisper. "If ever I become unfit to be Marrok you maybe the only one to end me." He smiled and turned his eyes from me.

I tensed taking in the implications that gesture signified. It was clear that he was (if only a little)more dominate. It was an appeal to my wolf that said we would be partners-equal in this union. My wolf growled insisting that I kill him immediately or at the very least start kissing him.

"You have two choices," He growled staring at me hungrily. "Be my mate or challenge me for Marrok."