This is another old(er) fic in which Chatot and Grovyle...are Mary Sues!

When Chatot was just a little boy, there was a fire in his nest that killed his parents and all of his siblings. He was the only one who survived, so he had to fend for himself for years.

Then one day, he was adopted by Ho-Oh and his wife, Fearow. Ho-Oh loved his new son very much and taught him how to make fireballs and use fire attacks, but sadly, he died from Fearow poisoning his water one day. She was very mean to Chatot and never let him go outside and she would beat him up all the time but he still tried to go on smiling every day.

One day, she decided to enrol him at a guild, where he studied very hard. However, because he was more powerful than even the Guildmaster there, everyone hated him and called him mean names and hurt him. Every night, he would cry himself to sleep.

Then, the new kid came. His name was Grovyle and everyone adored him. He was soon made into the third-in-command after one week of training at the guild and he slept in the other bed in Chatot's room. Chatot soon fell in love with him but was too shy to tell him.

It was a late night and Chatot was crying from having been beat up by the bullies and the Guildmaster, who was a very mean arcanine. Then Grovyle came into the room and looked at him, concerned.

"Why are you crying, Chatot?" he asked, his face full of worry.

"It's because everybody here is so mean to me," he sobbed, slumping against the wall.

"Well, why don't you sing for me?" Grovyle suggested. "Singing always makes me feel better." So Chatot started to sing and it was so beautiful that everyone, even the Guildmaster, came to listen and they cried tears of joy.

"You have the most lovely voice I've ever heard," said Grovyle, his eyes brimming with tears. "So I have a question to ask you." He got on one knee and presented a ring and said, "Will you marry me?"

And of course Chatot said yes and they kissed and it was so beautiful that everyone was crying even more. Then the Guildmaster let them graduate right away and they got married.

Then they moved in together and had three babies.