As Lily Evans left the herbology greenhaus she ran into the hottest man she'd ever seen. He had dark hair that defied gravity and soulful eyes rimmed with metallic gold eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow. His skin looked as soft as chinchilla fur. She stopped, spellbound, nearly dropping the Hellebore plant she had acquired from the greenhaus. She smiled shyly, nearly swooning as she stared into his rich chocolatey brown eyes. He smiled back and leaned against the door and said "okay we make one photo but then I really have to go. Monkey business!" She could get lost in his beautifully strange accent. "A… a photo?" She stuttered, slightly confused. His beautiful coffee colored eyes widened in surprise. Everybody wanted a photo with Chriz, lead singer of Berlin Mitte. He was every girl's dream. "I don't understand," he said, "isn't this why you followed me here?" - "um, er... No I was st-getting a plant for my friend." Chriz raised a perfect eyebrow and then shrugged, "if you say so."

A smartly dressed man emerged from the greenhaus and addressed Chriz in what sounded like German. He appeared slightly flustered. After a quick conversation, Chriz turned back to Lily, "Maybe, I'll see you at the concert," he said, flashing her a dazzling smile before disappearing into the greenhaus.

"Yeah," she replied almost dreamily, "the concert..."

There was only one problem: Lily had no idea what concert he was talking about. He didn't look like Celestina Warbeck, maybe he was from that new band everyone was talking about, The Weird Sisters? She did not know, and she knew that Sev would also not know, because he hated all music that was not Celestina Warbeck. When to it came to her, his heart was in the song.

Swallowing her pride, Lily resolved to ask that awful James Potter, who liked people to know that he was listening to bands before they got famous.