Chapter 2:

James Potter rumpled his hair as the beautiful Lily Evans walked toward him. She glared at him as she walked past to the gnarled tree by the lake under which Severus Snape sat. She sat down next to him and pulled a plant out of her bag and handed it to him. James sighed and turned back to his book, certain that she would never love him. Several minutes later, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up. It was Lily. He rumpled his hair as sexily as he could. She looked sadly at his very bare upper lip. It was almost as if she was disappointed.

Like an angelic vision, she spoke.

"Potter." she spat, venom dripping from her words.

"Yes, gorgeous?" James replied.

"I have to ask you a question…" Lily sighed.

"Yes, my love," James said joyfully, "I will go to Hogsmeade with you this weekend! And every weekend after that, as long as we both shall live!"

Lily looked confused and slightly nauseated. "No, Potter," she said with disgust, "my question was about music. I ran into the most beautiful man as I left the greenhouse today. He had perfectly styled hair and the richest, dreamiest chocolatey eyes you have ever seen," she sighed, staring off into the distance. "He had the sexiest accent, German I think, and he's in a band that's playing here. That's what I came to ask you. Do you know the band?"

James' look of horror at Lily's description slowly faded as he looked into her lovely green eyes.

"Er, yeah…" he mumbled, dropping his gaze. "Sirius and I planned a… er… underground concert series in the Room of Requirement."

Lily rolled her eyes. "That is so against the rules, Potter…but I'll let you off if you'll let me come."

James' hazel eyes widened in surprise, "Yeah, sure. It's this weekend. I'll give you the details."

"Great!" Lily exclaimed, bouncing off to join Marlene McKinnon and Mary McDonald on the steps.

Sirius walked up behind James, "What's Evans so excited about?"

"I have no idea," James replied, staring after Lily, as the group of Gryffindor girls entered the castle. "But I don't like it."