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Chapter 2

Decaying-looking hands reaching for him and grabbing his face moving him closer to it's mouth but before they touched Kyoko woke up with a gasp. She laid in her bed trembling as the memories of how she died ran through her head. She turned and looked at her alarm clock and groaned seeing that it was only four thirty in the morning.
She started getting flashbacks of her old life every since that bastard broke her heart.

The mere thought of Sho had her grudge demons come flying out saying all the ways they were going to get revenge on him.

At first the flashbacks had just seemed like bad dreams but the more she remembered of Harry's life she realized that it was her life!
It had been such a shock that night when she had realized that and it was all Ren Tsuruga fault. When he had tricked her that day when she found out about the Love Me section it had triggered Harry's memories of getting betrayed and his death in that nights dreams. It was not pleasant remembering those feelings she has felt near her death.

She started chuckling evilly at the memory of another dream she had though. When Death had first appeared in her dream she almost fainted till he started telling her what they had done by giving her a new life and one other thing they did after her soul left. Those bastards that betrayed her started losing their magic one by one and then the magical creatures that was once scorned by them kicked them out into the muggle world with no money. The best part was those that were the Death Eaters and those in the Order including that damn Dumbledore got tossed into the loony bin for ranting about magic.

"I still can't believe that got I turned into a girl though." sighed Kyoko looking at her dainty hand coming out of her daze. A thought of princes and fairies suddenly came to mind. "Kyaa! And I turned into such a girly one too." screamed Kyoko in horror rolling around on her bed grabbing her head. Her old male pride taking a big blow because of that and then the sudden thought of how he turned into a fangirl for another guy made the formal male cry as the rest of his pride was destroyed.

Meanwhile in the next room over

"Darling Kyoko is doing it again." Taisho's Wife said to her husband. He grunted in agreement trying to ignore the screams and banging.

Kyoko sighed from cocoon of blankets on the floor from were she rolled complety off the bed in her fit from earlier. If she was just Harry she would never have just done that but sixteen years of living as Kyoko with only a few of Harry's quirks coming out but no memory has turned her into a very different person then what she had been as Harry.

Which is not a bad thing she mused as she moved like a caterpillar getting back on her bed. She did not have a happy life back then as Harry granted this life has not been happily every after either she thought with a glare to Sho's poster and the smaller one of Ren but still it is much better then the first time around. She sadly does not seem to have magic anymore other then her being able to move a lot faster when she want to and a couple small things but the knowledge that it was real and she once had it sent her into fairy land dancing with all the magical creatures that she knows of and those she doesn't.

After a few minutes she came out of her daydream with a deep sigh before closing her eyes hoping to at least get a little more sleep before she goes to LME for her first day of work. For some reason the uniform for the Love Me section was not ready yet but they said it will be in tomorrow. Hopefully they will not be girly.

Tomorrow will be the first step of revenge against the bastard. She started to laugh evilly at her thoughts having him beg for forgiveness at using her. Her demons wispering ideals and pranks she could pull on him after all she is the son well now daughter and Goddaughter of the Marauders. She feel asleep with a big grin on face dreaming of what she could do to him.


Sho woke up suddenly when a chill went down his spine and a sense that was something bad was coming. He shook it off as his imagination and turned back over falling into a restless sleep. Unknowen to him there was a couple of Kyoko's demons giggling evilly circling over his head.