Author's note: First sorry! I know I am a very slow writer and that this not a big chapter but it is a new one! It is also on the sad side which hopefully on the next chapter it will be better. Thank you all who followed, favorited and reviewed! Hope you enjoy this small chapter.

"Nooooooo!" an unearthly scream shook the LME building causing people to look around in terror. "Curse you! Curse you damn bloody pink demon toad!" another unearthly scream echoed throughout the building. People grabbed each other shaking in horror.

Meanwhile with a certain manger...

Takenori Sawara was currently cowering behind his desk praying to everything Holy for this nightmare to end. While he agreed that the President had pick a horrid neon pink uniform for the Love Me members it should not of caused this kind of reaction! Only a few minutes earlier he had presented the bag with the Love Me uniform to Miss Mogami and he swore he saw sparkles and rainbows light up the room when she took the bag holding it close as she danced around the room. The room got heaver as she started laughing and mumbling something under her breath. She slowly pulled out the uniform till she had it all the way out in its pink glory her smile frozen on her face. The next thing he noticed was that she was in the uniform trying to list the positives of it before she fell to her knees tears running down her face and starting that bone chilling awful wailing.

She has always hated the color pink even if it was on beautiful princesses. When Sho's parents gave her pink clothes she forced herself to grin and happily say that she loved it while on the inside she felt like she was slowly dying. When she had followed Sho she happily left all the pink behind swearing to never wear that awful color again. Once she regained Harry's memories it had all came clear of her hatred of that color...that bloody pink toad Umbitch!

She did way more damage then the blood quill. She tortured me to the point that I wished I was in Voldemort's loving care and then healed all of it so none would know. Forcing me to wear something pink every time after so I could remember the fun times we had together so she said and I had grin and bear it all saying nothing so she would not do it to my so called friends.

I looked at the uniform through my tears as I broke down again. "I can't do it! I can't do it! I gave my all to him but this...this I draw the line. I just can't!" As much as want to destroy him if I wore this not only would he have broken my heart but thanks to the memories my soul as well.

Takenori was getting very worried for Miss Mogami. She was just sitting there now just crying and mumbling to herself. He tried to get her attention but he doubt she had even heard a word he was saying. He quickly pulled out his cell and called the President Lory hopefully it could snap her out of it.

"No! Come back Prince William! How dare you dump her!" Lory yelled at the dating sim game he has been playing all morning. His phone stared ring right before he could continue on his game. Seeing who it was he got excited. "Hello Takenori! How is our first Love Me member doing?" He asked brightly imaging Miss Mogami happy face of getting to company./div
"Do what?" His happy face turned serious instantly after hearing what Takenori had said. "I'll head that way now." He hanged up and quickly headed toward where Takenori office was.
A few minutes later without his usual antics he bust open the door to see Takenori standing awkwardly over Miss Mogami who was crying staring with dead green eyes at the very bright pink uniform. He quickly kneeled down beside her and gently took the uniform away from her since that seemed part of the problem. After he hastily tossed it out of her sight range and he took her hands that were still hanging in the air.

She could at the back of her mind hear someone trying to call her name but it was all being drowned out of flashbacks brought on by the pink uniform. Suddenly though the pink was gone and instead a pair of hands had gently grabbed onto her hands. "Miss Mogami? Miss Mogami? Come on there Kyoko, you can snap out of it!" I jerked at the sound of my name. "There you are! Hush now it is ok." I came around enough to recognize the crazy company president as he slowly pulled me forward till I was in a secure hug. When I felt his hand brushing through my hair and heard the softly spoken words of comfort I grabbed his shirt and started to cry into it.

"What the matter sweetheart?" I heard him worriedly ask. My grip tightened on his shirt as I thought of the last time anyone had asked me that, of when it had been Sirius the one there for me. I could not of stopped it if I wanted to. It has been too much between Sho's betrayal, getting all of Harry's memories and then the bloody flashbacks all of it not really sinking in till now I thought bitterly. So I broke down telling this stranger who I had hoped to be my boss everything from Sho to me being Harry Potter and his life.

I sat there in shock as Miss Mogami told her story and even after she finished and all the stress cause her to pass out in my arms. I looked over at Takenori and saw his face mirrored my shocked one. We both looked back down at the poor girl in my arms when she made a small sound.

"So do you think it is true?" Takenori whispered quietly. I thought deeply before I answered. "There was way too much pain in her voice for her to even be acting. I want you to do a full background check leave no rock unturned." I ordered to him as I lift her of the ground with her small hands still holding my shirt in a death grip in her sleep. "I really hope it was just an act but my gut is saying other ways. Let me know as soon as you find out."

He nodded his head as I turned to head back to my office with Miss Mogami in tow. I looked down at her in my arms she was so tiny and her face still looked to be in pain. "Oh how I wish it was all an act." I mumbled to myself thinking of what all the poor child had to deal with in both lives. I tightened my arms around her slightly and prayed that we would find information to prove her story other ways though I deep down I knew it was not going to be answered.