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The fire crackled as Luke sat with his arm around Lorelei. He couldn't believe they had been together for 3 years now. Rory, now five years old was playing upstairs. Luke had decided to make a special dinner for Rory and one for Lorelei. He planned on proposing to Lorelei tonight.

"Remember when we met," Luke asked Lorelei.

"It certainly wasn't love at first sight," Lorelei admitted.

Luke laughed.

"If looks could kill you'd be charged with murder," he joked.

"Come on," she said, "It wasn't that bad"

3 years ago

Lorelei just got done putting 2 year old Rory to sleep. She checked the mail. Bill, bill, junk mail, coupon for coffee. She clipped that one out.

"Checking the mail," Mia asked.

"Yes," Lorelei said, "This is interesting. It's from Stars Hollow Court System."

"You should open it," Mia said.

"That's the plan," Lorelei replied.

She opened the mall and read it. That was when she started to cry.

"I liked you from the first time I saw you," Luke said interuptting Lorelei's thoughts.

"You liked me the SECOND time you saw me," Lorelei corrected.

"Technically that's true but if I had known you than like I know you now-"

"I know Luke," Lorelei said kissing him.

"Lorelei," Mia asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's Christopher," Lorelei said, "He's suing me for custody of Rory."

"So what," Mia said, "He'll never win. Who's the judge in the case?"

"It's someone named Luke Danes," Lorelei replied.

Mia felt a chill run through her. Judge Luke Danes was always siding with the men. It would be a hard fight for Lorelei.

"You know I was thinking," Luke said.

"Well you're a judge," Lorelei replied, "You do that often."

He laughed and kissed her