3 years ago

Christopher checked his mail. He had seen that Lorelei had put in an appeal. He shrugged. What good did she think it would do? The judge already decided on him.

"Good morning sweetie," Christopher said kissing Rory on the head.

"Morning dada," Rory said, "Where's mama?"

"You'll see mommy tomorrow," Christopher said, "How about we go to the puppet theater today?"

"Can mama come too," Rory asked, "Pwease"

Christopher sighed.

"Well," he said, "I'll call mommy and see if she can come."

He called Lorelei.

"Lore," he said, "Can you come with us to a puppet show?"

"What time," Lorelei asked coldly.

"In a half hour," Christopher said, "I thought we could go to fairy tale island after that. Rory loves it."

Present day

"Luke," Lorelei asked, "What are you making? It smells so good."

"Well I know how much you love Chinese food," Luke explained, "So I'm making Lobster Cantonese."

"Oh great," Lorelei said, "But Rory can't have shell food."

"I know," Luke said, "But I also made Rory her favorite dinner. I'm making her cheeseburgers and fries."

"So what did you have against women," Lorelei asked.

"Nothing now," Luke said, "But all the women I knew before you were jerks"

Luke took his niece and nephew out to the puppet theater. They were twins. Jesse, the younger of the twin was board. His sister on the other hand enjoyed it.

"Hi Lorelei," Luke said.

Lorelei just nodded.

"Are you here by yourself," he asked her.

"Yes. I am seeing a puppet show by myself. I'm just such a big fan of Rumplestilkin I needed to see it in puppet form. I'm here with Rory and the jackass that calls himself her father."

"I mean… is he really a jackass?"

Lorelei sighed.

"Not to Rory," she admitted, "But I hate him for what he did to me."

"You don't want to show any feelings of anger," Luke said, "That can give the idea of possible inability to control rage."

Lorelei smiled at him reluctantly and thanked him for the advice.

"We're taking her to Fairy Tale Island now," Christopher said shaking Luke's hand