I only wish I were Rick Riordan.

"Camp Half-Blood: Keeping Young Heroes Safe From Harm (Mostly) For Three Millennia," the deep narrating voice of the orientation film concludes.

The screen fades to black. An epic soundtrack blares from the speakers as the credits roll.

"So, Drew," Silena says after finishing the last handful of fat-free popcorn, "Do you have any questions?"

Silena waits for my answer and when it becomes obvious that it won't come, she pats my shoulder reassuringly. "Look, I'll give you some time to let the info sink in. I know this can be overwhelming - it almost always is for new campers - but I assure you that all this is true."

I shrug her and off. "Nah, I'm alright," I tell Silena as nonchalantly as I can, "I had a hunch I was something more."

"Oh." Silena blinks, her lips parted in astonishment. "Um, okay then."

Obviously, this wasn't the answer she expected. Strangely enough, I feel a bit guilty for taking Silena, who's certainly one of the nicest people I've ever met, by surprise.

I begin to explain. "Two years ago, I was walking around the city with my friends during lunchtime, though we weren't allowed to leave the school premises, when this lady, who claimed to work for a modeling agency, tried to recruit me. Of course I declined because - you know - 'stranger danger'. Also, she was wearing this hideous, neon, tacky, snakeskin pantsuit-"

Silena cringes. "Neon snakeskin pantsuit?"

"It's as horrible as it sounds," I say gravely, "And I thought whatever modeling agency she's from, it's probably as nice as her outfit."

"Anyway, later I'm in class, and there's an announcement calling me down to the headmistress's office. So I go there and find only the lady in the snakeskin pantsuit. Except it wasn't a snakeskin pantsuit. It turned out she was this snakelike monster woman."

"A Scythian dracanae," Silena murmurs breathlessly, "Smarter than the usual monster. She must've been hunting you for a while."

Stretching my arms, I rise from my seat. "To make a long story short, my father pulled me out of the academy I've attended since the first grade. His explanation was that 'There are too many nasty people in Manhattan. No school is safe there.' I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that though. He doesn't care too much about where I go as long as it's a boarding school."

"What? An attack on school property is enough to make any parent care," Silena counters. She turns off the overhead projector and leads me out of the room. "Where do you go to school now?" she asks.



Leaving behind my luggage in the Big House, Silena continues with the tour. Skipping the strawberry fields, she first takes me to the stables, claiming that it's-

"The best place in camp!" Silena flourishes her arms at the lovely winged horses, whinnying away and flapping restlessly in their stables.

I widen my eyes in wonder. "What are those?"

"Pegasi," Silena states proudly, "Originally, there was one magnificent winged creature named Pegasus who sired many..."

I zone out in the middle of her speech, focusing on my attention instead on one magnificent winged creature's behind. A mysterious, sparkly substance oozes out of the pegasus's rear, dropping onto the hay in clumps.

I stare at the iridescent, rainbow sludge and point. "What is that? It's so... glittery."

Silena gives me a weird look. "Drew, that's pegasus poop."

"Oh. Never mind then."

Next, Silena shows me the armory (yawn) and arena (zzz). The only people around here are several brawny, obnoxious, tough-looking kids who look like spawn of bodybuilders and MMA fighters. Daughters and sons of the war god Ares, Silena informs me.

"Remind me that I need to bring you to back here later for armor fitting and to pick out your weapons," Silena instructs as we make our way to the cabins.

I make a mental note not to.

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