A/N: So this is my first attempt at writing a fic, having said that please be honest even if you hate it. Starts right after the assembly kiss.


"I Know"

Simultaneously both girls say "We need to talk"

Karma: At lunch, usual spot?

Amy: Sure.

Karma began thinking to herself what am I feeling this is weird I know I felt something when Amy kissed me I need to talk to her about it but at the same time I'm scared. what if she thinks I'm crazy.

Amy's head is spinning, Oh my god what was I thinking I shouldn't have done that Karma probably thinks I wanted to do that all along, but I felt something, did she? I'm scared but at least she wants to talk about it.

At lunch:

Karma: So….

Amy: So….

Both girls sit in a silence hesitant to be the one to start, after a few minutes pass Karma breaks the silence.

Karma: So about that kiss…

Amy: I know I'm sorry I shouldn't have done it but Lauren was going to trash us in front of the whole school and I-

Karma: Amy shh its okay I understand that part that's not why I wanted to talk about it.

Amy: Its not?

Karma: No, and I realize I probably sound insane here but I need to get this out, I felt something.

Amy: You did?

Karma: Yes and I know it probably freaks you out but I needed to get that off my chest. I'm so sorry.

Amy: Don't be sorry, your not alone.

Karma: What are you saying?

Amy: I'm saying your not alone when you say you felt something, I did too.

Karma: You did? So what do you think it means?

Amy: Yes I did, and I'm not sure what it means but I don't think I can just ignore it.

Karma: I don't think I can either.

Amy: So what do we do about it?

Karma: well there's always this…

Karma leans in slowly to give Amy time to react she is surprised when Amy closes the distance and their lips crash together but this time she puts more into the kiss hoping to show Amy she's really into it.

Karma: I definitely know I felt something that time.

Amy: God I did too.

Karma: So what do you want to do about this?

Amy: Well I know what I want.

Karma: And that is?

Amy: To be your girlfriend not for popularity, not for homecoming but for real.

Karma: Really?

Amy: Yes, when we kiss I feel this spark and a happiness I've never felt before, but if that's not what you want I underst-

Amy is interrupted as Karma lunges at her and kisses her fiercely, Amy is caught off guard but regains her composure and kisses Karma back just as fiercely. When they come up for air Amy speaks first.

Amy: So I take that to mean we want the same thing?

Karma: Well I dunno.

Amy's face falls Karma just snickers and pecks her on the lips.

Karma: Of course I want to be your girlfriend you dork!

Amy: Not cool, don't scare me like that!

Karma: Sorry babe.

Amy: Babe?

Karma: Pet name, plus even though you might not think so you totally are a babe.

Amy grabs Karma's hand and interlaces their fingers, Karma squeezes Amy's hand in return.

Amy: So I guess this makes us a real and official couple now?

Karma: It sure does.

Amy: What about Liam?

Karma: Who?

Amy: You know the popular guy who made you throw up the other day?

Karma: As I said who? I only have eyes for one person.

Amy: Oh, do I know them?

Karma: It just so happens you do, in fact your the only one who knows them almost as well as I do.

Amy just smiles as they get up and walk hand in hand to their next class.

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