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Karma and Amy stand outside Amy's house after school.

Amy: I can't go in there.

Karma: Amy I'm right here no matter what happens I won't make you go through whatever happens alone.

Amy: I know Karms but I don't want them to hate you if they say things to you I don't think I can hold back my anger.

Karma: Amy don't worry about me I'll be fine as long as your at my side now lets go.

They walk hand in hand through the front door.

Farrah: Hello Amy, Karma

Amy: Hi mom.

Karma: Hello Miss Raudenfeld

Farrah: Karma I may not agree with yours and Amy's lifestyle choice but please you've been around here for years call me Farrah.

Karma: Okay

Farrah: Now I have to go run some errands, Bruce is still at work but Lauren is upstairs in her room, now you two behave yourselves.

both girls say in unison "we will"

As Farrah heads out the girls run upstairs to Amy's room

Amy grabs her laptop and says "Netflix?"

Karma slowly approaches the bed and pushes Amy down " I have a better idea" she says while climbing up to meet Amy's lips in a feverish kiss.

"Um karms as much as I love this maybe we should um uhh"

Karma: Oh somebody likes that don't they?

Amy: God yes but maybe we should slow d- wait do you hear that, what's that noise?

Karma rolls off of Amy and listens closely "sounds like crying?"

Amy gets up and walks over to her door listening as closely as she can.

Amy: Sounds like Lauren, but why is she crying?

Karma: I dunno, do we care?

Amy: Karms I know she's been a bitch to us but she's gonna be my step-sister soon I have to attempt to be somewhat amicable towards her.

Karma: I guess your right lets go see if we can help.

Amy: Okay

They walk across the hall to Lauren's door Amy slowly knocks.

Lauren: What!

Amy: Its just Karma and I are you okay, we heard you crying?

Lauren: What do you two care if I'm crying!?

Amy: Lauren come on we're trying to help here.

"You can help by going away" Lauren says between sobs

Amy: Come on Lauren whether you like it or not we are gonna be step-sisters soon, now let me try and help.

Lauren: You wanna help? Then go beat the shit out of Tommy.

Amy: Oh god what did he do?

Lauren: Two terrible things.

Amy: What! unlock you door and show me.

Lauren: Fine!

As Lauren gets up and walks over to the door she slowly opens it, Amy can already see one of the things Tommy did.

Amy: Lauren! your eye is almost swelled shut did that asshole do this?

Lauren just nods.

Amy: That son of a bitch I'll kill him!

Karma: Why did he do that?

Amy: Does he need a reason!?

Karma: No Amy I didn't mean it like that it's just he never seemed the type to do something like that.

Lauren: He did it because I was angry at him for the other thing he did.

Amy: Which was?

Lauren: Well I made the mistake of sending him a nude selfie, which he then showed all of his friends and eventually most of the school saw it.

Amy: Oh jesus, Lauren I'm so sorry, so what led to the black eye?

Lauren: I slapped him when I found out he showed the photo to everyone and he retaliated with a punch right in this swollen eye.

Amy: He's fucking dead!

Lauren: Why do you even care Amy? I've been nothing but a bitch since we met.

Amy: I haven't been the nicest person either Lauren, that's in the past we will be family soon.

Lauren: Just don't tell my dad he'll flip out

Amy: He should!

Lauren: No, please I don't need the extra drama.

Amy: Fine but that doesn't mean I won't kick his ass!

Lauren: Haha fine.

Karma: Have you eaten yet?

Lauren: No, why?

Karma: Let Amy and I make you dinner, okay Amy?

Amy: Karms you know I can't cook very well.

Karma: Relax I'll do most of the work.

Amy: Okay.

Lauren: you guys really don't have to.

"No, but we want to" they both say in unison.

A bit later downstairs, Karma somehow found all the ingredients to make Chicken Marsala, which is now simmering on the stove.

Amy: Wow, who knew short stuff could cook so well.

Karma pushes Amy who lets out a light laugh and pecks her on the lips.

Lauren: You two really are together aren't you?

Karma: Um...

Amy: Relax Karms, Yes we are, truth be told it's kind of because of you.

Lauren: What? How?

Amy: Well when you called us out on it during the assembly I panicked and kissed Karma, after that during lunch of that same day we talked about how we both felt something during that kiss and here we are. So yeah I owe you one.

Lauren: Wow that's...

Amy: Does it freak you out?

Lauren: What?

Amy: Us, Karma and I.

Lauren: No not really, its just different, but the heart wants what it wants, so I'm happy for you guys.

Amy: Wow that means a lot, to both of us.

Karma: Yes it does.

After a bit of small talk Karma has dinner, on the table just as Bruce and Farrah come walking in.

Farrah: Well, well what's all this?

Amy: Karma and I, well mostly Karma made everyone dinner.

Karma: You helped some Amy.

Amy: Not really you did 95 percent of it.

Farrah: Well regardless thank you girls, it looks delicious.

Bruce: Indeed it does, and how's my daugh- Lauren What happened to your eye?

Lauren: Oh daddy its nothing to worry about I didn't catch a dodge ball during gym today and this is the result.

Bruce: Oh, alright I'm just glad your okay.

Lauren: I'm fine daddy.

The rest of dinner is mostly small talk, after a while all the girls go upstairs.

Lauren: Thanks for covering for me you guys.

Amy: its no problem, Tommy however will suffer for it.

To Amy's surprise Lauren gives her a hug and whispers another "Thank You"

Karma and Amy retreat to Amy's bedroom and snuggle up on the bed with the laptop between them.

Amy: So what do you wanna watch?

Karma: Actually I thought we could pick up where we left off earlier Karma says with a grin as she climbs onto Amy straddling her with a leg on each side.

"Um Karm" Amy is interrupted as Karma kisses her with force and slides her leg to Amy's center.

Karma: Amy are you ready for this?

Amy: Fuck it, I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

karma: That's my girl.

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