Here are the characters in my little AU!

Beast Boy- Garfield Logan (he will be referred to as Logan)

Raven- Raven Roth

Robin- Richard "Dick" Grayson

Starfire- Kori Anders

Cyborg- Victor Stone

Bumblebee- Karen Beecher

Speedy- Roy Harper

Aqualad- Garth Miller

Jinx- Jenny Wakeman *I was watching My Life as a Teenage Robot (: *

Kid Flash- Wally West

Terra- Tara Markov

Red X- Jason Todd

The sounds of teenagers fill the hallways. They talk about what they did this summer, their schedule, who's dating who, the whole nine yards. But we don't care about those kids; the kids we do care about begin to walk through the double doors of Jump City High School. Dick Grayson: son of Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises. He has spiked black hair and icy blue eyes concealed by dark shades but that didn't make him any less dreamy. He had on a red t-shirt, black jeans and a black jean jacket and red and yellow Jordan Spizikes.

The boy next to him was slightly shorter than him but the shortest out of the whole group. He had mousy brown hair with green highlights and emerald green eyes. His name was Garfield Logan, the tofu-eating, animal loving comedy guy. He had on a gray Polo shirt, tan cargos and Wolf Grey 3's.

The last boy was a very large muscular guy, but looked very friendly. His name is Victor Stone. He is African American and sporting a shiny bald head and chocolate brown eyes. If you look a little closer you would see that he possessed a few prosthetic limbs, but I assure you that doesn't stop him in life. He had on a gray muscle tee, sweatpants and Oreo 5's.

The three guys got a lot looks down the hall, mostly of girls fanboying over them. One girl in a really bright pink dress almost tackled Dick to the ground. Kitten Moth, one of the single most annoying girl they laid eyes on.


And also the loudest.

"Ugh, what Kitten?" he said clearly annoyed while Logan and Victor started guffawing.

"I just wanted see if you wanted to go to lunch with me! Sooo whaddaya say?" she purred.

"Well Kitten honestly I-"

*school bell rings*

Dick smirked and said, "Actually we're late for class, See ya."

Kitten scowled and started to walk down the hall. But not before emitting an ear-splitting shriek that caused everyone in her way to hold their ears and howl in pain.

"Damn man" said Victor. "Why is your little girlfriend so annoying?"

"SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Dick growled.

"Whatever dudes, let's just get to homeroom already." Whined Logan.

"Aw shut it grass stain, you just wanna see Tara."

"What's your point?" Tara was Logan's girlfriend of 8 months. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and a skinny stick figure. Perfect girl right? WRONG! Dick and Vic (that rhymes lol) honestly hated her. She was an angel in Logan's eyes but everyone else in school knew she was anything but. There were rumors of her cheating with multiple people but for some reason Logan was completely in denial. Both boys knew he could do way better.

"Come on" Said Dick. "Let's just head to class."

As the three boys walked into the classroom they were greeted by their friend Kori. She was a tall, tanned beautiful girl with red hair cascading down her back. She was originally from Tamaran, a small city off the coast of Italy. She was wearing a purple sundress with a gray jean jacket and purple boots.

"Hello friends! And how were your vacations of the summer?"

"Pretty good" said Dick while Logan and Vic nodded.

"How wonderful!"

"Hey Kori, did Tara come in yet?" said Logan.

"No, she hasn't come in yet."

Just then, a fat middle aged man with curly black hair stepped in. His name was Mr. Burke. "Alright class, take your seats." As soon as everyone was seated he began his morning announcements. "Good Morning class. I hope you all had a pleasant summer and are ready to get back to work." The children groaned. "Yes, well anyway, I am pleased to inform you that we have a new student joining us."

A girl entered the classroom and immediately all eyes fell on her. She was pale with long purple hair that was in a messy pony but with two strands framing her face. Her eyes were a deep blue you could easily mistake for purple. She wore a black V-neck t-shirt with and purple and black plaid miniskirt and purple Doc Martens. When Kori looked at her she grew excited.

"OH MY XHAL! I KNOW HER! I KNOW THAT GIRL!" she screamed. "Raven! RAVEN! RAVEN!"

"Yes, Kori her name is Raven. Raven Roth. I hope you will do your best to make her feel welcome here." As soon as he stopped talking Kori ran up to the front and hugged Raven really tight. "Oh friend you have come back from the England! I have missed you so much, and you missed me, yes?"

"Kori… can't… breathe…"

"Oh I'm sorry friend." She let go of Raven and let her have some breathing room. "It's fine, Kori. I've always wanted bruised ribs." She said sarcastically.

Kori ignored her sarcasm and proceeded to drag Raven to the back. "You must meet my other friends. I guarantee you will enjoy their company." She dragged Raven to her table where Dick, Victor and Logan were at.

"Friends, this is my old friend Raven. She used to go to my middle school until her family had to depart to England for a business trip but now she's back!"

"Hello, I'm Dick Grayson" he said as he stretched his hand out, which Raven took it in her own. "Nice to meet you."

Victor was the next one to step up. "Well how's it going, little lady? Victor Stone, but you can call me Vic." She shook his hand as well.

Logan on the other hand could not take his eyes off of her. She looked so mysterious and intriguing. And that little gothic outfit she had on definitely caught his attention. "What the hell am I doing? I'm going out with Tara. Still she is kinda hot. Aw shit they're staring." He spent so much time gawking at Raven that he still hasn't introduced himself and everyone else noticed too.

"I'm Gary, no umm Gertrude, wait a minute… Gayfield, NO NOT THAT! Um-"

Victor and Dick both started to laugh uncontrollably while Raven just stared at him. "Sorry about grass stain over here. What's wrong Garfield? Cat got your tongue?"

Raven finally spoke up, "So, your name is Garfield?"

"Yeah, Garfield Logan!" He said nervously, "You can call me Logan though. I kinda don't want people to confuse me with a fat orange cat, I mean I do hate Mondays but I obviously I don't look like a fat orange cat and I don't even eat lasagna , as a matter of fact I'm a vegetarian and…"

"I think I get the point." Raven said with a small smile. "Y'know, you're kinda funny, kid." Logan had a huge smile on his face. "Cool! She thinks I'm funny! I gotta tell her some more jokes. Maybe I can make that smile of hers grow bigger. She's definitely cute with a small one but I bet she'll look so much better with… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? I HAVE TERRA! I CAN'T GO AFTER ANOTHER GIRL! But I can be good friends with her, nothing bad about that. Okay Logan, ask her something. Umm let's see, ooh her schedule!"

"So, what's your schedule look like?" Raven took a piece of paper out from her bag and gave it to Logan.


#2: MATH- ROOM 306





#7: DANCE- ROOM 108


"Cool we have math, English and swimming together, Rae!"

"Ven."she said. "My name is RAVEN! Two syllables, hope they're not too hard for you!"

"All right then RAE-VEN, come sit down." Grinned Logan. Raven went to sit at a seat next to him when Kori spoke up, "Friend Raven, it would be wise for you not to sit there."

"Why not?" asked a confused Raven.

"Cuz that's Tara's seat." Victor said.

"And she is…?"

"Logan's girlfriend and complete brat. She gets all bitchy when people take her seat. It's stupid, really." Said Dick while Logan gave him an evil glare.

"Well in that case, this is my new seat now." Said Raven as she sat in Tara's seat, took out her book and started reading. Logan, Victor and Dick just stared at her thinking the same thing, "This girl's got guts."

"I am sorry friends." Kori apologized. "Raven is how you say, stubborn as the offspring of a donkey and a horse."

"It's cool, Kori. Besides I don't see Tara's name on the table so Raven can sit anywhere she pleases." Said Dick.

Soon Mr. Burke spoke up again, "All right class, you will go to 2nd period class in about 6 minutes." Soon an exhausted blonde girl dashed into the classroom. Tara. She had on a yellow crop top which showed off the chest she doesn't have, black jean shorts and Timberlands. "Sorry I'm late. My car had a flat tire so I had to run all the way here."

Raven had the slightest feeling that this girl was lying. "Something's up about this girl. She could be nothing but trouble. I don't know why but I feel like I've seen her before... No matter, she doesn't concern me." An irritating voice interrupted her thoughts; it was none other than Tara.

"Hey Goth girl! What do you think you're doing? She screeched.

Raven didn't seem fazed by the tone of her voice, she kept up her calm demeanor. "Well, I think I'm sitting in a chair."

"Yeah, my chair."

"I don't see your name on it, but I see why you like it so much. It's comfortable." What she did next shocked Tara as well as the people around her. She started to rub her butt on the seat of Tara's chair. Kori, Dick, Victor and Garfield couldn't contain their laughter while Tara had a shocked and appalled look on her face. "Yep, real comfortable." She smirked.

"You can't do that, it's MY CHAIR!" Tara screamed.

"There are literally 20 others out there, if you can't find one, that's not my problem." Raven screamed right back at her.

"Girls, knock it off or you will both have detention!" Mr. Burke said. "Raven that is Tara's seat, but it's obvious that you didn't know so I'll let you off with a warning. As for you Tara, there are plenty other seats in the class; I suggest you pick one."

*school bell rings*

"All right class, that's the bell for 2nd period. Enjoy your day!" he said as the kids left the classroom. Tara gave Raven one last glare before leaving the room. Raven returned the glare and turned to Kori, Dick and Victor. Tears of laughter were still in their eyes. "Damn, girl your crazy!" said Victor.

"Wow!" said Dick. "I've never seen a newbie stand up to Tara before!"

"She needs to learn that the world doesn't revolve around her." said Raven.

"That is just like friend Raven; she does not take the defecation from any individual." Kori said proudly.

"Uhhh…" Said Dick and Vic (I rhymed again).

"I don't take shit from anyone." Raven clarified.

"Ah" they said. "Um where's that other kid, Logan?" asked Raven.

Vic pointed to the left with a disgusted look on his face. And disgusting it was: Logan and Tara were busy making out in front of his locker. "Ughh how can he stand to be around that bitch? Wait a minute, why do I care? He can be with whoever he wants! Still, he could be with someone so much better, someone like-"

"RAVEN!" Yelled Logan. "Come on, we're gonna be late for class!" They both darted down the stairs to the 3rd floor until Raven stopped him.

"Before we go, I apologize for snapping at your girlfriend."

"Don't worry about it. I kinda think she took it too far. I mean there are other seats in school."

"Obviously." She said

"Oh and Rae, rubbing your butt on her seat, dude that was hilarious! He said as he started laughing again.

"Yeah, well don't expect me to ever do that again." When they finally reached the math room, Raven stopped him again.


"Yes?" Emerald met Amethyst and neither of them made any attempt to look away. Then Raven lifted her hand up and before you know it, she smacked Logan hard on his head.

"Owwwww." He screamed. "What was that for?!"

"Don't call me Rae." She said as she walked in the room. Logan smiled to himself. "This girl is gonna be the death of me." He thought.

"Hey Logan, get inside!" Raven said one last time as she walked in the class. He took one last glance at her and smiled again. "Well, at least I die one happy camper!"

Hi, I started another story! But a quick reminder my updating could get a little spotty since school is starting for me on Thursday. But I will try to update as best as I can. BYE YA'LL! Also if someone could help me come up with a better name for this story that would be AWESOME!