Kori brought Raven into Victor's kitchen to calm her down. Raven had successfully walked away from Tara but Kori could tell in her friend's disposition that Raven was starting to lose control.

"Do not fret dear friend. Do not let that Zarbnarf Tara get the better of you. She is not even worth even an inkling of your time." Kori said in an attempt to relax her friend.

"I'm perfectly fine Kori. Anger is pointless. As is Tara. If she chooses to move like a prostitute, then its none of my concern. And if Garfield chooses not to exercise Azar's gift of Common Sense and put two and two together about his girlfriend, then that's completely up to him." Kori gave her a skeptical look. "Are you sure friend? "


"Okay friend, we shall return back to the festivities!" Kori grabbed Raven's hand and brought her toward Dick and Victor as Raven grumbled. "We are back, gentleman!"

Dick reached and squeezed Raven's hand. "Are you okay, Raven?" She pulled her hand away harshly.

"I'm fine. Let me just… I want to be alone right now. If its okay with you Victor?" She looked at Victor for permission.

"Sure thang, little lady. I'll take you to my room so you can chill for a while. But afterwards, you are partying! I'm making it mandatory!" He said sympathetically. He gave a big smile to Dick and Kori and took Raven back up to his house and into his room. Raven already had a big home so she wasn't easily impressed by other people's domain but Vic's room was lovely. The room was filled with high tech computers and technology that rivaled anything Apple could have came up with. There were shelves that contained car parts from different countries and the blue and chrome accents on all of his walls were very appealing. This room definitely fit Vic's personality well. Vic was a very large man so his room had a California King Bed with a Silver and blue bedspread. He gestured Raven to lie down on the bed. She climbed up on the huge bed and made herself comfortable.

"Thank you Victor. I'm sorry for the intrusion. I know you have a party to attend to." She said with a grateful look on her face.

"You're fine, I promise. At least now I get some time to pick your brain a bit." He said with a big grin while Raven grew puzzled.

"I wanna know… how you feel about about that little Veggie Stick Logan."

Raven rolled her eyes. "I don't feel a thing for him and I think its rather stupid that everyone thinks I have some sort of attraction to him when he's clearly involved with someone. And I am now involved with Malcolm now. I truly don't care hear about it any longer. I don't want to talk about Tara and I don't want to talk about him either."

"Raven I get what you're saying but what I can't wrap my head around is why he feels so comfortable around you and why you feel just as comfortable. I don't wanna harp on you or beat on a dead horse or anything but I do want to see what's going on with my old buddy and my new buddy." Victor said nicely as he sat on the edge of his bed.

"Logan can be an idiot sometimes, trust me when I tell you. He's got more than a few screws loose. I strongly believe that he never came with screws in the first place. I'm more put together than him… and I mean that literally." He gestured at his prosthetic limbs and a deep laugh escaped his lips while Raven stared blankly at his build. Her gaze traveled from his very unique prosthetic legs that looked very strong and well built, up to his very broad and muscular upper body that's sported prosthetic arms. Her eyes finally came to a stop at his handsome chocolate skinned face and she could see was...smirking?

"Uh Uh girl, you can't be looking at me like that. Don't you have a boyyyyyyfrriiend?" He said jokingly trying to lighten the mood.

"I was not looking at you like that. I was just... looking at...you. And your…"

"It's okay Raven, really. I'm used to the stares. It works as a great icebreaker haha." He trailed off. Raven could sense the sadness behind his words.

"Do you mind telling me how you got like this?"

Victor gave an encouraging smile and got up from the bed. "I don't mind at all, but not right now. Right now, I wanna turn up at this kickass party. But I'll tell ya in due time." He started to walk out thr door. "I'll let you relax for a while. You have my number. Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!" Victor winked at Raven and exited his room. Raven gave a small smile and lied her head back down on the pillow.

Her mind started to wander as she started to think about everything that has transpired the past few days. She thought about how Logan and she shared some deep personal matters and how honored she was to have him share that with her. She recalled him defending her from that hefty bastard in school and how good it made her feel and how attractive it made him look. She now recalled him calling her creepy and unhappy and the hurt the washed over her entire being.

"But I'm not creepy, I'm just different. " She thought.

Raven has always heard that she was creepy. Creepy because of her very dark clothes, sarcastic disposition, brutal honesty and overall aloof and uncaring demeanor. But deep down, she did care. Raven decided to pull out her phone and listen to some music. That would take her mind off this mess. She tapped on one of her playlists and Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez played.

Tired, blue boy walks my way

Holding a girls hand

That basic bitch leaves finally

Now I can take her man

Someone told me stay away from things that aren't yours

But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?

Pacify her

She's getting on my nerves

You don't love her

Stop lying with those words

Raven paused the song and sighed in annoyance. While Tara can definitely be pacified, she had no intentions of taking anyone from anybody. Much less Logan from Tara. Even if Tara did get on her nerves. Raven then decided to text Malcolm to see if he was up to talk.

"Hey ."

She put her phone down and closed her eyes while she waited for his response. All of a sudden, she heard taps on the window. Raven got up and headed to the window and peered through it. All she saw was everyone else dancing, drinking, talking to each other and enjoying themselves. She shrugged her shoulders and went back to the bed, closing her eyes again. She heard the same taps on the window. She opened her eyes harshly and was surprised to see that the window was open.

"I know for sure that I didn't open that window." She said as she got back up and went for the window. She took another gaze at the people at the party. "I hope to Azar I'm not imagining things."

"Yeah I hope to Azar too." A voice said behind her.

Raven gasped and turned around quickly to see it was a pale skinned boy with blue eyes and a shit eating smirk laying where she was laying. He had on a red V neck and black jeans. He looked familiar. She swears he could be mistaken for Dick.

"Wassup little bird. How ya been?" He said chuckling.

Raven was confused and angry. "You're Kori's ex. Why the fuck are you in? How the fuck did you get in here?" She reached for her phone only to see that he had her phone in her hand.

"Aww come on. I'm not just Kori's ex boyfriend. I'm so much more than that love. My name is Jason, I happen to love pancakes, and I love gadgets and shit. Although, the ones in here seem a little...outdated." He said judging the room.

Raven lunged at Jason but he quickly evaded the attack. "Give me back my phone!"

"Hold on, I wasn't done. I also like receiving texts. Including but not limited to, texts from my boyfriend that says "Hello beautiful, you enjoying the party?" Malcolm texted back and he was reading her phone. She went after him one more time and grabbed the phone from his hands. She glared at him while Jason put his hands up in defeat.

"Alright, GG, you win. You got your phone back." Raven scowled at him as she tucked her phone away. "Why are you here?"

"Well my mother one day met my father and then…"

A vein threatened to pop out of Raven's head. "Whyyy are you in this room? This is not your home." She stressed.

A cheeky smile appeared on his face. "This isn't your home either."

She had it. "I'm calling Victor."

"NO!" Jason said seriously. "I just wanted to talk for a little bit."

"Talk about what? I barely know you." Raven got more confused.

"No but I know you. Which means I know the mess that's been circulating about you and the blonde girl."

"I don't want to talk to anyone. Seriously, I must have damsel in distress written on my forehead or something."

Jason arched a brow at her and shrugged her off. "Okay, that's fine. We won't talk. I'll get out your hair." He walked toward the window to get out. "Before I go, take my number down."

"Why on Earth would I want your number? No, now go away."

Jason smirked at her. "Too late, my number's already saved. And I even left you a little parting gift. From me to you. See ya around, little bird." Jason jumped out the window. Raven ran up to the window to see where he went but he was no longer in sight. Gone with the wind.

"This is just plain freaky." She said. Raven closed the window shut and looked around the room again. She took one final sigh and went back to the bed. She opened her phone up again to text Malcolm when she a new contact was created on her phone.

"300-555-9067. New Message from Zaddy .""Disgusting." She thought.

She saw that he texted her a video. Raven clicked on the video and as soon as it played, she damn near threw her phone at the other side of the wall and shuddered in absolute disgust.

Jason sent her a video of Slade having sex with Tara.

Raven had already went through this nightmare with Dick in her father's building. She had no desire to revisit the emotions she initially seeing them in the flesh. But that pegged the question: "How the hell did Jason know about this? "

Another message came through her phone.

"Talk to Dick ."

Raven decided that she needed to get out of this room anyway. She got up from the bed and went for the door to join her friends downstairs.


Logan and Tara were deep in their makeout session. Logan noticed that she was a little tense after that mini showdown with Raven and he brought her to Vic's bathroom so she can relieve some stress. Her tongue slithering in his mouth while his hands were gripping her ass. Tara's neck was covered in hickies and love bites and she was enjoying every second of this. She moaned as Logan's fingers started to inch towards her nether regions. "Please touch me, baby."

Logan kissed her on her forehead. "Not yet Tara. You can wait till we get to my house, can ya?" He said wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Tara looked at him seductively and said,"I can wait… but I really want it now please." Logan was tempted to drop his pants and get to work but he couldn't do that in Vic's home… again.

"No way. Victor almost sent my ass to the hospital last time we did the nasty in his house. No thank you, I choose life."

Tara sighed but she agreed with him. "Okay." She pecked him on the lips. "Why don't we just talk for a minute?"

"Sure, whatcha wanna talk about?" He said smiling at his girlfriend.

"I would like to talk about what transpired not too long ago, of course."

Logan took her hands and looked in her eyes. "There's nothing much to talk about. You don't like Raven. Raven doesn't like you. I love you so I'm gonna stick up for my girlfriend regardless of who has an issue with it."

A small blush crept upon her face. Feelings for Slade aside, she really did think Logan was a very sweet and loyal person. He is definitely going to make his next girlfriend very happy. "I just have a question, if you don't mind."

"Sure, fire away."

"What do you think about Raven?"

"I think she's completely out of line for how she came at you that day and…" Tara cut him off.

"No, do you think she's attractive? Is Raven an attractive girl to you?"

"Tara, what kind of question is that? You know that I'll only have eyes for you." He said confidently.

"Sure, Raven is cute and her body is banging. But she's creepy as hell. Trying to make up shit about a friends significant other is straight up weird."

"That may be true but you've been following her around, you slept at her home, I have no clue what went dow there. And I heard all about how you basically threatened Adonis in her defense. So forgive me for wanting to know what other girl has clearly captured my boyfriend's attention."

"Tara, I can 100% assure you that there are no feelings toward Raven. She has nothing to do with our relationship and has no effect on me in any way. I'll even go so far as to say that she is not my type and I'm probably not hers but its not important. What is important is that you are my girlfriend. I'm not thinking about her, I'm only thinking of you." He said with a soft smile.

Tara gave him a hesitant look. "Are you lying to me?"

"No, of course not!"

"Are you lying to yourself?"

Logan was caught off guard by her question. Why the hell would have a reason to lie to her?

"Because deep down, even though you met Rae a short amount of time, you do kinda like her. And Tara knows.""I really hate my thoughts sometimes." He thought.

He took a deep breath and said to her, "I'm not lying to you and I'm not trying to lie to myself. I want to be with you and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make us work." He took her face in his hands and planted a deep kiss. "Okay?"

Tara smiled at him and agreed with him. "Okay. I appreciate you." Logan smiled back and got up.

"Good. Sooo… you ready to come back to my place?" Logan said waggling his eyebrows.

"As fun as that does sound, I kinda go home now. I've had enough fun for one day. You can stay, I don't want to pull you away from Vic's party."

"Alright, if you insist. Text me when you get home." He said giving her one final peck on her lips. Tara happily accepted the kiss. "I will. Enjoy yourself babe." She said walking out of the bathroom. Logan was left by himself to think about his talk with his girlfriend.

"Tara is my girl. I'm always going to have love for her. And I have literally known Raven for less than a few weeks. Still every interaction involving her up until this point has been really...nice." He recalled telling Raven about his family in Africa and how nice it felt to have someone truly understand him. He also recalled how pretty she looked under the moonlight at the time. He also recalled the crushed look on her face when he called her creepy. Sure, at times, she could be a little weird and kinda cold but he shouldn't have used the word creepy. There have been many rumors circulating about Tara, more than either of them can count. As much as a simp as it may sound, he trusted Tara would never disrespect him like that.

"I know Raven doesn't like Tara and vice versa but I seriously doubt that Raven would say anything that isn't true. Even if it is true, how the hell would she know that?" He thought. He may have to talk to Raven about this, but one thing's for sure, Logan knew that Raven and him would have to talk sometime. It has to be sooner than later.

"I need to apologize to her. At least for my part in this whole mess. She was trying to tell me something and I may have been too blinded to listen." He said finally as he walked out the bathroom and headed back down to the party.