Double doors push open and little feet rush into the large master bedroom. The room is empty expect for a large king size bed that is directly in the middle and the man sleeping on it. The walls are new, with fresh white paint and there are no window coverings so the sun shines intensely through the large windows.

She runs and stops at the foot of the bed, there's a short struggle to get up but she was given direct orders to wake him up right away. When she finally makes it, he doesn't budge. She crawls up to him and sits on his chest to face him. Slowly, she starts pulling his eyelids up.

"Daddy, Daddy, wake up!"

He wakes up instantly, breathing heavily and in shock. He has no idea why there's a little girl staring at him, with a sweet giggle. A million questions run through his mind. Where is he? Who is this little girl? Where did she come from? Whose bed is he in? Why is he here? How did he get here? Where are her parents?

His breathing is still uneven but he takes in her appearance in for a brief minute. There was something oddly familiar yet puzzling at the same time. She had long, auburn brown hair that was neatly parted into pigtails, bright, greenish-brown eyes and skin of a porcelain doll that could quite possibly only rival one other person. He shakes the ridiculous thought out of his mind. He's a lawyer; he talks for a living, asks questions to get answers and closes.

"Who are you?" he asks her.

"I'm me" she replies.

"Me, who?" he asks again.

She laughs and responds, "don't be silly Daddy."

"What did you just call me?"


"I'm not your Dad, kid," he says looking like a dear caught in the headlights.

This only causes her to laugh her sweet laugh even more.

"You don't know me and I don't know you" he states matter-of-factly.

"Yes I do, you're my Daddy".

"What's my name then" he asks her.

"Your name is Harvey, duh!"

"Duh!" He repeats the way she says it and that earns him another laugh.

"What's your name then" he tests her.

"Hannah Specter" she says and proceeds to spell it proudly.

He stares at her blankly, feeling something he can't explain.

"How old are you" he tries again.

Hannah proudly holds up 3 fingers, then quickly mentions "and a half".

"You're smart" he tells her.

"Yeah, I get it from Uncle Mike" she says more than happily to his dismay.

"Where is your Mom?"

"Mommy just took Ethan to the dentist"

"What's your Mom's name" he has her with this one, time to end this little game he thinks.

"Mommy's name is Mommy, you silly bunny" she stated as if it was the only answer to give.

"Mommy said to wake you up and get you to make pancakes right now or else."

"Or else what" he began to question, a laugh coming to him this time.

"Just or else, come on let's just go make pancakes, I'm hungry Daddy".

He sighed; the best closer in New York can't even get answers from a tiny, 3-year-old girl with pigtails and pink fuzzy pajamas. He was officially going crazy it, getting old or both.

She jumps off the bed, runs out the room and down the hall. He can hear her carefully making her way down a set of stairs. He figures he can do some exploring around the house and find out what was really going on and whom this child really belonged to. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he made his way down the stairs trying to take in anything that would piece together this crazy morning. But nothing, he couldn't find anything. There were boxes everywhere in the living room. Furniture was wrapped up in protective padding and not one picture was hung up on the walls.

He thought maybe he could leave, sneak out the house without her knowing, but a wave of guilt flew over him. Hannah was obviously comfortable with him and he couldn't leave her home alone.

He finds her in the kitchen, sitting on the floor, eagerly waiting for him.

"Daddy hurry up" she said impatiently and began to pout, a pout he knew he had seen somewhere else. He kneels down to look at her "so pancakes, huh?" he can't even remember the last time he made breakfast beyond coffee.

He definitely knows how to make pancakes though. He made them all the time when he was younger, a little older than the girl in front of him. Every Saturday he would get up early and help his father in the kitchen, they would make a large family breakfast to start the weekend off right, more than enough food for a family of four. That was before things went to hell with his parents. He only shared that story once.

He spots a note on the fridge and swoops in to pick her up off the floor. She lets out squeal as he tosses her in the air, catches her and walks over to the other side of the kitchen. As he carries her he can't help but think that she feels so tiny in his arms. A smile makes it to his face as she cuddles into his embrace. He recognizes the handwriting on the note immediately. It's neat and tidy with clean lines, so very her. Every "t" crossed and every "i" dotted. He reads it over and over.


About time you wake up, lord knows I tried before letting Hannah do it!

Took your son to the dentist, bad timing but its the only appointment available.

We'll be back around 1.

Fed your daughter, she wants pancakes - make extra!

Movers will be here with the rest of boxes at 11.

Since you fell asleep last night, let's "celebrate" the new house tonight?


He was married to Donna? They have children together? He doesn't have his condo but a house in the suburbs? Was he even a lawyer anymore? When did this all happen? Was he really was in a twilight zone or was this real? Maybe he hit is head somewhere. Harvey was clueless. He didn't know what to do. Maybe he could figure things out when Donna got back. She would give him the answers he needs and sort this out. She always knew what to do.

In the meantime he and Hannah would make their breakfast. If Hannah wanted pancakes, the girl would get her pancakes. He had a feeling this little girl already had everyone around her wrapped around her finger and would cause serious trouble for boys in her teenage years.

He ended up getting all the ingredients and unpacking some of the pots and pans they needed. A feeling of nostalgia took over him. He couldn't relive his childhood but he would definitely make this a fun for her. Thirty minutes later, with flower and batter everywhere they finally sat down to eat their pancakes. She dived right in; he looked at her and laughed in pure joy.

He was amazed that she could actually be his. There was no doubt she was a smart kid with a quick wit. He could definitely see it now. Minus the reddish undertone in her hair brown everything else was identical to her mother. Ivory skin, the bright eyes, a delicate nose, the long fingers, but her smile, that was a Specter smile. That was all him, this little girl had his trademark and he realized that he was more than willing to share.

As they ate and she chatted away, much like Donna he mussed. Half the things she talked about he had no clue what it was, but she was so passionate about it that he just wanted to keep her taking just so he could listen. They cleaned up and the movers came and delivered the rest of the boxes just as Donna mentioned.

It wasn't quite 1pm yet so they crawled back into bed and she made him watch Frozen with her on his laptop. Within minutes sleep took over both of them. She was at the end of a sugar rush mainly from all the maple syrup he let her have and he was out from pure exhaustion of the morning.

"Harvey!" he heard his name.

"Harvey, wake up". His name was being called and its getting louder and louder.

"Harvey, come on" he feels someone playfully tugging on his shoulder.

His eyes open and he squints to adjust to the bright light. A feeling of deja vu washes over him. He doesn't know what is real anymore.

"Hey, you're back, what did the dentist say about Ethan, Hannah and I made pancakes, there's extra in the kitchen, movers came." Harvey all but says in one fast breath.

He was rambling; talking to fast and nothing was making sense so Donna just looks at him like he has grown two heads.

"I leave to go out for lunch and come back to you asleep at work, on your couch, in the middle of the day? What's wrong with you Specter? Something keeping you up at night? Getting old?" a smile curving on her lips.

Harvey has to do a double take. He's not in the large, oversize, comfortable bed he was in. He's in his office. An innocent little girl with a bright smile that he was greeted with before doesn't greet him. Instead he see's Donna standing over him with an amused look on her face. He take takes her in; he looks at her like he's never seen her before. He looks at her more carefully and appreciatively than he's ever looked at another woman and he swears he can see Hannah.

"Who are Ethan and Hannah and what about movers and pancakes?" she asks confused.

He just blinks at her.

"You must have been dreaming about something good, I heard you laughing". He continues to stares at her.

"Okay I'm going back to my desk, you're creeping me out Specter, did you fall and hit your head somewhere?"

He releases a breath he didn't know he was holding and grabs her hand almost studying it.

"You ever had a dream that you didn't want to wake up from or you weren't ready for it to be over?"

"Yeah once in a while, usually involves me and a pair of Jimmy Choo's", she smiles sarcastically.

"That was the first one that I wasn't ready to wake up from yet, I wanted it to continue" he smiles but she can see a little disappointment in his eyes.

"What was it about, wait do I want to know?" She questions.

"No, it wasn't anything that you're thinking, get your head out the gutter Paulsen, far from it actually." He says almost longingly.

"Besides, I only have those kind of dreams about you". He flashes her a smile and gives her a suggestive wink.