A Father out of Time

Author's Note: Here's the awaited Enslaved Odyssey to The West Crossover with Harry Potter now before I start off this story there are some things I want to point out so here they are the story going to take place during Prisoner Of Azkaban but after the Enslaved game I also like to point out that Dumbledore will indeed be manipulative the story and like in Son of a Bsaa Agent Lily will be alive but she's not going to be under Dumbledore's manipulations anyway let's get with this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Enslaved Odyssey to West or Harry Potter for they belong to their rightful owners.

Warning: contains Stronger and more Agile and Metamorphmagnus Harry.

Summary: After the fall of Pyramid Monkey is tossed back in time to London before the mechs took over when he arrived he meets Lily Nee Evans a witch who might be able to send him back to his own timeline.

Pyramid's HQ 3 Weeks Earlier

"Did I do the right thing?" Trip asked through pants "yeah you did the right thing" Monkey answered while Trip smiled then got up and made her way towards Monkey. Just then Monkey and Trip felt a rough tremor throughout the entire place meaning that the place was about ready to come down so he ran to grab Trip but before he could get within 4 ft of her a blinding light exploded in their faces temporarily blinding them when the light finally died down Trip removed her hand from her face and saw that Monkey was gone the only thing that remained was the slave headband that she placed on his head when they first met.

London England Evans Family home

Lily Nee Evans had just gotten through with visiting her parents and was beginning to make her way to Potter Manor to pay her fiancé James a visit but before she could take another step she heard thud in front of her so she looked down and nearly screamed at what she saw but she didn't. Lily observed the being before her he had milky white spiky hair, gauntlets on his hands, warpaint across and around his eyes, plus he was completely barefooted.

Lily also noticed he was very tall taller than Hagrid two other things she noticed about him was that he was wearing very ragged clothing with something sticking out of his back pocket to give the illusion of a tail. She also noticed that he was buff and completely shirtless which cause her to blush slightly and before she could observed him any longer he brought out a loud groan "looks like he's about to wake up guess I better wait until he does" Lily thought and took Monkey inside the house by levitating him with her wand.

Author's Note: That's it for The Prologue of a Father out of time hope you enjoyed it next chapter will come sooner than you think so as of now see ya. Ps. sorry if this chapter doesn't make much sense but I did my best.