Author's Note: Here's Chapter 3 to A Father out of Time enjoy the chapter.

After the two left the Evans Family estate Lily began to show Monkey around London, the first stop was Big Ben but before they were going to do that Lily informed Monkey that he can't go around all around London dress as the way he is because it would raise some questions, but Monkey assured her that wouldn't be necessary cause he had a few tricks up his sleeve, but Lily politely declined that and led him to a store where she brought some muggle clothes that would fit him.

After finding proper clothes that fitted Monkey who looked half embarrassed and half annoyed to be seen wearing clothes that he wasn't familiar with. But Monkey decided to play along after all he was only going to be here until Lily finds a way to send him back to his own time period. "That will be 15 kunts and 20 sickle's Ms. Evans" the shopkeeper said to Lily who nodded then paid for the clothes and left the shop with Monkey following behind.

"Will now that we got that out of the way should we continue the tour?" Monkey asked annoyed, Lily nodded and continued their way to Big Ben. When they arrived at it Lily saw a familiar to her.

"I didn't expect to see you here Andromeda how you've been? Lily asked Andromeda. Andromeda turned around startled but relaxed slightly at who greeted her.

"Hello Lily and I've been fine thanks for asking "Andromeda said then asked.

"So what brings you to Big Ben? Cause I thought you'll be at Potter Manor with James and the others by now" she said curiously.

"I was on my way there Andromeda till I got side tracked and found this guy at my doorstep laying face first on the ground" Lily said while gesturing to Monkey who brought out a annoyed grunt.

Andromeda looked at the person Lily was gesturing to and her eyes widened at the person next to Lily but quickly recovered then nodded. Once Monkey and Andromeda were introduced to one another Lily led Monkey over to Big Ben's entrance.

After the two left Big Ben Lily decided to show Monkey the rest of London this included Buckinghnam Palace, MI6 Headquarters, and a few other places. The last few stop were Smelting's Academy, King's Cross Train Station, and Surrey London which was home to Privet Drive much to Lily's sadness.

"I never thought I'll return to this quiet street it brings back some bad memories of my childhood" Lily said sadly.

"What do you mean by that?" Monkey asked.

So Lily explained her life at Privet Drive to Monkey from her finding out she was a witch and how her sister Petunia just pushed her away and called her freak. After explaining everything Lily looked up at Monkey expecting him to look angry for not telling him about her Witch heritage earlier but instead he was giving her a look of sympathy then said.

"You're not a freak Lily I know that cause freaks don't help out a random stranger they haven't seen by my size, strength, or skill cause it would do nothing but scare them off or just they'll just be dumb and attack me without thinking first" Monkey explained.

Lily smiled at Monkey's words and whispered a thank you Monkey nodded then continued to follow Lily through the rest of Privet Drive.

Author's Note: That was chapter 3 to A Father out of time I hope you enjoyed it anyway next chapter Lily finds a way to send Monkey back to his own time but before she sends him back in time they do one more thing also there might be a death of someone so till next time see ya.