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"OH HAALEENIIEE…MOMM'Y GOT FRESH BAKED COOKIES! OPEN UP ALREADY, WILL YA?!" Helga's sing-song voice ended in an exasperated sigh as she slumped in defeat against her daughter's still locked door with a plate of warm cookies in hand.

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Helga had to grit her teeth as the sound of her daughter's loud sobs continued to resonate through her ears. Truth be told, she wanted nothing more than to bust down the barrier of that stupid door and embrace her daughter, pouring out endless apologies and even taking her deserved brunt of the sorrow by shedding tears of her own, but a larger barrier, more stubborn than the measly one made of wood with a tastefully drawn picture hanging on it, stood in her way…

Her pride. No. Even worse, her shame.

Wanting a distraction, Helga glanced up at the crayon and marker drawn poster on the door and couldn't help but feel her lips lift up slightly as a result. The handiwork obviously clarified that it was drawn by her children, but the essence and personality of the picture was distinct. At the top, the words were labeled in bright, bold rainbow colors, poorly drawn flowers, and smiley faces, "Welcum 2 Hal and Philie's woom!" However, in contrast, on the bottom, the words were labeled in a bright, red color and were spelled poorly in all capital letters, "YA, SO KEEP OWT BUCO OR ELLS! THANX!" with mad looking frowning faces and a few tastefully drawn dinosaurs with sharp triangles for teeth.

Helga just shook her head, her puff of laughter sounding like a hiccup sob as it escaped her lips. Philip and Halenie were so different, yet their personalities blended into something that just felt…right. They were so much like her…and yet, so much like him as well…It was beautiful…and lately, heartbreaking…

Not wanting to stick around and let the familiar sensation of guilt feast on her insides once more, she reluctantly forced herself up, set the cookies on a nearby table in the hallway, and trudged back into her own room, her footsteps being as heavy and weighed down as her heart was at that moment.

Once she made it back into her own room, Helga sighed as she peeled off the hot pink blazer jacket, letting it drop unceremoniously onto the floor before reaching for the familiar flannel she was so accustomed to wearing, eager to embrace whatever little comforts she could get from her deceased husband's favorite shirt. But as the soft fabric hugged her shivering shoulders, however, she didn't feel the brief blissfulness that it offered her like usual. If anything, she still felt…cold. Bitter even.

It was as if the feeling of betrayal was evident every time she glanced at the burgundy and yellow plaid shirt.

Not wanting to stew on the feeling any longer, she shuffled her feet over to a scattered pile of clothes that was used hours earlier as ammo in a playful clothes fight with her daughter and started to fold the articles of clothing one by one. She then adjusted her mattress that was flipped over and used as a barrier earlier, back onto the bedframe and moved the folded clothes on top of it, purposing its use as her folding table. Before she knew it, all of the clothes were folded and put away, along with other items that were discarded in her room. She even took the time to use the vacuum that was tucked away in the corner. Before she knew it, her room looked tidier than it's ever been in a while.

Somewhat satisfied by the new distraction, Helga then took to the kitchen. Her distain at the thought of cleaning it changed into eagerness as she knew it would distract her from the situation even longer. As she got ready to make her way down the stairs, she glanced across the hallway to Halenie's shut door and paused at the sound of…silence.

Perplexed yet hesitant, her motherly instincts won over and she immediately went to the door. "H-Halenie? Kiddo?" She knocked softly, hating how weak and even shaky her voice sounded. When she didn't hear a response, her protectiveness grew as she went to open the door.

It was locked.

"Wow she…must be pissed…N-never thought I'd see the day." Helga mumbled as she sighed and walked away from the locked door, her steps dragging as they went down each step of the stair case into the dirty kitchen.

I guess it's obvious that my sarcasm couldn't hide the hurt that filled my voice. I mean sheesh! Can ya blame me?! My once happy-go-lucky kid with a personality that could rival the fu**ing sunshine itself, was now evidently eclipsed with a pain that no child should endure…

And it was all my fault...

And if I had to be honest...

I really didn't know how to fix this.

No, wait. Actually, I did know how. I just…I just couldn't go through with it.

It was too painful.

And that sucked.

Although the silence in Halenie's room was evident, little did the conflicted mother know of what was really taking place in the five year old's room as the little girl struggled to catch her breath from her earlier onslaught of heavy weeping until her shaky breaths finally calmed into a quiet slumber.

Dream Sequence

The beautiful flowery meadow that only seemed to radiate in vibrant colors from the sun's rays was nothing new to Halenie. In fact, it was a glorious sight that only seemed to bring welcoming relief whenever she had a bad day. She was never one to complain about bed time, for the very purpose of knowing that she would be in this wondrous place as soon as she fell asleep. But what was unfamiliar, was how the scenery of the beautiful meadow changed into another environment. The sky was still blue, yet cloudier and the once bright green and clear grassy lands turned into the golden grounds of a vast wheat field.

She found herself running.

And running.

Where? She didn't know, nor seemed to care as she ran faster.

She ran trying to untangle herself from the golden wheat blades as she continued to keep up her hurried pace to her unknown destination. The tears streaming down her face was also a new yet unwanted detail. The wheat underneath her bare feet felt like thorns as it pricked and stung her toes, but she continued to run anyways, bearing the pain.

Finally, exhaustion took over her as she felt herself collapse onto the ground in a heap of hopeless tears.

The sky grew cloudier and darker.

As she continued to cry like before, her teary hazed eyes were blurred by a green light.

"H-Halenie?" The soft voice called out softly and sadly.

The usually, quiet, calm voice of Halenie's imaginary friend was slightly shaken and made the little girl look up at the green lit silhouette.

Her gaze was blank. But deep inside, she was reeling.

She wanted to scream.

She wanted to cry even louder.

She wanted to jump onto the green lit shadow and hug it, desperate to find the comfort she KNEW would be there for her.

Just for her…

But instead, her fists balled and she saw…red?

The quiet and sad voice continued. "Y-you're crying again…But this time…it's worse than before. Did something happen? Did the tea party not go we-'"

"-THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" The little girl exploded furiously, making the calm voice go completely silent.

The shock of her outrage hit both of them. That wasn't the response she intended to give to her imaginary best friend. But she couldn't stop herself as she continued screaming at him.


"I'm sure she does! She's your mommy, Halenie! Please calm down. I-"


"Don't talk like that! Please!" The light and soft voice pleaded as it rose slightly in volume.

It was no use. The girl kept going.




The gasp that nearly echoed from her short sized imaginary friend broke her out of her hysterics.

She looked to the ground in hopelessness and whispered, "It-it's all my fault…"

"Wh-What are you talking about?" The usually calm voice was now even more shaken.

"It is…It must be…We were…we were finally spending time together…Things were gweat but, I messed things all up. I always mess things up cause I'm weird…That's pwobably why I don't have many fwiends or why Philie always picks on me and why we don't have a daddy like other kids do...and that's why Mommy hates me." The broken little girl muttered as she let the tears fall silently from her eyes.

She shivered as she felt a coldness around her, but at the same time…she felt…warm inside? The warmth quickly consumed the coldness as she looked up to see herself bathed in the bright green light.

It embraced her and encased her in a comfort she longed for…

It didn't take long for her to realize that the silhouette that was only slightly taller than her, was hugging her.

"M-Mr. Gween Glowy guy?" Halenie gasped in shock. This was the first time she actually had any physical contact with her young imaginary friend.

She was starting to wonder if she was as crazy as the others said she was for believing in such nonsense, because the way she felt as the green lit shadow's arms moved around her, its shoulders…shaking as it hugged her tighter, it didn't feel like it was all in her imagination at all…

"You're wrong." The usually calm voice went from shaken to broken. "You-you shouldn't talk like that, Halie…It's not your fault. None of this is your fault!"

"B-but-" Halenie tried once more only to feel her tears instantly dried. She had to close her eyes by how bright the light shone on her face. She wanted to get a good look and see if she could possibly make out the features on the silhouette that was now so close to her, but she couldn't. All she could gather was that her imaginary friend was short and young. She then confirmed him to be just a child.

A kid, just like her…

And whoever he was…or it was…it was the only kid that willingly and eagerly wanted to be with her…

And she yelled at him…

Her tears started up once more at the thought, but were again dried on the spot as she felt the coldness brush her face, and a warmth fill her heart again.

"I-I'm sorry Mr. Gween Glowy guy…" Halenie whispered.

"Don't be. None of this is your fault Halenie…There is nothing wrong with you. You're a good girl with such a bright and beautiful heart…Remember how I always say that? Because it's true. I hate it when you're sad…I wish I could make you feel better. I wish I could take all the pain away! I wish you could see that it's not your fault when bad things happen!"

"Then why-"

"-They're wrong Halenie. Everyone. Your mommy, your friends, everyone is wrong about you. Unfortunately…sometimes people can be really mean, but remember what I said? Just because they're mean doesn't mean you have to be-"

"-Well maybe I should!" Halenie glared defiantly. "Maybe I should start being mean too! Cause then people would leave me alone! They won't be mean to me anymore! It worked for Philie when he used to be all nice and stuff and he got made fun of, so-so maybe I should-!"


As if startled by thunder, Halenie immediately went silent at the stern voice that was in no wise calm as usual.

"Y-you can't do that Halenie! If you do, then you won't be any better than the meanies are!"

She heard the voice sigh.

"You don't know the whole story…No one ever truly knows the whole story to people and WHY they are mean…Sometimes there is a reason…Sometimes there isn't. But no matter what...Kindness is always something that is needed and makes a difference in everyone's life. Even when you can't see it. Being nice doesn't mean you are weak or have to act weak. You can stand up for yourself and not be pushed around and still have the kind heart you have for others…Not everyone has that. And if you become as mean as others are as revenge, that beautiful heart of yours that shines like sunshine…will turn dark…And when that happens…no one will get to enjoy the light anymore…Nothing gets solved. The problem will still be there…What did you tell me your daddy used to call you…before he...left?"

"B-brave little sunshine…" Halenie replied, a lone tear fell from her eye.

"There's a reason for that I'm sure…Because you are like sunshine…And sunshine makes people happy…it brightens their day…it shines through the darkness. A lot of people take kindness as weakness…but the truth is…being kind even when others are not…is the most powerful strength there is…Because it's so hard to do. You're proving how strong you really are…when you keep that hope alive in your heart. And that's what you must continue to do, little Halenie…You have to keep that hope and light alive…Or else…it'll be gone…everything…"

Before Halenie could ask what her friend meant, she suddenly felt a chill rush through her.

It was cold…No. it was freezing.

She looked up to see the entire atmosphere change.

The sky was dark…

The clouds were ominous as it sparked with lightning…

The sound of thunder growled in her ears as if it was preparing to roar…

Frightened, she turned towards her imaginary friend only to see the bright green light go dimmer, then blinding once more as if it was fizzling off and on.

"M-Mr. Gween Glowy guy?!" Halenie gasped in horror.

"I'm sorry…your mommy hurt your feelings Halenie…it was wrong to do…But…Maybe…maybe there was a reason…that she was so mean? Maybe…there is a reason of WHY…she seems to be so mean…And it's got nothing to do with you…Maybe it's something else?"

"L-like what? Is she sad about something and being mean is her way of cwying like you said before? W-w-what is it? What's wrong with my mommy? H-HOW CAN I MAKE HER BETETR?" Halenie asked, now curious and concerned.

She heard the calm voice chuckle softly, as if it was a hiccup in the wind. When she looked up once more, she saw that the thunder clouds and dark, eerie atmosphere was changed back to the vast golden wheat field that now settled underneath a brilliant sunset.

All was solemnly calm somehow…

Halenie blinked in confusion until she heard her friend's warm chuckle tickle her ears.

"There it is…that's the light of hope…that must be kept alive inside of you…You hold the answer that can save everything, Halenie…For not everything…is as it seems. Please remember that."

She nodded, mesmerized by her kind friend's words, yet still struggling to understand them. She was about to ask him about it when she heard his young voice chuckle once more.

"…Just give her some time…who knows…maybe your mommy will surprise y-y-you…"

She watched his blinding emerald light fizzle once more. Again, she gasped in horror.

"M-Mr. Gween Glowy guy, what's wrong with you?! Y-you've never done that before! Y-you're doing the thing a lightbulb does before it-it-"Halenie panicked.

"Th-th-th-the light-light of h-h-hope…must be kept alive…You can do it, Sweetheart…I know you can…"

Her eyes grew wider as he continued to fizzle in and out, and finally, after one last sequence of fading in and out, a single feature on the green lit silhouette became clear to her, making her gasp in awe.

She watched as glistening jade shaded tears streamed from his eyes as her friend gave her a sad smile.

After all, you have the heart.

End Dream Sequence.

The sudden crack of thunder woke the little girl out of her sleep with a startled squeak. She took in her surroundings vigorously, coming to the realization that she was only dreaming. Judging by her tear soaked teddy bear she was clutching earlier, things have not changed at all. Her mother yelled at her, her feelings were still hurt, the tea party was over…And so was any quality bonding time and the hopes thereof.

Distraught, the little girl silently clutched her teddy close to her heart once more, fighting the feeling of wanting to cry again.

However, her imaginary friend's words rang clear through her mind.

"Maybe…there is a reason of WHY…she seems to be so mean…And it's got nothing to do with you…Maybe it's something else?"

"What could mommy be sad about…?" Halenie whispered with a raised eyebrow. Curiosity nor ruled her emotions as she stayed silent. She continued to ponder the dream, taking in everything she could remember including the vision of what her imaginary friend looked like when its features were finally revealed.

"Well…I guess Philie was right after all…It really wasn't a hat…" Halenie mumbled as she curled up in a ball on top of her covers.

She then heard a soft knock on the door…


Halenie almost didn't recognize the hesitant and soft voice to be her mother speaking nor did she respond.

"H-hey Kiddo…It's me…I know you're kind of pis-er- upset with me right now…And…Honestly, you have every right to be, I guess?…I-I never should have yelled at you. It was-it was wrong. Okay? No, beyond wrong, it was just cruel and you didn't deserve that but-I just-UGH! Criminy, I'm really no good at this at all-I-!"

Halenie blinked as she ignored the muffled curse words her mother was growling and cautiously walked quietly to her door to put her ear against it.

"I-it wasn't your fault. Okay? It-it was never your fault. I-M-mommy was just…upset about something else and…and you know how wonderful she is about expressing her feelings…Actually…The truth is, I-I'm not good at this. At all. Your mommy sucks at this…She sucks at a lot of things actually…including…being a good mommy, but…She's…I mean-I really am sorry I hurt you Halenie…Mommy's so, so, so very sorry. And I know I've said that a lot and you probably don't believe me anymore…But I am.

The five year old's blue eyes grew wider at the sound of muffled sniffling.

"L-like I said…You didn't deserve that…In fact, you don't deserve any type of the bad treatment or crap I've put you through. You're such a good girl…So precious…with a soul full of light and love and just…it made me think of something that…that made me…sad…but your mommy's no punk so I just…got angry but…but it was wrong for me to do. Anyways…I-I'll-I-I should probably just leave you alone right now if that's what you want…But I-Th-there are some of the cookies we made together out here if you want some or whatever…And I-I really did have a great time with you today…It sucks the way it ended but-but I just wanted you to know…None of this was your fault and that I really am sorry…Mommy's sorry Halenie…"

Halenie remained silent as her tears built up once more.


Helga kept her fists balled and pride back as she felt her eyes sting with the sensation of tears as she put her head against the silent room's door and sighed. She knew her meaningful apology was probably worthless at that point by the silence.

But she had to try…

She couldn't let things end the way they did and she didn't dare want her daughter blaming herself.

Just the thought of her daughter being curled up alone and crying in helplessness was enough torture to finally break her. And before the mother knew it, she went from rinsing off a china plate to practically dropping it on the floor, apathetic to its now shattered pieces, and somehow found herself knocking hesitantly on the little girl's door.

But even so…She knew it wouldn't be enough.

It was never going to be enough…

Defeated, Helga once again slowly trudged her steps away from her daughter's door and turned to go back downstairs. What she didn't expect however, was the clicking sound of a door unlocking and the hesitant, slow creak that signaled that the door was now open. Startled, she slowly turned to see her daughter's shy blue eyes shift from the floor to the plate that was on the side table and finally to her.

Helga blinked as the heavy silence was finally broken by the little girl's soft voice that was just above a whisper.

"C-Can I have a cookie now please?"

To be continued.