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-"A person's a person, no matter how small."

"Lucy, I want you to know something very important"

A five year old blonde stared at her mother in wonder "what is it mama?"

Layla smiled at her innocent daughter " well in this world there are...special people...that have special abilities..." She started off making sure that she had Lucy's attention.

Lucy eyes gleamed "like you mama?"

Layla stood silent for a moment "yes like me honey, you see...there are other people like me except they have different types of magic. For example I could summon spirits like Aquarius and Capricorn that my special ability"

The small child shivered at the mention of the water spirit, she knew very well that Aquarius wasn't fond of her, but deep (really deep) inside she knew that the mermaid did care for her very much!...at least she hoped.

Lucy shook the thought away and smiled at her mother " like me mama!"

"Yes darling, like you" she cooed at her adorableness "but there's also something else that you need to know"

Her expression became serious as she stared down at her child "there is a place... where kids who have this special ability also known as magic...and every child who has 'magic' must be sent to that place and if not they would just take them away without warning..."

Lucy let out a gasp"T-that's horrible! Wouldn't the kids miss they're family?" she asked, horrified by the information she's getting.

"Yes honey they will, but it's also important for the kids to go to this place...it would help them learn about their magic and also get to control it more better"

"Well I'm staying with you mama and papa, that place sounds scary" little Lucy said while hugging her mother.

Layla returned the hug and brought Lucy to her lap "it may sound scary but you'll have to go honey"

"But why?" Lucy pouted.

"Because...it's an academy and you have to learn certain things so you could have a great job and have a family of your own"

"Wait so if I go to this 'school' would that mean that I'll find my prince!?" Lucy exclaimed, excitement clearly shown in her eyes.

Layla sweat dropped from the question, how the heck did her daughter get that idea from? But if this makes her go to the school willingly Layla will have to go along with it, and who knows maybe her baby girl might find love throughout the years. *sigh* kids do grow up so fast~

" um...yes?you'll might find your prince during your stay at school"

Lucy started squealing in delight, she's going to find her smart, handsome, cool prince at her new school! She can't wait to stay at the academy!





"...stay? Wait...Aren't I coming back when school is over, which is around evening?" Lucy questioned. Her mother laughed nervously"Well actually you'll be living there until you graduate, which would be when your eighteen"

Lucy listened, mouth agape with incredulity "BUT THATS A TRILLION YEARS FROM NOW!"

"I know honey but look at the bright side of this!" Layla said, trying hard to make her daughter go to the academy.

The young blonde crossed her hands around her chest "what brights side?"

'Psh, like I'll ever go to some wannabe magic school and leave my mama and papa alone, nothings going to change my mind nothing at all!' Lucy thought, determination burning through her eyes. The young girl wil not go no matter what! If it's a fight they want then it's a fight they get-

"You'll make lots of friends and ...you'll meet your Prince Charming?" She said, more like asked, but that didn't stop Lucy's eyes from sparkling. Her thoughts soon forgotten "where do I sign up?"

Her mom gave a small chuckle "I'll sign you up when your twelve, but for now you'll be home-schooled okay"

Lucy nodded her head with a bright smile "okay mama! I'll go without a fight!"

*・゜゚・*:....:*'(*゚▽゚*)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

(7years later)

"Nooooooo...I don't wanna goooooo!" wailed a pretty young blonde as she was being shoved into a limousine. She had long blonde hair that reached just below her shoulders, a piece of her hair was being held by a blue ribbon. Her large brown eyes were shut closed as she was struggling from the older woman's hold.

"Lucy! You promised me that you were going to go!" A gorgeous blonde exclaimed she looked like an older version of her daughter,who she was shoving into the vehicle.

"I was five! I thought you were just making it all up! Don't make me go mama!" The young blonde,who goes by the name of Lucy Heartfilia, shouted out. Her mother eyes hardened and gave one last push, finally Lucy was shoved into the car. Before her daughter could react, she closed the door and told the chauffeur to lock them.

Lucy glared slightly at her mother from the other side of the door"MAMA!" Was all Layla could hear throughout the distance. The vehicle started driving out of the driveway, and finally leaving out of the household.

Layla smiled innocently and waved at her daughter "I love you too honey, see you soon~"

'My, that little girl sure is a handful' she giggled to herself.

A man wrapped his arm around his wife "are you sure about this?" He asked, worried about his only daughter safety.

"Don't worry Jude, she has her spirits plus it will be good experience" she answered.

He looked even more worried "but are you sure about sending her to 'that' place out of all the academy's in this world?"

"Well, I heard it's an amazing school" Layla huffed, crossing her arms above her chest in the process. Her husband smirked slightly and kissed her forehead "that's because you graduated from there"

" yeah, and look how perfectly fine I am. So don't worry, they'll take good care of her"

"I guess your right" he sighed in defeat.

"I'm always right, plus I'm sure she's going to love it"

*・゜゚・*:....:*'(*゚▽゚*)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

"Mean mommy, dumb school, stupid me" Lucy grumbled as she walked down the long hallways of her new 'home' or as she refers to it as 'hell'.

She had to admit though, the place was enormous! The gates were about 30ft high! And the walls were probably bigger and longer than the Great Wall of China! It also...maybe...looks kinda...pretty.

She reached a door that had 'Principle Office' engravedon it. She knocked on the door twice before entering.

"Hello? Principle-san?" She said quietly, making sure to close the door behind her. She looked around the office, everything seemed to be very neat except the pile of papers that were on the wooden desk. The chair was facing the other way, but it seems as though there was someone sleeping on it since she heard a loud snore.

"Um...principle-san?" She said again, a little more louder.

The person behind the chair jumped slightly, he coughed slightly and turned his chair slowly like in those movies to make it look more dramatic.

'What if he's a big scary man? What if he's and evil villain who abuses children!? What has mama gotten me into!' This was what was running through young Lucy's mind, crossing her figures for the best.

"Ah~ welcome my child to your new home,Gakuen Fairy Tail!" Exclaimed a short old man, giving her a goofy smile. Before he could get down from his large chair, he fell down on the pile of papers making them fly everywhere in his office. He tried to get a hold of some before they fell on the floor but soon slipped off from the ledge of the desk and face planted on the ground. Lucy stared agape.

'What was my mother thinking...' Was her last thought as she stared at the midget in front of her.

*・゜゚・*:....:*'(*゚▽゚*)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

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