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-"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

"Lu-chan" I felt someone tug at my blanket making it fall to the ground. The cold air caressed my skin as I looked around the room.

"Hmmm...what is it Levy-chan~" I asked went to sleep late last night while talking about the books we read about. I also learned that she was the same age as me (11) and that she's a Scripture Mage. Her parents passed away a few years ago leaving her with aunt until someone found her and brought her to Fairy Tail, I hugged her tightly when I saw her tearing up. She also told me that other kids would either ignore or bully her after classes. She's said that she didn't want to trouble the teachers with her problem (which I strongly disagree with). I learned so much about her that it feels like I known her my entire life. I also told her about my magic, life, and my family.

"We're going to be late for school if you don't wake up!" She yelled into my ear which resulted with me on the floor and a bleunette eating her breakfast at high speed. What's the whole rush about? It's only!

I scramble of the ground and quickly grabbed my uniform that was hanging in my closet and started dressing myself, it looked similar to the same uniform Levy wore yesterday "Why didn't you tell me we were running late! Now where's my brush, did I forget my brush?! Where is it!" I exclaimed looking everywhere for my comb. As you can see. I get very freaked out when I'm under pressure.

Levy handed me my brush and started tying her shoelaces. I thanked her and brushed my hair as quickly as I could and put it in my signature side ponytail. We both raced off to our first class which was Math. As we entered the room I noticed everyone stopped what they were doing and stared.

"Levy-san~ your late but I'll let it go this time" a brunette woman which looked to be around her twenties said. She was wearing a long neck sweater with sleeves and long black-grey legging but even with no curves she still looked beautiful. She turned her attention towards me "oh? Now who is this lovely lady next to you?" The comment made me blush slightly. I was never use to getting compliments so freely.

Levy smiled brightly,making some of the students wide-eye"this is Lucy Heartfiliia, she's a new student here and my new roommate" the teacher looked surprised but soon recovered, she had a nervous smile on her face.

"Lucy...Heartfilia? W-well it's nice having you in my class. I'm and I'll be your Math teacher for the rest of the school year." He said 'Eh!? He's a man? I thought he was a woman!' Were the only thoughts going through my head. Come on! This guy did have a feminine face, and he WAS wearing girl clothes...maybe he's gay? Or he likes cross-dressing?

"Hmmm I didn't know I was going to have a new student" he rubbed his hand on his chin thinking who he should pair me up with, a minute later he broke off into a wide grin "you could sit with since he doesn't have a partner right now ("because he always ends up burning them" muttered under his breath)he's the one with pink hair over there in the back" he announced happily. Many kids gave me a look of pity which I didn't understand why. I turned towards Levy but realized she was already sitting down.

I made my way to the back and looked at my partner. His arms were on the back of his head and his legs on top of the desk which made it hard for me to pass through since our desk were connected, I did a fake cough so he could notice that I was trying to a pass through but the only thing I received was the cold shoulder. Psh talk about rude.

I looked at the other guy who was sitting at the other corner of our desk, he also turned to look at me, he had black messy hair that went well with his dark brown eyes. He reminded me of a dark knight. As I was about to ask him if he could move over and let me sit in between them he looked at me grimly and returned to writing in his notebook.

'Well that punk! These boys have no decency! Not letting a young lady like myself sit down! Well then three can play this game.' And with a small smirk on my lips I grabbed the pinkette's legs and roughly pulled them down. While he was in the state of shock/surprise I quickly made my way in between him and raven haired boy and sat down. I send them both a smug look, which resulted to them glaring daggers at me.

also looked quite shock but smile slightly, with a giggle he announced a free period and twirled his way out of the room only leaving a trail of sparkles. I and the rest of the class sweat-dropped at his antics.

'He sure is cheerful'

I took out my notebook and pencil and decided to continue writing my novel. I'm writing about things that are happening in my life and hopefully go on some adventures. As I was writing I noticed that the Dragneel boy standing up and heading out the door as well as the raven haired guy did too. The classroom stood silent until they left the room. Before they left though, the pinkette gave me one last look and grunted. I'm getting a feeling that they don't like me...

"Lu-chan, are you okay?" Levy asked. I blinked for a few seconds and realized that she literally sat in the desk in front of me. Oh thank goodness~ I'm not alone.

I nodded my head to Levy's question "yeah, but those were some really rude guys. Who are they?"

She bit her lips probably thinking whether to tell me or not"well the pink haired boy was Natsu Dragneel also known as Salamander, he's a fire Dragon Slayer so he could control and/or eat fire he also has the ability of a dragon like hearing, smelling and etc. He's the delinquent of the school who wouldn't mind setting you on fire, plus he's very hot-tempered and scary when he wants to be. The guy with raven hair was Gray Fullbuster also known as the Natsu's best friend (even though they fight a lot), he's an Ice Mage so he could control ice. He's referred as the 'dark knight' but be careful he's as bad as Natsu, he wouldn't care if he freezes your butt off or makes you into an icicle. He also kinda has a weird stripping habit. I was surprised that they didn't even burn or froze you to death!" She exclaimed.

I ignored the last comment, thinking back to the new information I received. So the pink haird boy was Natsu Dragneel...and the raven hair boy was his best friend Gray Fullbuster. I shrugged of the thought and changed the subjects to the books we read.


Levy flinched slightly and let out a nervous laugh "Oh, hey Jet, hey Droy." The two guys smiled brightly at her. The first guy had orange hair that was being held in a ponytail, the other guy had black hair except his was sticking up like a scorpions tail. They both looked kinda...geeky? But you could defiantly tell that they were attracted to Levy. How cute! I am so going to tease her about it later~

"Levy-chan~do you want to go out later" chirped the orange dude, who I suppose was Jet.

"No Levy! Come with me instead!" Exclaimed the other lad, guessing it was Droy. They both glared at each other and started arguing about who was going to take Levy out. In the corners of my eyes I saw Levy squirm under their argument, so I decided to intervene but I was beaten to it.

"Shut up stupid idiots" a girl said. You could clearly see her irritated expression glaring towards the two duo. They quickly shut their yaps, but silently glared at each other.

"A-ah Lu-chan, t-this is m-my t-team. T-Team S-Shodow Gear" Levy stuttered out. Dang it, I thought that she was over with the whole being shy thing. Maybe she's not use talking so freely around other people. Or maybe she just really shy.

"T-That's J-Jet" she pointed at the orange hair gut who nodded his head towards me. Ha! I knew it!

she pointed her index fingered towards the scorpion-tail hair guy"This i-i-is D-Droy" he gave me a small smile and turned back to arguing with Jet.

"Y-you k-know" she started up, her fingers twiddling each other. A habit I notice she does when she gets nervous. "Y-You c-c-could join our t-team" I was about to agree until a wicked laughter was heard next to us. We both turned to look at the same girl who told Jet and Droy to shut up, she looked from Levy to me and back to Levy. Another round of laughter came out of throat as she shook her head.

"You shouldn't associate yourself with them Lucy-sama, they're just of bunch of stupid people. You should hang out with me instead,we could form our own team" she said, her expression held an arrogant smirk. She flipped her seaweed green hair and laughed again, her nose stuck up in the air.

Levy lowered her gaze clenching the plaid skirt in her hands. I knew she was hurt by this girls words and I wasn't going to stand by and see my friend being bully by this girl. I was going to tell her politely to leave us alone but she started yapping again.

"Plus, this bookworm is even more worthless then those idiots over there" she pointed at Jet and Droy.

My anger rose, and let's just say that everything became black and white before I knew it.

*・゜゚・*:....:*'(*゚▽゚*)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

"Lu-chan! I can't believe you did that!" Levy exclaimed as we were walking towards the principle office.

"But she was the was bulling you" I pouted, crossing my arms against my chest.

Levy sighed exasperatedly "yeah but that didn't mean you had to threaten her like that!" Psh. She's just exaggerating.

"I didn't say or do anything that rash"

Her mouth dropped open "you grabbed her by the shirt and said that if she even stares at me you'll kick her butt to next week! And then you called her Pinocchio! "

I rolled my eyes "that wasn't much of a threat. It was more as a solemn statement. Plus, I said it nicely" And it's not my fault that the girl had a very long nose I stubbornly thought to myself.

"I don't know why I got in trouble" Levy cried animatedly.

"how did I even get dragged into this!?" Exclaimed a white haired girl. Her hair barely reached her shoulders, her eyes that were the color of the sea held a small tear. So to put it short she looked cute.

Both me and Levy stared at her for a moment"...who are you?" We said in unison. The white hair girls fell to the ground.

She quickly pointed at herself with her index finger. Having a small pout she exclaimed "I'm Lisanna Strauss! Mira's and Elfman's little sister!" I just stared at her in both confusion and wonder, but I'm sure that Levy understood.

Levy's eyes widen in realization "oh! Your Mira's little sister?! I didn't know she even had one!" She blurted out without thinking.

Lisanna took this in a bad way since her eyes became watery, I thought that she was going to burst out in tears but she didn't, instead she just looked away and rubbed her eyes. She then looked at us with a small sad smile making me feel kinda bad for her so I decided to make conversation.

"So Lisanna. Why are you being sent to Ji-chan's office?"

She looked a bit taken back from the sudden question "w-well...I don't really know myself. Maybe it was because I was the one holding you back, along with Levy, before you ripped Karen's head off" she shrugged her shoulders. Karen? So that's the girls name, but who cares. The problem here is that I was the one who got these two in trouble. Guilt quickly washed over me, but that soon left after we reached Ji-chan's office.

I was about to open the door until I heard some crashing and yelling. I stared at the door for a minute and decided to go in, and let me tell you. The sight in front of me was very...amusing.

"GET BACK HERE YOU BRATS!" Jii-chan yelled out. His face was red with anger, his arms waved crazily around as he chased someone.

"Your so slow old man" Dragneel-san teased as he ran around the room not trying to get caught. Fullbuster-san just stood there standing and shaking his head muttering 'stupid' towards his friend, this sentence caused the pinkette to stop running and glare at the boy in front of him.


Fullbuster's eye twitched "YOU HEARD ME FLAME-BRAIN!" And with that they butted their heads together glaring at one another. The three of us just stood there watching the two duo fight, it was getting interesting until Levy decided to sneeze, now all heads were turned towards us but unlike before, both boys returned to their emotionless state.

Jii-chan stared at me in surprise "Ah Lucy. What brings you to my office so soon?" He quickly made his way around his desk and sat on his seat looking at the three of us again with a grin.

I gazed over at Levy who gesture me to tell him, Lisanna in the other hand started to sweat bullets. It was like if she committed a crime but is too afraid to confess but I don't blame her since I heard rumors from a certain someone (*cough*Levy*cough*) that Jii-chan can be very scary when he wants to be.

I looked at the ground and twiddled with my two index finger like Levy does, not daring to look up "I may have...uh...'threaten' a her...Pinocchio.."

His face contorted into blank, his eyes bore to my very soul as if he was waiting for something else. A shiver ran up my spine as I waited for what might happen next.





"Pff-HAHAHAHA" Jii-chan bursted out laughing, his hands were slamming the desk repeatedly. His face was completely red and tears were making there way out of his eyes. I didn't understand a thing that was happening. 'Threatening' another student? was this suppose to be funny?...this school really is weird.

Lisanna and Levy just looked at Jii-chan jaw-drop in shock like me while Drangeel-san and Fullbuster-san were trying to hold in their laughter.

I tilted my head in confusion "What's funny Jii-chan?"

"Ah~ Lucy...your so much like your mother" he sighed.

"Eh? What do you mean?"

Jii-chan let out a small chuckled and shook his head "nothing my child, but do tell me why you threaten and called this girl names"

My eyes narrowed at the small man, a dark menacing aura began to emit from my body, I saw the three lads flinch "well the Pinocchio girl was insulting Levy in front of me, she said that Levy was weak and useless! I wasn't going to let one of my precious friends get bullied or mistreated that way. So I made a solemn statement, but Levy said that it was considered a 'threat' though I don't understand why since I said it so kindly" I rolled my eyes "but I do know that if Levy or Lisanna hadn't held me back then you guys would have seen me in 'the most wanted' posters" I joked but I'm guessing that they took it seriously when they inched further away from me.

"Tch. Stupid blonde" mumbled Dragneel-san. I felt my eyes twitch and my anger rise.

"What was that Dragneel-san?" I asked in a sickly sweet tone. The rest flinched and decided to take a step back, but I don't think that Dragneel-san understood the message since he did the opposite and took a step forward.

He shook his head"It seems that your just like every typical blonde" I gasped at his response, he technically called me stupid! Such a stereotype.

"Well at least I'm not an idiotic boy with PINK hair" I replied with a smug look plastered on my face. He looked even looked angrier than before, his nose was flaring and I think I could see smoke coming out from his ears.

"Well your a-" he started but was interrupted.

"Enough!" Jii-chan sighed and rubbed his temples "I'm too old for this" he mumbled under his breath "well then Lucy I think you should go on a mission and let off some steam"

"A mission?"Levy decided to step forward after the slience"B-But m-master, Lucy doesn't h-have the fairy tail i-insignia y-yet" her voice was quiet but everyone heard her. Jii-chan looked at me in surprise as though he realized something important.

"Your right Levy! Now Lucy, where do you want your fairy tail mark to be? And what color?" He asked.

I stood there thinking for a minute. I stuck my right hand out and pointed at my hands backside "here please and in pink" Jii-chan then took out a stamp from his drawer and pressed it against the spot I told him, when he was done I examined the pink mark in front of me and was kinda impressed on how pretty it looked.

I grinned brightly at Levy and Lisanna "I'm officially a fairy tail student!" I jumped towards them and embraced them in a bear hug. Levy chuckled at my antics and Lisanna patted my head awkwardly.

"Yes, now Gray go with your partner and come back safe you too" Jii-chan continued. I stopped hugging both girls and stared at Jii-chan in confusion along with the rest of group. Jii-chan raised one of his eyebrows at us.

"What's wrong?" He asked

I tilted my head to the side "Jii-chan, Fullbuster-san isn't my partner. Dragneel-san is"

His eyes widen slightly "really? Are you sure?" He took out a file that had my name in it, he looked over it with a serious expression. His expression changed into pure shock but soon let out a chuckle which ended up being hardcore laughter.

"So?Who's Lucy's partner master?" Lisanna asked staring at Jii-chan in wonder...Well everyone was.

He coughed slightly "well it seem that Natsu's is your partner-" he started. Dragneel-san looked pissed off and glared at the ground while Fullbuster-san chuckled.

"Your stuck with blondie flame-brain" he teased 'What's up with people calling me by my hair color and not from my name! These boys are so irritating!'

"I wasn't finish you brats!" Jii-chan yelled out, catching the boys attentions "now let's me continue before I was rudely interrupted" he send a glare at Fullbuster " Natsu Dragneel you are now a forevermore will be Lucy Heartfiliia partner along with Gray Fullbuster"

When those words came out of Jii-chan lips, my whole world was crushed, I'm stuck with the two most annoying, evilest and stupidest people in the entire planet for the rest of my school life! And by the looks of their face they felt the same way. There was only one thing to do at a time like this...


"Eh!? LU-CHAN!"

Levy's voice was the last thing I heard before everything turned black.





"...did she really just passed out?" Natsu asked as he stared at the unconscious blonde.

*・゜゚・*:....:*'(*゚▽゚*)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

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