Hello readers out there :) I know I'm not finished with my "Don't let it show" but this new Idea just popped into my head and I just had to write it down. Just to warn you, this will be a very dark fic. Don't underestimate the M rating, please. But I hope you'll find it exiting to read anyways.

Here comes chapter 1. Warning: Abuse, violence, torture, manipulation.

The belt made a smashing sound as it flew through the air and landed hard on Elsa's lower back leaving a dreadful crimson line. She screamed in pain but nonetheless her stepfather didn't stop his torture on the trembling girl underneath him. Again and again the object was whipped over her and for each strike the harder it got. Elsa would plead, scream, apologize and whimper loudly but none of it made the furious man stop. She was lying on her thin mattress in her room and her blue long-sleeved T-shirt was pulled up so he could hit her back directly on her soft skin. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she found it very hard to breathe which made her more and more dizzy. But not even that made him stop. "Please, stop, PLEASE!"she shrieked and cried.

"You deserve it you bitch!" He shouted in rage. Please make it stop, make it stop! She prayed in her head. The punishment for accidentally breaking a coffee cup lasted for half an hour and during that time the man would shout, curse and laugh at her jumping figure each time the belt hit her. By then Elsa's sight was so blurry that she couldn't sense anything and her world was spinning around. She was about to faint. The only thing that reminded her of reality was her lower back, which hurt like hell. Tiny drops of blood floated from a nasty wound where the belt had struck the same place several times.

"See where it gets you when you destroy other people's belongings." The black haired man said. "I expect you to be up and making dinner in fifteen minutes, otherwise there will be consequences!" He walked out of the room and slammed the door shut. Five seconds later she heard him open a bottle of beer and turn on the television. Taking her stepfathers words seriously she tried desperately to get up so she could start cooking. But each time she managed to get halfway up her sight would blacken and she would fall down on the dirty mattress again.

Ten minutes passed and she started panicking. She needed to get up now! Come on, come on, you weak cow! Get up! Get up! It wasn't until three more minutes passed that she was finally abled to stand up without blacking out. The last two she spend getting out into the kitchen. She saw her stepfather look at his watch and thereafter the kitchen where he found Elsa preparing dinner. Her platinum blonde hair was beginning to fall out of her braid and the back of her T-shirt was covered with blood. She looked like a wreck with black bags under her eyes and blue marks everywhere on her face. He smiled warmly but it didn't reach his eyes. It never did. "Now that's better, my girl," he said. "Come on now, give me a smile and show me the one thing that you actually have from your mother." Elsa obliged and sent him the best smile she could manage without fainting again and hoped it was enough. Luckily he was satisfied. "That's my good girl, I love you Elsa," he lied still with a fake smile on his face. She knew what she was supposed to say now "I love you too, papa," she lied back. I never have and i never will. He gave her one last glance before turning his attention towards the baseball game in the TV.

Dinner went smoothly. She had made his favorite dinner roast beef with boiled potatoes and garlic bread. She didn't really like meat so she always just peeled some carrots for herself and didn't touch any of his food, which also made him pleased because then he could have all of it for himself. The baseball game had turned out that Derek's (Elsa's stepfather's) team had won so he was in too good of a mode to slap her for not sitting straight enough or for drinking or eating the wrong way. She had manage to answer him the right way, which usually didn't happen very often. But nevertheless she made it through dinner without getting hurt.

But just before she was going to bed he pulled her aside. Oh no, what now, what now? Did I forget something? I washed up after dinner, checked the laundry, handed him an extra beer… What did I forget, what did I forget?! Her mind was panicking and she was preparing for a punch in the face or a kick in the belly, anything just to get out of this situation. "Your school starts tomorrow," he stated. Elsa was confused but confirmed it with a little nod. "Better cover that"- he pointed at her bruises on her face-"up. I don't want to hear any rumors, do you understand?" He growled out the warning with a hoarse voice. Derek was the mayor of the town. He needed to stay clean from all sort of bad reputation, and those who dared talking bad about him always vanished mysteriously. Elsa only merely nodded with her trembling body. Then he let go of her and turned away to get back to the television. The blonde unleashed a breath she in fear didn't notice that she had held. Then she went inside her tiny room and laid down on the old worn mattress. She couldn't lay on her back because it hurt too much. Her room had no windows and the wallpaper was so rotten that huge spaces of it where missing. There was no light, except from the light bulb that were hanging dangerously low from the ceiling. Tomorrow's your first day in college, maybe you can change your miserable life somehow… Who are you kidding, you'll never escape this. You're stuck with him the rest of his life! The thoughts made her eyes wet with tears and she silently cried herself to sleep as she always did.

Elsa looked at her new schedule wondering where she should go. She smiled when she saw that her first class was geometry. She studied architecture and had always been interested in the mathematics and the more creative part of it where she had to design a building. She loved all of it, the calculating the drawing and the design. The only thing she didn't like that much was the group work. She had never really had a real friend, was bullied a lot in High school because she was the one with a rich stepfather and she didn't even drive a car and she always wore cheap clothes. Elsa frowned at the memories of a certain group of girls that were the ones to treat her the baddest. Once they had stolen all her clothes in the girls locker room and she was forced to go to the staff room, which was in the other end of the school, only wearing a towel. Her stepfather had beaten her unconscious when he found out, blaming her for letting it happen. A tear left her eye as she remembered.

She was the first to enter the classroom. This day she was wearing a pair of dark grey high waist boyfriend jeans a turquoise T-shirt and a grey hoodie over it. Her hair was in a braid that rested on her left shoulder and she had covered her bruises on her face with make up like Derek had told her to. She sighed and sat down waiting for the first class to start.

Five minutes passed before three persons walked into the room laughing. There was an auburn haired boy, a strawberry blonde, freckled girl and a golden blonde haired (very muscled) boy. The girl and the blond boy was holding hands, indicating that they were in a relationship. "Oh Kristoff, you're such a dork!" The auburn haired boy exclaimed through his laughter. The redhead tried to hold her laughter back but failed and exploded while moaning, "Oh my God, I can't breathe!" Kristoff himself failed in holding his pout and giggled a bit. "Yeah, yeah, I guess that's funny…" The girl reached up and kissed him on the cheek. And send him an affectionate smile. "I love you, you know that?" Kristoff blushed but the other guy ruined the moment. "Okay you guys, can you at least wait for declaring your love till you actually are not in a public place?" Elsa couldn't help but giggle a bit at that comment. Bad idea, now all of them was turning their attention towards her.

She blushed, pulled her hood over her head, and looked down, desperately trying to conceal herself but to no avail. The redhead slowly walked towards her. "Hello?" Elsa looked up and saw her smiling encouraging at her. Elsa gulped and then cleared her throat. "H-hello," she managed to squeak. "What's your name dear?" Anna smiled. Elsa fiddled nervously with her sleeve when she answered, "I-I'm Elsa." Come on that was so weak! Pull yourself together and try at least to act like you're normal! "Hi Elsa, I'm Anna and this is Hans"- she pointed towards the auburn haired guy who waved at the platinum blonde while smiling -"he is my cousin. And this is Kristoff"- she pointed towards the blonde guy, who also waved at Elsa with a smile-"he is my boyfriend." Elsa felt a bit vulnerable with two muscled guys in the room. Who knew what they might do to her? "N-nice to meet you," she managed to stutter. Anna was about to say something more but got interrupted by two brunettes - a guy and a girl. "Hi Punzie!" Anna exclaimed and embraced the short haired girl. "Anna! It's Rapunzel, and you know that!" Rapunzel groaned. The redhead only laughed. "You're Punzie to me and you know that!" The brunette guy said hi to the to others and they gave him a dude hug. "Hey Eugene, Whatsup?!" both of them greeted. Why do I feel like everyone knows each other? Elsa thought frustrated as she felt more and more uncomfortable in the situation. When all of them had said hi to each other, Anna turned towards Elsa and said, "This is Elsa guys, she's a freshman just like us." The platinum blonde felt her cheeks get warm as everybody turned their attention towards her and greeted her smiling.

Elsa was saved by the other students who were entering the classroom and then later the… teacher? Elsa gulped when she saw the most beautiful woman walk into the room. She was tall, slender, had red hair and ocean blue eyes. She wore a beautiful white dress which hung loosely down her beautiful body and beige high heels on her feet. Oh my God!

"Hello everyone," she said, her voice just like a bell. "I'm Miss Shark, your new geometry teacher. But to you I'm just Ariel" Her smile were so bright that Elsa believed for a moment she looked at one of heaven's angels. What is happening to me?

It turned out that Ariel had a bit different method of teaching. She wanted everyone to be active in the class so she had brought a tennis ball, which she would throw to the students after asking a question about basic geometry and they would have to present themselves, reveal their age and tell where they lived, before answering the question. If Ariel didn't think the student gave her enough information about him- or herself, she would ask further about the persons private life. Elsa learned that Anna was Ariel's little sister and they both just moved to Arendelle when they found out that Ariel had gotten a job at the same college which Anna was accepted to. Anna was twenty years old and came from Oslo. Hans had apparently spend a couple of years in Denmark before he decided which college he wanted to go to. Kristoff had spend a year trekking in several mountains around the world- including Mount Blanc. Rapunzel and Eugene had found each other in Germany- a little village called Corona, where Eugene apparently had tried stealing Rapunzel's bag. Unfortunately for Eugene he had chosen the wrong girl at a bad place because Rapunzel was a feisty young woman which at the time was looking at some frying pans in a shop. Eugene literally saw stars the day he met her. But in a weird way, the two of them got to know each other and the girl had lightened a bit up for the poor guy and decided to bring him back home to Norway where they both had been accepted at Arendelle college.

The class was about to finish and Elsa realized in joy that there nearly wasn't time for her to get the ball. But five minutes later she suddenly saw the object flying towards her and landing in her palm. She gulped, looking down at the thing when Ariel encouraged, "It's okay dear, don't be shy. Just tell me your name."The platinum blond blushed and looked up again to find everyone starring at her. her hands began to tremble and got sweaty. Someone were smiling, others would peek up at the clock and moan impatiently. But Ariel kept smiling her beautiful smile and Elsa grew even more red. "I-I'm Elsa," she whispered. "Sorry, I didn't catch that?" Ariel said while moving closer. Elsa whimpered and some girls started giggling. She cleared her throat and tried again. "My name is Elsa. I'm twenty one years old and I'm from this town. You use sinus to calculate the opposite angle in a triangle-" She was interrupted by the bell and every student started to run out of the door. "Okay, I need you guys to read page 1 to 15 in your new geometry book," Ariel called. "It's not that much because the most of the space is filled with figures. I'll see you tomorrow!"

Elsa was packing her books back in her school bag when she heard a voice say, "Hey, are you okay dear?" The blonde turned around to see Ariel standing in front of her with a concerned look. She started to fiddle nervously with her braid. "Y-yeah, I'm fine, what do you mean?" The concern drifted away from the redhead's eyes and she gave the pale girl a bright smile again. "Oh thats good, I'm just checking. You just seemed a bit uncomfortable in the situation." You are not that much older than me. We could- oh no Elsa, what are you thinking?! "I'm fine, really," she lied while smiling back at her teacher.

Derek was (thankfully) not home when Elsa got there. She started tidy up his mess and but a beer in the refrigerator. When she was finished she took a look at the clock. He was usually home at half past six and it was four PM now. I'll go do my homework then. Elsa pulled out her books and started to read. Feeling tired, she leaned back in the chair but just as her lower back touched the back of the wooden chair she shrieked in pain. She ran towards the bathroom and pulled off her T-shirt. She found the scars from yesterday slight open again and blood began dripping from it. It kept stinging and her eyes filled with water. Need to get the pain away, need to get the pain away! She searched aggressively for some painkillers in the closets and found two pills which she immediately took. Then she found some bandages, which she wrapped her lower back in before pulling her T-shirt back on and heading towards the kitchen again.

Elsa had just finished making dinner when her stepfather got home. Hearing the door open and get slammed back closed made her shiver. Here it goes, please be in a good mood, please be in a good mood! Elsa's eyes flickered nervously back and forth trying to act calm. Her hands trembled and got sweaty. "Hello Elsa" He shouted. The blonde gulped her heart started to beat fast. "Hello p-papa…" He went directly to the table where Elsa came with the food. "I-I made spaghetti" she stated with a trembling voice. "I can smell that," he commented. Oh, no he doesn't like it, he doesn't like it! She started to panic and accidentally spilled some hot meat sauce over him, which made him jump up.

Elsa froze, paralyzed in fear as Derek cursed and shouted at her. "You bitch! You can't do anything right! Look at what you've done! That was my best white shirt and now it's ruined! You can't do anything but ruin things, can you?!" "N-no, p-papa, p-please!" The blonde begged her eyes wet with tears. "I-I can get the spot cleaned, it will be as good as new! P-please!" She broke down in tears. Derek was heading towards her, clenching his fists. "I think I'll have to learn you the hard way to never ruin any of my belongings again!" He grabbed Elsa's fist and dragged her violently into her room where he threw her into the wall. She hit it hard and fell down to her knees. He jumped upon her and tore off all of her clothes, breaking something in his rage. She whimpered helplessly and tried to hide her body from the man's eyes. But then he started kicking her everywhere and she slowly felt her grip vanishing until she lay flat on her back on the floor. She fought her best to stay conscious but nevertheless she felt her world slowly fade away. "Don't fucking faint already! You are such a weak whore, who is not capable of anything but to destroy," he screamed at her. "Look at that ugly body of yours! I'm disgusted!" Then he grabbed her hair and dragged her towards the mattress. She screamed when she felt all of her old scars on her lower back slowly opening up again. He threw her on her "bed" and kicked her fully out of consciousness before leaving the room.