"She's still bleeding!" Ariel said frustrated.
"We are in Oslo in ten minutes!" Kristoff tried calming down the redhead.

"I just don't understand why we couldn't find a hospital sooner. We have been away from Arendal for two hours, for heaven's sake!"

"I'm not taking the risk of being trapped in an unknown hospital where Derek has his contacts."

Elsa moved a little in Ariel's arms, which was a comforting sign of life for the redhead. Ariel looked down at the girl in her embrace. She kissed the pale forehead before whispering soothingly,

"You are so strong baby. Keep holding on, I'm so proud of you."

Anna smiled of her sister's sweet moment. All through the drive the younger redhead had been the only one who was absolutely sure that Elsa was able to make it. She was such a strong person. Anyone else would have died if they were in her situation and had to go through the same horrible things she had had to. But Elsa was a surviver.

Ten minutes went by, just like Kristoff had said, before they got to Oslo. They arrived at the hospital a few minutes later.

Kristoff and Hans helped each other carrying Elsa while they rushed into the hospital.

"Doctor!" Ariel screamed once they got there. "We need a doctor!"

When the nurses saw the platinum blonde in Kristoff's arms they called a doctor immediately. Some nurses got a hospital bed for the girl and one of them asked Ariel what had happened to Elsa as they were heading towards the operation rooms. When Ariel replied "torture" the nurse nodded with severe eyes. They got into a white sterile room where a doctor had been ready to check Elsa.

"We will have to use stitches on her wounds on the back," the doctor informed the group. "The cut is too deep and we won't be able to stop the bleeding in any other way." Ariel nodded. She knew that it would probably leave a nasty scar but if that was necessary to save the blonde it was unquestionably worth it. They started rolling Elsa away again and Ariel followed them until she was asked to wait outside. Anna walked towards her uneasy older sister and tried to soothe her with calming words.

"Everything is okay, nothing bad is going to happen. She's safe now." Ariel smiled at her baby sister for always having the ability to brighten up even the darkest of her moods. But then she noticed the yawn the younger redhead desperately tried to conceal.

"Anna, I think you, Kristoff and Hans should be heading home to mom and dad," she smiled and caressed the younger girl's cheek lightly. "I can't leave her but you need a good night's sleep." Anna looked up with her most sincere expression.

"Are you sure?" the younger girl asked. "I think all of us wouldn't mind staying here and keeping you company."

"It's very sweet of you, but it's really not necessary. I won't be able to sleep anyway so I might as well stay here. And maybe it will be a bit overwhelming for Elsa to wake up to a dozen eyes staring at her."

Anna laughed humorlessly:

"Yeah your probably right sis," she gave Ariel a hug. "Take care, okay? Then I'll see you tomorrow." Ariel nodded and kissed Anna's cheek when another yawn overwhelmed the younger girl.

When all of the guys had left horror suddenly struck Ariel like a surprise attack. She had forgotten all about Esmeralda. In her panic she was about to call the girl on her cell phone but thought better of it. It was important not to give Mayor Hanson the opportunity to trace the call and lead him to them. She had to think of a better way of how to contact the girl. Then her mind crossed an old friend from the town Ariel had gotten to know through her miserable years in high school. His name was Oliver, but everyone called him Scuttle. He was a bit of a computer maniac, but he knew all things about technology and he was definitely abled to help her communicate with the folks she still had back in Arendal without causing any suspicion and endanger them.

Knowing that the guy was probably awake even in this hour, Ariel called him immediately.

"Heey, Ariel, Whassup?!" the redhead was greeted by a very spaced voice.

"Scuttle are you high!?" Ariel chuckled.

"Noooo, no, no, no, no, no, no, I would never dream of it… ever… I promise…"

"Well it sure sounds like it. I don't suppose that you're capable of doing some of your technical magic for me?"

"Anything for you, red!"

She explained everything for the stoned guy and even in his haze he was abled to fix something up for Ariel's cell phone that made it impossible to hack into it and trace it's calls even without as much as touching the iPhone.

"You're the best, you know that?" Ariel exclaimed exited.

"I know red!" Scuttle said proudly. "Hey, gotta go, don't be a stranger though! I need to meet that girl! I'll cut down on the crack!"

"Sure you will." Ariel rolled her eyes and smirked. "Take care, okay Scuttle."

"Yeah, you too!"

Scuttle then hung up and Ariel was left alone again. She bit her lip and considered whether she should call or not. She really needed to know if Esmeralda was all right and she had to let her know that Ariel was all right and that Esmeralda shouldn't go looking for her. But on the other side, it was quite late. She decided to wait until the day after to call her friend. She thought of texting her but even with Scuttle's unfailing skills, she couldn't be sure that it wouldn't end in the wrong hands. Ariel hoped deeply that Esmeralda would forgive her for that and that the girl was okay.

Ariel was about to fall asleep when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up with sleepy eyes at the doctor.

"It's done, she'll be all right." He smiled. "She was very dehydrated so she is getting some fluid into her system. She's asleep right now but you can go in there." Ariel nodded smiling and were about to stand when she saw the man with a pitiful expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" Ariel asked in concern. The doctor sighed and sat down beside her.

"We believe that she has been raped." He said softly while looking at the redhead with intense eyes.

The feeling of absolutely pure dread crept in on the redhead slower than she'd imagined. Nonetheless it only made everything worse. It was like someone had grabbed around her organs slowly and softly at first, just paralyzing her. Then the hands started squeezing harder and harder for every second making her suffocate. She had trouble breathing. She couldn't speak nor feel anything but the hurt inside of her body. When she was finally abled to speak once more her voice was fragile and cracking.

"Ar-are you sure?" She didn't care about the tears streaming down her eyes and cheeks nor about the snot running down her nose. This couldn't be true, this simply couldn't be true!

"We found some cuts and sperm around the uterus area." Not being abled to do anything else Ariel just nodded.

"She might need some mental help afterwards," he spoke, still softly. "I highly recommend that she sees a therapist during her stay here and a few weeks or month afterwards, depending on her recovery."

"I understand," Ariel found her voice again. "But it's her decision. If she doesn't want to she shall not be forced to see this therapist."

"Of course. All I can do is recommend it." He then stood up and walked away, leaving Ariel outside Elsa's door.

She sat there for a moment just glaring at it like it was an insult towards her. All these years Elsa had been locked away, tortured and now this!? And the worst part was that everyone in that pathetic little excuse for a town had known it but done nothing about it. She got up and went on the other side of that offensive door. There she was, her baby, in deep sleep. The worried little wrinkle between her eyebrows were gone once again and as Ariel stepped closer she could see Elsa's body breathing. It was such an innocently beautiful picture. Ariel leaned over, tears spilling from her eyes, and kissed the blonde's forehead.

"You're safe now, honey, I won't let anyone hurt you ever again, and you can count on it." Ariel whispered softly as she whipped away a stray tear, that had fallen down on Elsa's beautiful face, with one finger. She then lay beside the blonde and soon she was asleep.

Ariel startled awake when she felt something moving beside her. She found Elsa on her right, who was starting to wake up. Ariel jumped out of the bed and looked intensely at the blonde not sure whether she should call a nurse or not. Short minutes felt like hours before Elsa finally blinked open her eyes.

Elsa had to blink a few times to adjust her sight to the white sterile room. Everything was very blurry, but she thought she saw something red in the blur. A few blinks more and she could make out her face. She soon found out that warm and kind eyes were resting on her. Ocean blue eyes... Ariel's eyes…
"Am I dead?" She wondered as she kept taking in those gorgeous orbs. It surely had to be an angel who was standing before her.

"No honey, you're safe with me." She heard the angel's voice speak and Elsa realized she must have wondered out loud. Even more puzzled than before the blonde blinked her eyes again to try and comprehend what had happened. A soft palm suddenly stroke her cheek. Elsa looked up to find Ariel crying. "Please don't cry" the girl thought. "I can't bear seeing you cry."

"Thank God that you're all right. I thought I had lost you." Then the redhead started sobbing. Elsa looked confused, which was very understandable. She was probably too confused for the moment to be reminded of those dreadful things that had lead to this. Ariel realized that she might have to explain everything and make the blonde relive that horror she had been through. And as she had predicted, the inevitable question slid off Elsa's tongue:

"Ariel, what happened, where are we?" The redhead sighed sadly but found enough courage to gather a few words into a sentence.

"We found you and got you out of there, almost believing we would loose you. We are in the hospital of Oslo, and your condition is improving."

Suddenly Elsa's vision was hijacked by images from memories, horrible memories and suddenly she could feel the torturing pain, his sickening smell and his touch. It was like opening an old scar, which she indeed knew what felt like and it made it so hard to breathe. She didn't even hear Ariel's panicking call, her panting making everything blurry and suddenly the blonde longed to be in that incredible deliciously numb state the darkness had brought her before. She could feel the numbness coming closer and closer and she was ready to give in to it but suddenly she was brought back to the present by a pair of lips pressing against her own.

Elsa fluttered her eyes open and found Ariel in front of her with tears in her eyes but still smiling whole heartedly at her. The warm hug that followed came very unexpected and the following feelings were very hard to fight back. It was such a loving embrace had thawed all the bottled up emotions that she had tried to hide away and they hit her like a rock. The sobs came from a place deep within her, a place that had been so thoroughly spit and kicked on that she had forgotten all about it. But now it was like it had demanded her to let every single evil experience out. All those horrible memories, buried deep within her floated to the surface with her tears. She held onto the redhead tightly while Ariel spoke all sorts of soothing words and stroking Elsa's back gently.

By the time Elsa had cried out, it was almost noon and Ariel could hear on the blonde's stomach that she was starving. Feeling a bit guilty that she hadn't called a nurse before Ariel was quickly reaching for the call button and a few seconds later a nurse was at their service. After getting a quick scold for being so long on contacting them Ariel was allowed to eat brunch with the blonde since breakfast couldn't cover it anymore. The nurse let them know that a doctor was coming to check up the blonde after the meal.

Elsa was almost positive that she had either died and gone to heaven or that she was lying back in Derek's house on that dirty old mattress having the most amazing dream and that she would soon wake up to the nightmare of a reality. She didn't dare pinching herself, wanting to live out the dream as much as possible.

"Are you finished already?" Ariel asked the blonde worried. She hadn't had more than a few spoonful of yoghurt and a small bite of bread.

"Sorry," Elsa muttered, barely abled to keep inside what little she actually had ingested but the redhead only shook her head.

"Don't apologize. You have done nothing wrong, sweety." The blonde smiled warmly and leaned back into her bed. She had only been up for a couple of hours and she was already exhausted. Maybe it was a combination of loosing a lot of blood and crying for about an hour or so. But nonetheless she had to be awake during the checkup.

"Can we call the doctor?" She sighed tired and Ariel called the nurse once more to declare that they had finished their brunch. The redhead was told to wait outside again so she decided to finally call Esmeralda.

The seconds, Ariel had to wait while hearing the dial tone, seemed like hours before the spanish girl finally answered the phone.

"?Quien estás?" the redhead had to let out a sigh of relief, before she answered her friend,

"Hey Esmeralda, it's Ariel!" She spoke joyfully.

"Ariel?!" the exotic girl exclaimed. "God, I've been SO worried about you, how come you've never called?! Where are you? Didn't you have ANY idea of how scared I was?!" Ariel felt the guilt creep back upon her.

"Yeah, I know, I'm so sorry. It's just cause, it's been such a long night and I didn't dare texting you in fear of being surveilled. But everything is fine we got her out of there and on the hospital, where we are now."

"Thank goodness that you're all right! Mr. Oaken and I went back to that horrible house and found our Mayor unconscious, and you gone so we decided to leave him there before the police came."

"Wait..." Ariel said. "Oaken was the man you talked about? That man couldn't hurt a fly!"

"You clearly haven't seen the bear in action against injustice then."
Ariel couldn't help but laugh out loud of the picture in her head of Oaken as a sort of superman or badman. But she soon grew serious again when she remembered which town the spanish girl were currently in again.

"And you're sure that no one saw the two of you?" she asked concerned.

"I'm pretty sure yes, why do you ask?"

"I just down trust the people in that town. They chose a violent psychopathic rapist as their mayor, and everyone was well aware about it but didn't do anything to stop him."

"I think I'll be fine, I'm a lot smarter thank you'd think"

"I know you are, but just let me know how you're doing once in a while, okay?"

"Okay... But I gotta go now, have to practise my dancing, we have a show tomorrow night, and I would wish you could come, but I know and understand why you can't so that's okay."

"I'm sorry Esmeralda, I hope that I'll see you again one day," Ariel sighed of the hopelessness.

"Me too, take care."

"You too, bye"


Ariel hung up relieved of the confirmation that her friend was doing all right. But it didn't las long before she heard a loud scream coming from Elsa's room. The redhead felt her blood run cold and a few seconds later she burst through the door. She found Elsa naked in her bed with several nurses around her seemingly trying to clean her scars.

"What's going on?!" Ariel exclaimed confused. One nurse looked up at her and explained:

"She won't let us touch her, but we have to clean the wounds to avoid infection."

Confused Ariel went to check on Elsa. She was lying on her bed, shaking as she tried to cover herself. Her arms were wrapped around her and her legs were folded. Her eyes were closed shut and every time a nurse would come anyway near her she would push the poor woman away and scream "no".
The nurse who had talked to Ariel before came to her side.

"We will have to tie her to the bed if she keeps working against us," she sighed. "We are afraid that her actions will hurt herself."

At this point Ariel's mind was in hard work trying to figure out how to avoid just that - seeing Elsa being tied up. And then it struck her.

"How about I try?" The nurse eyes widened liked she'd never been asked that before. She gave her a doubtful look but then just shrugged.

"Well, why not? It's worth the try, if we can get her scars and wounds disinfected."

"Okay," the redhead said cheerfully. "But I'll have to ask you all to go, she needs a little privacy."

At first they all looked very skeptical at the young woman, but decided to give her a chance so they left the room.

Once alone, Ariel picked up the wet cloth and walked towards the blonde. When Elsa felt a wet hand on her she opened her eyes and was just about to scream and push the person away, when she saw who was standing before her. Shamefully she tried protecting what little that was left of her modesty and tried covering herself. But then she felt the wet hand under her chin, lifting up her head so she could look into her eyes.
"Is this okay?" Ariel asked sweetly while smiling. Her eyes shined just like diamonds and Elsa felt intrigued by them. She blushed and nodded her answer, giving the redhead admission to wash her body. The blonde felt Ariel sitting down beside her on the bed and then started to clean the dreadful wounds. The amount of scars cuts and bruises made the process slow and the redhead was also careful not to let Elsa feel too much pain by doing it faster.

"This is probably going to hurt a little," The redhead said softly while looking deep into Elsa's eyes before she gently pressed the cloth onto several nasty wounds on the blonde's lower back. These were the ones that had been stitched because they had been so deep and the redhead shuddered when she imagined how they could turn so severe. Elsa whimpered in agony and it tore in Ariel's heart.

"Shh..." she comforted while rocking the pale girl in her arms. Ariel kissed her forehead softly and smiled when she felt her relaxing into their embrace once more.

"You are doing so well sweetheart, I just need two more and then I'll be done." Elsa nodded stil clenching her teeth together at the sharp pain.

Once the redhead had finished she pulled the blankets over the blonde who was still trembling in her arms. Ariel pulled her closer and gently caressed her hair trying to figure out a way to comfort her. Then it hit her. What her mother always did when trying to soothe her and Anna when they were little was singing a very sweet danish lullaby. So she started singing:

"Jeg sætter mig på kanten af din seng

og du ler til mig.

Verden svinder ind til ingenting

når jeg ser på dig.

Og hvis du bli'r skræmt af vinden,

så kysser jeg dig blidt på kinden,

hvor du end er i fantasien,

vil jeg altid være

her hos dig min kære.

Læg nu trygt din hånd i min.

Under stjernerne på himlen,

sejler du med mig.

Luk nu stille dine øjne

så er vi på vej.

Vi sejler over vandet og ind i

drømmelandet du og jeg."

Ariel smiled at the now sleeping blonde in her arms. She kissed the pale forehead and lay down beside her.

"Sleep sweetie," she whispered softly. "Sleep so you can get better soon."

Aaaaallrightyyyy! There was another chapter! Finally! Sigh! I feel the writers block every single time I'm in here because there are lots of other brilliant people in here who write a thousand times better than me... But I came up with another chapter and I hope you guys dont hate me too much for my poor attempts to update this story. I will keep trying until I'm done with it. If you want a translation for the song it will come underneath here. I've tried drawing the moment where Ariel sings for Elsa on deviant art. I'm not a good drawer but if you'd like to see it I'll put in at link to it underneath the translation.

I really look forward on my next update and I guess I'll see you by then :)


"I'm sitting down on the edge of your bed

and you smile at me.

The world disappear around me

when you look at me.

And if you get scared by the wind

I'll kiss you gently on your cheek

where ever you are in your imagination

I'll always be here for you my dear.

Now put your hand in mine without fear.

Under the stars of the sky,

you sail with me.

Now close your eyes softly,

then we're on our way.

We sail through the water

and into dreamland you and I."