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One wish, a wish to not be so lonely is born from the aching heart of a poor and pathetic little girl, a wish that continued to linger through her life and into her teens. The blonde silently cried in her tower as her pet dog loyally laid by her side, occasionally licking the young girl. "LUCY." With a sigh the girl got up at the sound of her step-mother calling her name angrily. When Lucy arrived at the door to her step-mother's room, she knocked quietly before walking in to find her and her two daughters reading a letter excitedly. Lucy looked at it from afar, recognizing the royal seal on the envelope. Her step-mother, Flare Corona, elegantly brushed her red hair back off her shoulder before looking at Lucy with an evil grin. "Lucy, dear, do make your lovely sisters some equally lovely dresses for the royal ball tonight if you please. Lucy first looked at the youngest, Juvia, then turned her head to the oldest, Angel. Both girls were beautiful and even Lucy couldn't deny it. With a bow to all three, Lucy left the room leaving behind an echoing, "yes ma'am," in the unnecessarily large room. Lucy ran back up to her tower to begin work immediately, knowing that the sooner her task was finished, the more she would be allowed to eat. It took her two hours per dress, her task being finished around 3:45 in the evening. Both girls had old dresses that still fit that Lucy was able to change around to make them look completely different and new. Angel's dress what light blue trimmed with a lot of pure white lace to trim the silk. It was ruffly near the top of the skirt then flowed out like water into a beautiful ball gown. The bodice had pearls along the edge of the sweet heart bodice. the bow in the back was the same light violet as the jewels set into her silver necklace and earrings. Juvia's dress was a deeper blue and more puffy. There were no ruffles in the skirt but instead it was draped around the top. the neckline for this dress had perfectly white bunny fur trim. The girls were both awed at how soon the beautiful dresses had been finished. "I guess these will suffice, now if the prince doesn't pick one of your sisters to be his bride it will be your fault." the step-mother commented. "Prince? Bride?" Lucy was utterly confused. Flare laughed, her voice filled with fake affection towards her step-daughter, "The royal ball is to find a suitable bride for the prince, my dear. You of course can't go for we must have someone to watch the house while we are gone. You do understand, darling, don't you? It's important that you stay here." Lucy knew her step-mother cared nothing for her but not going to the ball that night for she was uninterested in flamboyant men with an ego the size of all of Fairy Tail Kingdom and Blue Pegasus Kingdom combined. Lucy simply nodded her head in acceptance. She would not go, she did not want to go. She was content at having been given some time alone and away from her step-family.

When everyone, except Lucy of course, had stepped into the carriage to take them to the castle, the clock struck 6. It was to be a very peaceful night for Lucy, at least that's what she had thought. She was wandering the mansion gardens, enjoying some fresh air when she heard the clinking of glass on glass. She turned to see a beautiful white-haired woman, delicately holding a tea cup over a saucer. The tea cup and saucer were clear blue glass, glinting in the majestic moonlight. Lucy was only slightly startled at the sudden appearance of the woman in the pink silken dress. "Are you lonely my child?" she asked. Lucy shook her head, "no, my life is too busy with chores for me too feel much more than my aching bones." The strange woman shook her head, "That's not what your tears whispered in my ear, they told me of your loneliness and wish for a companion that could talk to you instead of bark." Lucy stared at the woman, dumbfounded. 'How did she know I was crying earlier and who is she?' "Oh, do excuse my rudeness, I am Mirajane, your fairy god-mother. I do believe that answers both questions for you. And yes, I can understand your thoughts." Lucy was speechless. Her fairy god-mother giggled, now it's time to get you ready for the ball now shall we?" She grabbed the nearest flower, a lily, and blew it towards Lucy where it started to grow, the petals morphing and changing until Lucy found herself in the most extravagant white dress she could have imagined. Lucy gasped as she felt the flow of the fabric so perfect and elegant against her skin. Mirajane smiled at the girl before continuing. Next she turned her tea cup upside down, the contents forming a chain of beautiful tan beads, more shiny than pearls. These beads wound themselves around Lucy's silky blonde hair and a delicate pink flower formed a silky pink ribbon, working with the beads to fix her hair. Next, another two pink flowers and the last drops of tea made delicate pink gloves with tan lace a the edge of the gloves at her elbows. The next thing she noticed was her step-mother's black cat, panther, being turned into a coach driver. Her dog, happy, became a footman, and the biggest pumpkin became an extravagant white carriage. Lucy looked down at her once bare feet. They were inside clear blue glass slippers. Mirajane then spoke up, her voice showing how tired she was along with her aging face. "It took a lot of energy but there is one permanent spell. The slippers will never return to being a tea cup and saucer. But beware, when the clock hits twelve, everything else will return to normal. Now off you go to have a good time." Lucy was speechless as the once young woman disappeared, melting into the moonlight. Lucy turned to the carriage and stepped in, hearing the clock chime eight times. The time had passed so quickly as the magic had been worked, weaving the grandeur from just what could be found in a moonlit garden.

With a collective gasp, Lucy walked into the ball room, everyone silent and staring at the beautiful maiden before them. The prince, being pushed forward by his father, walked toward the woman, bathed in the warm glow of the party. He glanced back to see his grandfather and father gesturing for him to ask the girl to dance. Prince Natsu turned back to Lucy, bowed, and asked to dance. Lucy slipped her hand into his in acceptance. They glided across the dance hall, the white dress sparkling as it caught every bit of light cast upon it. The Prince and nameless beauty continued to dance until the song had ended. They walked outside onto the balcony overlooking the garden to talk. "I'm Prince Natsu, it's my pleasure to meet you. Please call me Natsu." Lucy was surprised, the prince was nothing like she had imagined. "I'm Lucy, the pleasure is all mine, Natsu." He flashed her a goofy grin, it wasn't a 'charming' one expected from a prince but a goofy one like a teen talking with his close friend. Then she had to remind herself that, in all fairness, the prince was actually a teen, only 18 yet being made to marry. "Luce, that's a nice name. I hope you enjoy the party, until you came I wasn't. 'It was all dance with that pretty girl' or 'that girl is pretty too, ask her to dance.' On top of that, no matter how many times I asked a girl to just call me Natsu they continued to call me prince. I really enjoyed you calling me Natsu, it's a nice change." The two of them continued to talk on the balcony for hours before a redheaded woman in armor appeared. "Natsu, your grandfather and King Igneel are looking for you, you disappeared from your own party." "Hai, hai, Erza. I'm coming." Natsu looked at Lucy before turning and leaving the balcony, a cute pout on his face. Lucy chuckled to herself, the prince was quite charming in his own way, he wasn't aloof and unattainable yet attractive, but he was warm, friendly, and open, with the looks of a teen who spent his time enjoying the sun. He was attractive but not conceited about it, more like oblivious to it. Lucy walked back into the party to enjoy it while it lasted. She was surprised to hear eleven chimes of the clock. Realizing she only had an hour before the spell broke, she headed towards the doors leading to where the carriages awaited at the front of the castle. The pink-haired prince noticed the departure of his object of affections dressed in white leaving so early. He excused himself and began to follow her. He knew it was so soon after they had meet yet he had already fallen for the girl who treated him like a normal person and made him laugh, unafraid of being in his presence. Most boys in the ball room only looked at her for her stunning appearance but Natsu cared none about such trivial things, he loved her for her personality instead. When they reached outside, he grabbed her wrist to stop her. "Luce, wait! Why are you leaving so early?" "Natsu, I can't stay. I'm nothing more than a maid for my step-mother. I must go before the spell on my clothes is broken. I can't let you see me in rags." Natsu shook his head, refusing to let go, "I don't care, you think I only wish to talk to you and be with you because of your gown? It's your personality that I truly love." Lucy gasped before hurriedly hugged him, took off a shoe, placed it in his hand and whispered in his ear, "come find me if you really mean it." Natsu grabbed hold of her and pulled her into a soft kiss before letting her go, "Make sure you prepare for my arrival, I promise not to take too long." He turned and walked back into the castle to wait for the next day when he could take action, his hand griping the precious glass slipper left behind by his hidden flower now dressed in rags and lying on her bed in her tower.

The next day, Juvia walked into Lucy's tower alone. "Juvia saw you with the prince at the ball, mother does not know and Juvia is glad. The prince seems to like you, does he know where to find you?" Lucy enjoyed her stolen minutes with the only member of her step-family that seemed to like her. Lucy smiled, "We will soon find out if he decided to cancel today's visit or not." Juvia smiled then rushed off to her mother's side when her name was shouted. Lucy crept down the stairs, a sneaking suspicion of why Juvia was called down. At the door leading to the entry way of the castle and the exit to the tower, Lucy stopped. She listened to the conversation. "... just wondered if you had any other women in your beautiful home. I am searching for a specific girl and I was wondering if she was here." Lucy noticed Natsu's voice. "Juvia wishes for you to come in and relax while the maid makes tea, you must be tired from searching." Lucy knew what Juvia was doing and Natsu seemed to notice it slightly as well since his voice became more excited after the mention of 'maid.' Lucy smiled and prepared herself. The prince replied to the offer with confirmation, "I guess I am slightly fatigued, thank you very much." Flare called to Lucy and Lucy came out from behind the door immediately, clutching a glass slipper to her chest. Natsu turned to the girl as she entered and smiled immediately. "Oi, Luce. You know how hard it is to find you? If you're going to invite someone to your home, shouldn't you be more specific?" Lucy smiled, she didn't care about her step-family looking at her confused and angry, they were smart enough to realize Natsu and Lucy were very close. Lucy dropped the slipper, it shattering on the floor as she ran and embraced her prince, "I was wondering what took you so long to come, I thought maybe you decided to arrive late to get back at me for being late to your ball yesterday." That's when Flare realized Lucy was the beautiful young maiden at the ball. Flare was furious. "Lucy, get back to your tower and do not disrespect the prince any further!" Natsu and Lucy separated from the hug as they both turned to Flare. Natsu took Lucy's hand, "How dare you speak to your future queen in such a way?" Lucy was shocked at how angry Natsu had gotten, she figured the whole 'find me' thing was basically proposal and that would end with them marrying but the thought of herself as future queen she had a hard time imagining. Juvia squealed at that and ran to hug Lucy. Angel stormed off in jealous rage, and Flare was absolutely dumbfounded, "F-f-f-f-future QUEEN!" Flare shouted the last word after finally able to say the first one. Soon after, Lucy was whisked away by the royal carriage, her step-mother banished from Fairy Tail Kingdom and it's allied Kingdoms, Fiore and Blue Pegasus, as well. Juvia was soon wed to the prince's best friend, Gray, and Angel and Lucy made up. Angel later married Arcadios.

I wish I could say that they lived happily ever after but it wouldn't be fitting for a Fairy Tail kinda story so I'll just say that every day was a new excitement and adventure. The End.

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