Chapter 3: Join Fairytail

Natsu and Happy also covered their ears. "Lucy, you're really loud, don't you think?" Happy said. Lucy turned to the three of them and immediately they knew they were in trouble.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Lucy bellowed. The three shrank under her fearsome glare.


"My, my, are you guys a funny bunch." Katherine rolled her eyes. Gray narrowed his eyes at her. If she wasn't his sister, she would have found herself frozen.

"Hey Gray, your sister is getting to me." Erza stated. Natsu nodded.

"Don't mind them, they're short-tempered." Lucy smiled. In an instant, Katherine stood by her, her arm swung around Lucy's shoulder.

"I like you, though you should stay away from my brother, don't want you getting his flu." Natsu stared at Gray in complete horror. "What?! You never told me!" Gray sweat dropped at Natsu's stupidity. "I knew you were stupid but not so stupid, Flame brain." Lucy and Erza nodded in agreement.

"Though, would you like to join our guild Fairytail?" Lucy asked politely, "It would really be fun to get to know you more." Lucy finished with puppy dog eyes at Erza.

"This is all giving me a headache, "Erza rubbed her temples. "Sure, why not?" She said giving Natsu and Happy a glare.

"Really? I'm doing this for Lucy mostly." Instantly Lucy realized that Katherine wouldn't get along with any of her team-mates. Erza huffed and puffed trying not to bring a conflict.

At the guild~ Katherine.

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm a bit too mean. At times it's just to test the kindness of the person. Lucy Heartfillia is 100% kind! Even my own brother wanted to scold me. Lucy is quite noisy, I must say, nonetheless powerful. Just then, I started to think, what should be my guild color? Maybe pink like Lucy's. I do not really like that color but I want to be Lucy's best buddy.

"Hey guys? " I asked for their attention, "Am I a bit too mean?" They looked a bit too taken aback by that question.

"I don't think so. Maybe you're just like Gajeel, teasing is probably the best thing you grew up with and it soon became a part of you." Lucy answered. The rest nodded in agreement. I tackled them into a great big hug. They looked a bit startled. "What? I can be a big softie you know." I said. They laughed and together we headed to the guild chatting and laughing. Now I take that back, Team Natsu are the best people in the world! 'Great, I am sounding like a kid.' I wonder if Fairytail is the same.

Soon, we reached the guild which looked like a castle! Natsu kicked open the doors before yelling, "We're back!" No one paid him any mind, "With Gray's sister!" Three people who were drinking spat their drinks out. "WHAT?!" "Way to go, ash, brains." Gray muttered a little too loudly, confirming that I was his sister. Both were suddenly kicked –somewhere I do not want to mention- by Lucy. They fell down clutching that spot. "You idiots! It was supposed to be a surprise!" Lucy exclaimed. "WE'RE SORRY!"

Few Minutes Later.

"What color and where?" Inquired Mira-san. I admired her. Her beauty. "Pink and the top of my palm, please."


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