I let out a small groan as I woke up. The first thing I am aware of is the instance pain in my head. The second was that face that I am laying in some deserted sidealley. With a great dale of effort I force myself up into a sitting position, leaning my head against the wall and letting out another groan. At first I try hard to remember what had happened to me but I guess the answer was obvious. You have a hangover stupid, I think to myself. You when to some cheep bar and got plastered. Now you are completely hungover. I wasn't really worried about the hangover, I mean it's not like it was the first time it had happened. I am just about to try standing up when the smell hit me, the smell of vomit. I look down at myself and see the foul smelling stuff all over my clothes. By the look of it I must have vomited all over myself sometime last night. To make things worse there's a huge hole running down the left side of my suite. Most of my left side from just below my chest to just above my leg was exposed and the edge of the hole is encrusted in a sharp smelling green chemical. The chemical was used on most worlds to destroy old unwanted clothing and had burnt through mine. This wasn't surprising as I realize I had been sleeping next to a leaking tank of the stuff.

"Dame it," I yell, pulling my suite off and hurling it far away from me. Something told me this is going to be a bad day.

Slowly I stand up and try to take a few steps forward. As bad luck would have it I slip and fall face down into my pool of vomit.

"Sod this," I yell and got to my feet again, covered in sick and feeling very, very annoyed.

"I am Groot?" a voice asked behind me.

Due to my hangover the voice was much louder than normal and nearly makes me jump out of my fur.

I spin round and glare up at Groot, my tree like alien companion. He hadn't been there a moment ago. My guess is that he must have buggered off some time last night. I suppose he didn't want to be around me when I was drunk.

"Don't you ever sneak up on a guy like that," I snap at him. "What are you trying to do give me a heart-attack?"

"I am Groot," he apologized then simply stood there staring at me.

I hate it when people stare at me. Always have. The fact that I wasn't wearing my suite makes it all the worse, thank heavens I still have my underwear I would be getting really self-conscious.

"I am Groot," he said at last.

"Yeah I know I look a mess," I reply and look down at myself. "I got plastered remember."

"I am Groot."

I snort loudly. "I should get cleaned up! Well thank you for your incredible insight. I don't know how I didn't figure that one out on my own."

I know it's a bit mean of me to use sarcasm at him but he did kind of deserve it after saying something so stupidly obvious. If Groot is hurt by my words he doesn't show it. Instead he merely says, "I am Groot," and starts to walk away.

"Where do you think you're going?" I ask.

"I am Groot" he tells me, promising he will be back soon.

"I'll...err just wait here then. I ain't going out and about smelling like this."

It's was exactly half an hour before Groot returns, carrying a huge crate of sparkling water.

"I am Groot", he said happily and dropped the crate in front of me. The sound of the crate hitting the concrete ground is so loud that I press my paws over my ears and let out a small whimper.

Groot gives me an apologetic look and mutters, "I am Groot."

"It's fine," I snarl then add, "What you bring that water for anyhow? I don't need a drink of water so what's with it?"

"I am Groot," Groot replied, explaining that it wasn't for drinking but for washing.

"Oh thanks buddy," I say with a grin and begin to wash myself down, Groot's good enough to turn away to allow me some privacy.

"Okay I'm done," I tell my friend after I've had a good wash and shake off.

Groot turns round and smiles. Clearly he's as happy about the now clean smelling fur as I am.

"You got any cloths with you by any chance?" I ask hopefully.

"I am Groot," he answers then adds, "I am Groot."

"Really?" I ask with a smile. "You know where to get some? Well what are we waiting for?"

"I am Groot."

"Wait," I huff in irritation. "Why the hell should we wait?"

I am Groot," Groot replies, explaining that we should stay here until it gets dark as most people will have gone home."

"What you don't think we could take them?" I ask with a cocky grin.

Groot looks me up and down, taking note of my lack of weapons and clothing then points this out to me.

"Shut it," I snap and sit down with a scowl on my face and my arms crossed.

Groot sighs and sits down a little to my left.

My eyes snap open as Groot shakes me awake and then points up at the now darkening sky.

"I nodded off?" I ask while I rub my eyes.

Groot nods then adds with a smile, "I am Groot."

"I was not drooling," I say defensively wiping a paw across my mouth to find that my tree-like companion is right.

"I am Groot," he replied, getting to his feet.

"Okay, okay I'm coming," I tell him and follow him out of the sidealley and into the empty street.

We keep walking for about ten minutes until we reach our destination, a small yellow painted shop which I think might also be the home of whoever owns the place.

"You sure this place is empty?" I ask.

Groot merely nods, sneaks round to the back and rips the back door open.

"Shush," I tell him before going inside.

The building is smallish. The shop itself is only one room really but it still has more than enough cloths to choose from. A stairway leads to the other floor but I don't really pay it much interest, instead going over to a cloths rack. Most of the cloths are way too big for me but after a while I do manage to find some my size, a basic outfit with a few pockets and dark green in colour. Dark green isn't really me but I'm not about to be picky. I pull the outfit on, turn round and find myself face to face with a gun. Well okay to be more accurate a tall blue-skinned alien holding a gun in one hand and a lady-friend with the other. The female looks terrified; he looks anger, very angry.

"What the hell is this?" the male demands.

"I thought you said this place was empty," I whisper to Groot.

Groot doesn't respond and just looks guilty.

"I'm not going to ask again," the blue dork snaps.

"Look there's a perfectly good reason for us being here," I tell him then add, "and for me nicking this get-up."

"And what might that be?"

"Well err...I...I guess..."

I don't get any further then this because Groot decides now is a good time to slam a fist into the blue guy's abdomen, which he does. The blue idiot goes flying backwards and crashes into a stack of boxes. His wife or friend or whatever the hell she is screamed and picked up something to throw at me.

"Don't even think about it lady," I snap loud enough to ensure she backs off.

Her companion however is now up and firing three blaster shots into Groot's chest. My plant buddy barely notices this and throws a box at our enemy, sadly missing. I hiss as an alarm, activated by the blue worm of a woman, sounds to call the police.

"Time to go," I tell Groot then leap onto his arm as he smashes his way thought the shop's front door and takes off through the city.

After a while we stopped in another sidealley and I drop off Groot's arm, breathing heavily.

"You great big idiot," I pant, "I thought you said that shop was empty."

"I am Groot," Groot muttered, telling me he was sorry."

I let out a sigh, "Forget about it. At least were safe for now."

"I am Groot."

"You're right we should get some shut eye but first I want a drink. All this fighting and running has made me thirsty. I don't spouse you see a bar anywhere?"

Groot's response is to pick me up by my leg and continue walking through the city.

"Oi put me down," I shout from my upside down position.

"I am Groot."

"Drunk? Who said anything about getting drunk? All I want is one tiny drink...really just one."

"I am Groot," Groot replies firmly.

"Look pal you can't tell me what to do. If I want some booze I mean to have it so put me down."

"I am Groot," the giant idiot booms causing me to shut it.

Groot smiles with satisfaction and continues on his way.

I cross my arms and mutter really bad words as well as make a mantel note to myself. Rocket don't ever bother with drink again it's not worth the trouble. As soon as I've done this I make another mantel note. Rocket if ever you made a mantel note to stop drinking just ignore it.

So here is the first chapter in my collation of rocket shorts. Please R&R.

P.S For all who are wondering what's the whole deal with the cloths think? I just think Rocket would act like this. I don't think he would like being naked. He must have a sense of modesty or why would he ware anything?