Comfort and joy

Part two

We had a great time decorating Groot, and by great I mean chaotic. First off it was murder trying to get him to hold still and in the end Drax had to hold him still. This resulted in the tinsel and lights getting wrapped around both of them. Beacuse of this Drax couldn't move and he was none to happy about it. This made Quill laugh, for which Gamora hit him over the back of the head, making Groot laugh till he shook and all the tinsel and lights fell on top of me, burying me. This made everyone but me laugh. Also it didn't help things when Peter blew something called fairy dust onto my nose and stared joking about Peter Pan (whoever he is). Despite all this we got Groot done and as I put the star on his head (using glue). I truly felt that we had nailed the whole tree decorating thing.

After Groot, we decorate The Milano before curling up on the sofa and eating a large box of chocolates while watching a terren movie called, She's a wonderfilled wife. Stupid title I know but Quill says it's a must-see for movie lovers. Even if it's more about a suicidal guy being sent back it time by an angel and not really a lot at all to do with wonderfilled wives, but oh well.

Once the film is over, I stretch, yawn and tell the others I'm off to bed.

"Night then Rocky," Quill replies.

"Night Star-man," I mutter then walk off with Groot.

Due to my genius I've fixed the decorations so that Groot can still move about without them falling off him.

"I am Groot," Groot says as he stands in the middle of the room and closes his eyes.

"Yeah Merry Christmas to you too pal," I say sleepily as I drift off.


"I am Groot," somebody, who I'm guessing is Groot, whispers in my ear and boops my nose.

I scowl and open my eyes. Groot gives me a big smile and joyfully yells, "I am Groot."

"Christmas morning?"

Groot nods.

"That's nice," I tell him then close my eyes again.

"I am Groot."

"No,I don't want to get up, it's far too early!" I explain and would have gone back to sleep but before I can a leafy vine slips under my pyjamer top and begins to tickle my tummy. I giggle then tell Groot to knock it off but this only makes him tickle me more.

"I said knock it off," I yell and squirm.


"Groot, come on man! I'll going to pull something," I get out between laughs

"I am Groot," he chuckles and tickles harder.

I yell and sit up yelling, "Okay, okay, you win!"

Groot picks me up and gives me a Christmas hug. I return it then suggest we go find the others.

As we leave the room I slilently wish a happy birthday to the King in the stable because odd as Quill's story was I can't help but think that it's true.


The others are all at the main table and they seem to be each holding some kind of wrapped up box while they talk. Quill had said something about gifts and I'm guessing he's got Drax and Gamora one and they did the same for him.

I scrabble up onto a chair and say good morning and Merry Christmas to them all.

"Same to you Ranger Rick," Quill replys then adds, "Nice get-up by the way."

I look down at my Rambo pyjamers and shrug, "What? I'm a fan."

"Enough of this talk. Let us open these boxes," Drax spoke up.

"I agree," Gamora added, then opened hers.

Inside was a mean looking knife. Drax's box had one in as well and Quill's contained a Terren book but I didn't see what it was about but Quill seemed to be happy with it.

"Wow looks like you guy did good," I chuckle as I fix up my breakfast.

"Yep," they all agree then place a large box, with Christmas angel paper on it, in my place.

"What's this?" I ask, looking a bit suprised.

"A box," Drax tells me somewhat unhelpfuly.

"Open it and find out," Gamora says.

"Okay I suppose I will," I say and open the box up and take out the contents.

I freeze and stare down at my paws in disbelief. In them is the gun I had seen on Dosoc VI.

"I...I," I stammer and sit down. Much to my embarrassment I feel tears welling up in my eyes.

"It's the gun you wanted so badly," Quill explains unnecessarily, "we all chipped in to buy it for you. You like it?"

My only reply is a sniff and a sob.

"He hates it," Drax answers for me, looking disapointed.

"No,no, I love it," I reasure them as my blasted tears begin to fall. "It's just...just I've never been given a gift before. It was totally unexpected is all...errr guys just give me a moment."

I then all out cry until I remember my image and so blow my nose into some leftover tinsle, much to the others displeasure.

"Seriously dude," Quill says.

I cough and say, "I'm good now. Thanks guys. You're the best."

I instantly feel guilty as I realize I haven't got anything to give them since I asumed the whole gift giving was excluding me anyway.

Quill ruffles the fur between my ears and say, "no problem man oh and thanks for your gift."

This makes me even more suprised then getting the gun did and I'm about to ask him whjat he's on about when Groot nudges my leg.

I turn to him and give him a grateful nod, knowing full well that it's him who saved the day.

We finish off opening gifts, all of which are awesome and then we eat a huge Christmas breakfast. After this Quill tells us it's time for a Christmas game that everyone back home loves but to play it we need to go outside. I look out of the window and only now notice that The Milano has landed on a ice planet and that it's snowing outside. I frown at the thought of going out into the cold (how the flark do you go 'out into' something anyway?) but since this is Quill's holiday I decide to go ahead with it.

I quickly run back to my room and put something warm on before joining the others outside. As I predicted, it's flarking frezzing. The others don't seem to mind but then it's not even covering the tops of their toes, where as I'm up to my ankles and barefoot. Brrr.

"So what's supposed to be so much fun about freezing one's tail off?" I demand, glaring at Peter.

The responce was Peter throwing a ball of snow in my face. I yell and fall on my bottom in the snow. Brrrr.

"What the hell?" I demand as I leap up.

"It's a game," Quill replies. "It's called a snowball fight. You kind of throw snowballs at each other. I suppoes whoever gets the most hits wins. Let's say within an hour?"

"You're on," I say with a grin and throw a snowball at Quill.

"Boys," Gamora says with a roll of her eyes.

That's when a snowball hits her in the face.

"Alright that's it," she yells and comes after us.

We spend the rest of the morning and a bit of the afternoon playing in the snow.

We have a snowball fight, make snow angels and build a seven-foot snow...something. Oh yeah, it's a raccoon. Quill called it a raccoon so now I kind of know what they look like. Once we are done and have decided that Drax won the snowball fight we all head inside and sit on the sofa and drink hot chocolate. Well okay, the others drink hot chocolate and I drink Christmas punch.

Quill get's up after a bit and wanders off. He's gone for a while but just when I'm about to tell one of the others to go look for him we hear him yell, "Okay guys, Christmas dinner, come get it."

We all go to the table and I whistle upon seeing it.

Quill has really outdone himself. The table is covered with all kinds of food. Potatoes and quiche (so good), sprouts and beans (whimper) and tons more, inculding meat. Roasted meat. I swollow and look down at the meat with a less than joyful feeling.

"It's okay Rocky, Drax didn't have anything to do with the menu," Quill assures me. He then smirks and says, "Pud and all that is for after. Think you can wait that long?"

I eye the quiche and a jug of gravy and say that I think I can find something to occupy myself with.

"I am Groot," Groot asks Quill.

I nod then say, "Groot's right. We don't want you overworking yourself. You get to enjoy yourself too Star-Lord. Christmas is a Terren holiday after all."

"As long as you guys are having a good time, then so am I," Quill replies.

I think this is a bit soppy but I say nothing. We then dig in. What with all the food and drink (the best of which is wine) it's certainly a meal and a half.

Once we have all eaten our fill, Star-lord brings out the Christmas pudding and cake. The pudding is on fire - much to Gamora, Groot and myself's alarm - but Drax just nods and says, "Most agreeable, friend Quill."

It's then onto another session of eating.

"You know I think I could get used to the idea of doing this each year," I say after we have finished our meal.

"I bet," Quill laughs and pokes my tummy.

I claw at him halfheartedly as I'm feeling far to lazy to put in any really effort.

Quill chuckles at this then get's up and tells us all to come with him. We follow him to his room where there is a roaring fire. It's fake but it still gives out heat and it looks great.

"Merry Christmas," he says to us, as we do to him.

We then join hands and stand round the fire singing Christmas carols.

Super-mushy I know, but then hey, it's Christmas and right now I don't know which is warmer, the fire or the glow I'm feeling inside. Yeah, I know that's even more mushy...