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Mike didn't need to be a detective to see that his wife, Molly was in a mood. Molly's mood was melancholy. Mike sat down next to her. He put an arm around her shoulder.

"Rough day," he asked.

"That's putting it nicely," Molly said grimacing.

He reached for her.

"Mike," she said, "What are you doing?"

"What I always do," he said kissing her.

"Why do you always protect me," she asked, "I'm a failure and a loser."

"WOAH," Mike said, "Don't talk about my wife like that. Look Molly I wrote a song that I want you to hear. It's all about you."

"About me?"

Mike sat down at the piano

"From the first time my eyes laid it's gaze on you

"I saw the brightest star

"Oh my love you're perfect

"Just the way you are

"Don't ever doubt yourself

"You're the reason I go far

"Oh Molly you're perfect

"Just the way you are

"When I look at you I see
"The better half of me

"I found love in a moment

"So sweet and beautiful

"Nothing more true

"There's no one more perfect then you

"Whenever you cry it makes my heart ache

"When you are hurting it makes me want to shake

"Babe I love you

"You're my bright shining star

"You are perfect

"Just the way you are"

"Mike," Molly said, "That was beautiful."

"It is beautiful," Mike admitted, "But you are the inspiration. You are the perfect one within me. Molly I love you and I will always take care of you. Even if I have to take the hurt you feel off of you day after day after day for the rest of your life and suffer it myself it would be a small price to pay and 100 percent worth it. You are perfect. You're my wife and I love you"