9 months after Kirito rescued Asuna from Sugou and ALO, the two of them spent a lot of their time with each other. A promise they made to each other was that they would never keep any secrets from each other, just like any other couple. They pretty much knew everything about one another except for one little thing. Kirito and Asuna never talked about music a lot for some weird reason. It was like if one of them were to say what kind of music they liked, the other might tell what were thinking about or something like that. Asuna had a vague feeling that Kirito liked rock & metal music for some reason. Throughout Asuna's life she was always scared to talk about music so she kept saying that she like what her parents listened to. She knew she was always lying about this, but was too scared to tell anyway one about what she really liked. Even Kirito too.

It was Saturday which meant school was off. Kirito woke up and got dressed in his usual black clothes, had breakfast, cleaned up and went off towards Asuna's house. Once he got there he knocked on the door waiting for a reply. The door opened and there was Asuna's father Shouzou.

"Ah Kazuto hello."

"Hello sir. Is Asuna up yet?"

"She is getting dressed right now I think. Come in make yourself comfortable."

"Thank you sir."

"Kazuto, how many times have I told you? You can call me Shouzou, not sir." Shouzou chuckled to himself at this.

"My bad si-Shouzou. Old habits I guess." Kirito laughed

"Well anyway Asuna is upstairs. Give me a shout if you need anything."

"Will do. Thanks s-Shouzou." With that Kirito went upstairs towards Asuna's bedroom while Shouzou went into the living room. Kirito stood in front of Asuna's bedroom door and knocked. All he could next was the sweet voice from the other side that was Asuna.

"Come in, I just finished getting dressed." As soon as he heard that Kirito went into the room.

"Hey Asuna, how are y-Whoa!" Kirito stood there in somewhat of a state of shock as to what Asuna was wearing. He knew that recently Asuna went shopping for new clothes but he wasn't expecting this. Asuna stood there wearing bright blue denim jeans, a white t-shirt with red stars on it, a white hoodie with red striping and red converse shoes. Seeing Asuna like this reminded Kirito of when she used to wear her KoB uniform back in SAO. Kirito stood at the door still shocked to see Asuna like this which made her confused looking at him.

"Kirito-kun, what's wrong?" She asked him

"Huh! Oh right ha ha. It's j-just that I've never s-seen you wearing anything like that before. Usually when I see you you're dressed in fancy clothes and stuff."

"Well I kind of grew out of those things so I had to get new clothes and I decided to get stuff like this. Do you like this?"

"Yeah, obviously. I wouldn't change anything about you at all Asuna." Kirito pulled her in and hugged her. In return Asuna gave him a small kiss on the cheek but at that moment Kirito spotted something weird. There was a big black box in the corner of Asuna's wardrobe with its lid slightly open. It stuck out like a sore thumb because everything else in her wardrobe was brightly coloured. They soon let go of each other and smiled.

"Hey Kirito-kun, I'm going to the bathroom really quick just finish up. You can wait in here if you want."

"Thanks Asuna."

As soon as Asuna left the room Kirito just sat on the edge of her bed staring at the black box. Curiosity the better of him and so he decided to take a quick peek at what was inside. He couldn't believe what his eyes saw and that Asuna had this stuff.