"Okay so we're agreed on the song?" Kirito asked Asuna once more to be sure.

"Yes Kirito-kun. It's going to be "Derailed" by Escape the Day and seeing as how there's two different vocal tracks we can do one each." Asuna stated.

"Okay then, I'll do the heavy parts if you want." Asuna nodded her head in agreement. "Okay then let's start practicing." The song loaded up and the two began to practice. Both knew that they didn't have the best singing voice but listening to Asuna sing was something so sweet to Kirito that it almost hurt him watch his girlfriend nearly berate herself as badly as she was doing.

After a while Asuna decided she needed a break from practice, but Kirito could somehow see that there was more to this. Asuna came back to Kirito's room looking a bit conflicted. "Asuna. What's wrong?"

"K-Kirito-kun. I'm… I'm having second thoughts on the song. Don't get me wrong it's an amazing song but we've still got time and I think we should maybe listen to some more. Maybe get an idea of how our voices would go with them and them come up with a decision then." Asuna said nervously hoping Kirito wouldn't be annoyed at her insecurities about her singing voice.

Kirito simply wrapped his arms around Asuna in a loving hug. Asuna was happy to give one back in return. "It's fine Asuna. If you want to listen to some more, then we'll listen to some more."

"Thank You Kirito-kun."

A/N Author's Notes: HOLY S*** I'm back with a new (mini) chapter of this story. Now for people who did give their vote on the list chapter. Thank you so much for that, but since that time and now. A lot of amazing music has come out and I was unsure of how Derailed would go. So I'm going to make a new list down below and once again. Please help me and give your opinion. Thank You!

Eccentric Thistle

Veil of Maya - Mikasa / Overthrown / Members Only
Escape The Day - Derailed / An Ocean Between Us
Killswitch Engage - The Signal Fire / The Arms Of Sorrow / My Curse
Bad Wolves - Zombie (cover) / Better The Devil
The Color Morale - Lonsome Soul
Fit For A King - The Price Of Agony
Valiant Hearts - Devil Trigger (Devil May Cry 5)
Alien Weaponry - Blinded
(Also listen to Kai Tangata on the side. It's amazing, trust me.)

Or do you think Kirito and Asuna should do some solo songs? What do you think?