~Chapter 2: Secrets Revealed~

Classes had just finished for the day.

Goten was relaxing on the grass on campus right He stared up at the fluffy clouds that slowly drifted by. Clear as day. Perfect weather for flying. He watched the clouds in deep thought. He couldn't keep his mind off of what happened. What kind of girl walks up to someone and asks a stupid question like that? A weird one, that's who. He didn't get it. "...Whatever, no point in stayin' around here anymore. I got better things to do. Like not doing homework."

He stood up and stretched. It was getting late in the afternoon now, and the sun had started to set over the horizon. The sky had turned from a bright blue into a mixture of orange and pink, and the tall skyscrapers of the city had been illuminated in a bright magnificent yellow.

Goten quickly dusted off his pants, and headed for an old building in the distance, hidden mostly by trees. Seemed to be abandoned. At least he hoped it was.

The sign said "Occult Research Club" on the front of it. Goten looked around and smiled. This would be the perfect spot for him to slip awa. He did one last check, and nobody seemed to be around. He couldn't sense anybody either.

"Coast is clear. Great! FULL SPEED!" He shouted happily, and blasted off in the blink of an eye.

Though completely unknown to Goten, a young girl with crimson-red hair seemed to be standing by the window as he flew off. Watching him.

The girl smirked devilishly.

The next day, Issei texted Goten to meet him outside the main gates. He said it was 'urgent' and 'incredible' in his text, so Goten figured it was something pretty when Goten arrived at their meeting point, he was honestly surprised at what he saw.

Issei was hand-in-hand with a stunningly beautiful girl.

Matsuda and Motohoma were also there, and they gawking in disbelief at what they saw as they glared at Issei with envy.

The brown-haired boy was beaming with joy and happiness as he spoke.

"Guys, this is Yuuma!" Issei said with the biggest grin you would ever see.

"Hello, nice to meet you all!" Yuuma chirped cutely. She had long black hair that went down to her waist and was wearing a dark red school uniform. She went to a different school than Kuoh, one Goten never heard of that's for sure.

"She's my girlfriend!" Issei said still grinning from ear to ear.

Goten smiled and folded his arms. "Well whaddya know? Miracles do happen."

"HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!" Matsuda and Motohoma screamed in unison while crying. "YOU TRAITOR!"

He then leaned in close to his two pervy buddies and smirked. "Wanna know what the best part is? She. Asked. Me. Out."

"That's strange...How could've he have met a girl like her so quickly..." Goten thought. "He goes from peeping on girls to having a hot girlfriend in less than twelve hours!"

The young Saiyan stared at Yuuma, eyeing the girl carefully and felt an extremely dark and evil power radiating from Issei's new companion.

As Goten was staring at her, she flashed Goten a very menacing glare that was filled with pure malice. She practically scowled at him. If looks could kill, that would be it. It was as if she knew he was onto her. Yuuma's aura radiated with killing intent. It was only for a moment, but Goten instantly knew something was terribly wrong.

"Hey, Issei..." Goten started.

But just as quickly, she went back to being a sweet and innocent girl the second Issei turned back to her. He was blissfully ignorant.

"Huh?" Issei said. "Something wrong?"

Yuuma smiled at him cutely, as if nothing had happened. "Nothing sweetie~"

"...Y-Yeah, nevermind." Goten said, averting his gaze from the girl who kept her innocent smile.

His suspicions were confirmed. "Looks like trouble is starting already! Great. Just great." Goten groaned to himself, hurriedly walking off with a wave to his friend.

Yuuma smirked as he walked off, staring him down with that same glare from before.

A few hours passed by since Goten's encounter with Yuuma outside school.

Trunks, Goten and Issei were sitting on the stairwell near multiple lockers during their time before lunch.

Throughout the whole day, Goten kept thinking of Yuuma and the ominous aura she emitted. There was no question that she was hiding something. But what? Goten didn't know. It was exactly why he decided to confide in Trunks to bring him up to speed. The only problem now was telling Trunks without Issei knowing.

Issei had the biggest smile on his face as he talked with Goten and Trunks. "Dude I have a date with Yuuma on Saturday! I can't wait!" While Issei did find it a little weird that a gorgeous girl like Yuuma randomly asked him out, he didn't care in the slightest! "After fifteen years of the single life, I've finally gotten a girlfriend! Hey, do you think I'll score tonight?!"

Trunks shook his head. "Don't press your luck."

"Uhh... dude? Are you sure that date is a good idea?" Goten hinted at his suspicions.

"...The fuck you mean? Are you insane? Of course it is! A smokin' hot girl actually asked me on a date!"

The two Saiyans just rolled their eyes. With Issei preoccupied, Goten found his chance.

"Yo, dude. We need to talk for second." Goten gestured down the hall. "Over there."

Trunks was about to complain but when he saw Goten's serious expression, he agreed. "What's wrong?"

Goten shook his head. "Sssh. Not here."

The boys picked up their bags and went down the hall. Issei was still too busy gushing to notice. "Okay, what's up?" Trunks asked, leaning against a pillar with his arms crossed.

"There's something really wrong with Issei's new 'girlfriend'." Goten said in a hushed tone.

"Jealous?" Trunks smirked.

Goten glared at him. "No, jackass. I'm being serious. There's something seriously fishy about this Yuuma girl. Her energy was dark. Really dark. All I did was look at her; she must've known I was onto her, cause she glared right at me like she wanted to kill me! And then when Issei noticed she acted all sweet like nothing happened."

"What? Really?! Do you think she'll try to attack Issei in some way?" Trunks asked genuinely surprised.

"I dunno man. I think so. That's what I wanted to talk to you about..." Goten said in a hushed tone, looking around making sure nobody heard him. "Any ideas? Should I confront Issei about it, or wait it out?"

Trunks' face turned serious. "No. Taking action now could be bad. It could blow your cover, plus who knows what she's got up her sleeve.."


"Keep a close eye on that girl. Issei might be in severe danger. I doubt this girl is anything too bad. How strong was she?"

He shrugged. "Pretty weak, actually. She just gave off a really bad vibe."

"You'll be fine, man. Unless you chicken out and need backup. I was always the stronger one between us, remember?" Trunks always knew how to lighten the mood with one of his remarks.

Goten only laughed. "Thanks, man. That's all I needed to hear. I'm just... on edge, ya know? First with Rias, then this?"

"I hear ya." Trunks agreed.

The two Saiyans were about to go grab lunch, when they spotted a familiar face. The person was walking down the stairs where the boys were just sitting a few moments ago.

"Is that...?" Goten began, turning back to Trunks. This just wasn't his day.

The lavender-haired Saiyan nodded in response, then sighed audibly. "Take a wild guess."

A certain gorgeous redheaded girl descended down the steps, smiling gracefully.

"Again? What now?"

Goten gulped, then slowly turned around to face Gremory looking right at him with a sexy grin.

"Hello, Goten! Nice to see you again." Rias happily said.

"...Hey." Goten said hesitantly.

"How're you doing?"


"I hate to be rude, but do you mind coming with me for a moment?" She said kindly.

Goten blinked. "Why?"

"Well that's sudden." Trunks said, hinting at his own suspicions of the redhead.

"There's an important matter I would like to discuss with you."

"Why can't we just talk here?" Goten asked.

Trunks nodded from beside him. "Anything you can say to him you can say to me."

Rias smiled. "It's a private matter. I'd like to speak with you alone."

"Is she gonna ask me on a date or something? What's up with this chick?" Goten thought, scratching his head.

The redhead giggled. "I promise, it'll definitely be worth your while." She said sweetly.

Goten quickly blushed and Trunks snorted. "...Wait, what?"

"Oh, no, not like that." She smiled, hiding a slight blush of her own. "Just a few questions I'd like to ask you."

Goten hesitated for a moment as Rias happily waited for her answer. Trunks and Goten met gazes for a second, staring in silence at each other as if they were communicating with their minds. Then the boys wordlessly nodded to each other.

After a moment, Goten sighed. "Okay."

"I'll catch up with you later, bro." Trunks said.

"Yeah." Goten waved back.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Goten..."

The crowds of kids gasped as Goten bashfully followed the most popular girl in school. So many questions. Where was the new kid going with Rias? Do they know each other? Are they friends? Are they together?!

He walked looking at the ground to keep his down, with his hands in his pockets. He accidentally caught a whiff of Rias' perfume and almost melted. "She smells so nice..."

They soon reached outdoors and into the fresh cool air of the early afternoon, but still continued walking.

"Um, w-where are we going?" Goten said nervously.

No answer.

"Hey. I said where are we going." He said, a bit more forcefully.

Rias pointed a building hidden mostly by trees. "Over there."


Silence fell over the two again, only adding to the tension. But then Rias spoke up. "So, how are you liking Kuoh so far?"

"Good, I guess..."

She didn't verbally reply to Goten's question, only girlishly giggling in response.

"What a weird girl..."

Soon, the redhead stopped in front of an old school building not too far from Kuoh Academy.

There was a sign on the front of the door that said 'Occult Research Club'.

"In here, Goten."


Goten looked up to get a better look at the place, now that his view wasn't blocked.

His heart sank.

"Oh crap..."

This was the same building where he blasted off from just yesterday.

The color drained from his face. "Did she.. did she see me?! Dammit!" He kicked himself over and over for being so careless.

"What's wrong?" Rias asked innocently.

He nervously looked around as Rias opened the door to lead him inside and up a flight of steps.

"W-Why are we all the way out here? This place is kinda creepy; you actually hang out here?"

"Yeah, it's actually nice. I enjoy the peace and quiet."

"...Right." Goten said. "So what business do you have with me?"

Rias stopped right before another closed door.

She smirked devilishly and faced Goten. "I want to know more about you. And your family heritage."

"...Oh no."

His first instinct was to just leave right then, that's sure what his gut told him to do. She had a plan, that was obvious.

"Are you coming in?"

Goten hesitated. "...Yeah." He decided to hear her out, but was ready for anything.

The redheaded girl opened the door, and the two entered a dark old styled room, only lit by candles.

"Take a seat, Goten." She said softly

Goten immediately noticed Akeno was standing next to Rias. "You said this would be private..."

Rias could see he was ready to run (or attack) at any moment. "Don't worry. We mean you no harm." The crimson-haired girl said calmly. "I promise you. We just want to talk."

"...I believe you." Goten finally said after a long moment. He let out a long sigh and finally sat down on the chair in the middle of the room. He couldn't sense any ounce of evil intent coming from either of them. At the very least, they weren't bad girls. From what he could tell.

"Make yourself at home. I insist." Rias sat on top of her desk, her long legs crossed over while smiling alluringly. Was she trying to tempt him?

"Cut the crap. Why did you bring me all the way out here just to know about my family?"

"Well, first I'd like to say that we know what you are." The redhead said.

"Y-You do?" He gulped.

Rias smirked. "You're a Saiyan. Well, half-Saiyan. Your father came to Earth from somewhere in outer space when he was just a baby." The redhead said and confidently folded her arms under her chest. "Am I correct in this assumption?"

Goten sighed and looked down at his lap and clenched his fists. She already knows the truth. Lying could only make things worse. "...Yeah. You're right."

"Who was the young boy that defeated Cell? Was he your older brother?"

Goten wordlessly nodded.

"Oh! I see! And are you capable of turning into a Super Saiyan as well?"

"...Yes. I learned when I was a child."

"Can you show it to us?" Rias eagerly asked. Admittedly Goten thought she sounded kind of cute saying that.

Sure, it was one thing to see it on television from the Cell Games recordings. But live and in person was a whole different story.

"No." Goten flatly said.

Rias' smile never faltered. "Very well."

Goten leaned forward his seat, staring intensely into Rias' deep blue eyes. "Now that you know about me, it's time that you tell me something about the two of you."

"Sure." Rias agreed. Akeno nodded from next to her.

He sighed. "Okay... What are you two exactly? You obviously aren't regular humans. Have you had special training?"

"Very perceptive. I'd expect no less from someone like you." Rias looked to Akeno as both girls smirked. "We're devils."

"Oh yeah, good one." Goten mocked. "I saw something like that on TV once."

But then, as Goten started chuckling at Rias' absurd statement, both senior girls sprouted black bat wings from their backs!

Goten's eyes widened in complete surprise. "Whoa! Coool!" He exclaimed happily like a little kid would.

"Impressed?" Rias said with a cocky smile.

"More surprised than impressed, actually." Goten shrugged. Stuff like that didn't really faze him.

"Anyway, next question. How do you even know my father? We don't exactly fight in the public eye. Especially now with these eight years of peace."

"You could just say I did my research. From the Underworld you'd be surprised what we're able to see."

That sure was a suspicious answer, he thought. "...Got it."

"Anything else you'd like to know?" The redhead asked, twirling a strand of hair in her finger.

"One more thing. What caused this little meeting? Are you asking for a deal or some kind of trade? Or is it blackmail? Lemme guess. 'Do as I say or I'll spill your secret?'"

"No. Nothing like that." Rias smiled genuinely, which surprised Goten.

"We just wanted to make an ally." Akeno added.

"...An ally?"

"That's right." Rias said.

Goten still looked confused. "You want to like make an alliance with me? Like how? We save you guys if you get into trouble?"

Rias chuckled. "Something like that."

"...Riiight." It sounded suspicious, but it didn't seem she was lying to him.

"So, now that this little introduction is out of the way, I have one more question to ask you." The redhead said again.

"What is it?"

"Join my club. Become a devil like us." The redhead said confidently.


"Allow me to turn you into a devil. You'll live for thousands of years! You can be the strongest devil alive! Even stronger than the Four Great Satans combined!"

"Just who is this chick? She knows all about us, then she says she's a devil, then she asks me to join? She's crazy!" He gulped, just staring down at his hands in his lap.

The redhead smirked. "Well?"

"Come again?" He tried playing dumb.

"You heard me, Goten. Become my devil servant and live under the house of Gremory for the next few millennium. It'll be fun!" Rias said with a smile.

"Fun? That doesn't sound like my idea of fun." Goten replied, frowning.

"What?" Rias asked, a bit shocked by his response.

"No thanks. I don't want to give up my life and be some... slave to someone I don't even know. And I wouldn't want to live that long either. All of my friends and family would be long dead and I'd still be alive."

Rias said nothing. She had to admit he had a point. But she wasn't giving up. "Is there anything I can do to convince you?"

"No. Sorry. I have to decline."

Rias frowned. "I see."

Goten stood up and bowed to the two girls. "I have to go now. Thanks for the offer though."

Rias smiled as she watched him go. "He turned me down just like that. Didn't even consider it."

Though still, the girls respected his honesty. Every other guy would be drooling over Rias and Akeno, and would jump at the chance for something like that just to be near either of them. But it seemed to Rias that Goten just saw her as any other normal girl...

"He's quite something, isn't he?" Akeno's voice broke Rias out of his thoughts. Akeno caught the smile on her best friend's face when she spoke about him.

Rias agreed. "He's honestly adorable."

"Total hottie too."

"Absolutely." Rias smiled to herself, and soon found herself blushing as she thought of his handsome face and broad physique. Even with a uniform the girls could easily tell how toned he was.

As the girls watched him from the window, Goten sighed as he made his way back to campus.

"A devil servant? What the crap does that even mean? Does she want me to be her butler or something?"

For the rest of the day it was all he could think of. Instead of going back to class and being unable to focus, Goten skipped class for the rest of the day and slipped away unnoticed. He texted Trunks to meet up with him as well. The two boys met up outside campus and walked a good distance away from campus before shooting off together.

So, tell me lover boy. What was so urgent that 'Miss Gremory' needed to talk to you in private?" Trunks asked mockingly. "Was it a confession?"

"Dude, don't even get me started." Goten said running both hands through his hair. "She knew about everything. The tournaments, Super Saiyans, Cell... All of it."

"WHAT?! How did she possibly find that out?"

"How the hell should I know?!" Goten fired back. "She said she was keeping tabs on us..."

Trunks scowled. "They've been spying on us?"

Goten nodded. "That's what she said."

"Well what else happened?"

"Do you remember how we thought she wasn't human 'cause her energy felt weird?"

Trunks nodded in confirmation.

"Well, we were right. She's not. Neither is the other girl, Akeno."

"What do you mean, they're actually not human? What are they, then?" He asked in amazement.

"Devils." Goten replied.

"D-devils!? You mean like Lucifer and those guys?" Trunks gawked.

Goten shrugged. "I dunno man, I guess. They had pointy devil wings for one." He said while trying to mimic the shape of the wings with his hands. "But the weird thing is that I didn't sense an ounce of evil intent from either of them. They seem like genuine good people."

Trunks sighed heavily. "Well that's just great. We're dealin' with two succubus! Watch out, they might eat you when you're asleep."

"Screw you." Goten cracked a smile.

"I'm just kidding!" Trunks laughed. "So what else?"

"Rias asked me to become a devil like her."

Trunks looked amused at first, like he was telling a joke, but practically fell out of the sky when he realized Goten wasn't joking. "Oh man.."

"She said some weird crap about being her devil servant for like five thousand years."

"You mean like a sex slave? That sounds awesome!"

Goten's face scrunched up in protest but Trunks caught the slight blush on his cheeks. "I don't know, and honestly I don't want to. The whole thing kinda creeped me out. I booked it outta there pretty quick."

"For fucks sake dude. This sucks."

The younger Saiyan nodded in agreement. "Don't gotta tell me twice."

"Whatever, let's forget that for now and go have some fun."


Two days passed since Goten turned down Rias' offer to become a devil, and things went back to normal. Well, as normal as the life of a Super Saiyan could be. The boys were eating lunch on the roof, their new hangout spot. They opted to eat there as opposed to the cafeteria. especially after all the episodes they had to deal with.

Both boys liked their new spot much better than the cafeteria. For one, it was quite peaceful since they didn't have to deal with all the attention. And two, they could easily slip away if they wanted to.

On top of that, Goten had been sneaking off right after school to avoid seeing the redhead.

But now it was the weekend. Trunks and Goten were hanging out at Capsule Corp.,

The teens usually trained or played video games when they're together, but this time they were just watching reruns of old cartoons like Dr. Slump on television.

It was their guilty pleasure.

They admittedly still loved the immature toilet humor. And it reminded them of the simpler days when they were kids. Trunks especially missed those days most, when life was so much simpler.

"Any updates with Rias?" Trunks suddenly asked once the program went to commercial.

"Nope. All I know is that someone's been following or watching me around school. I act like I can't sense them but I know they're there. Whoever it is, isn't very good at stealth."

"You should fight them. A quick beating would get them off your back." Trunks said, channeling his inner Vegeta.

Goten chuckled. "I can't do that. Besides... Rias isn't bad. She's kinda nice, actually. And it would be wrong."

Trunks shook his head. "Did you tell your dad yet?"

"Yeah. He said not to worry. Of course my mom freaked out. Honestly, can't say I blame her this time."

The older Saiyan nodded. "My mom would prolly pop a blood vessel if some succubus chick tried to turn me into one of them."

"Yeah and your dad would prolly just blast her to dust." Goten joked. Sure, he felt a connection between him and Rias, but wasn't going to risk getting involved with her devil drama.

Trunks then shot up from his seat in a rush, looking worried. "Wait a sec, wasn't Issei's date with that Yuma chick supposed to be today?"

Goten's eyes widened in horror and fear as he mentally kicked himself for yet again being careless. "Uh oh..."

"Crap! Trunks I gotta go check on him! Sorry, man!" He hopped from the couch, and bolted out the door as fast as he could.

Goten had memorized the layout of building years ago, so he wasted no time looking for an he was outside into the cold air of the night, Goten kicked off the ground, and shot towards East City when suddenly he felt someone's power level drop to critical levels.

It was familiar.

"Dammit! I cant believe I forgot!"

Goten exploded into Super Saiyan to fly faster. A golden yellow stream of light zoomed through the night sky, appearing like a shooting star to anyone on the ground lucky enough to spot it.

"It's no good, his energy is dropping way too fast... Damn it! I don't have a Senzu Bean...! And there's no time to go to Korin's and get one..."

Before he knew it, the young Saiyan arrived. He found his dying friend's body in a park next to a fountain. Issei was just barely alive, lying in a pool of his own blood. Alone. No sign of any attackers.

"I'm sorry... This is all my fault... I should have been there..." Goten clenched his fists angrily.

He went to check on the grotesque wound, but pulled back. t. He had a hole in his chest that right went out through his back. Issei had been stabbed, or impaled, by something really sharp and really big.

Issei weakly opened his hairs to see a spiky golden-haired boy staring down at him. "Who... is that? He looks like Goten, but blond. Did he dye his hair?"

"Issei! Don't die! I'll-..."

"How'd he.. find... me..." Issei whispered, barely able to speak. He coughed again, only spitting up more blood. He was barely able to see, let alone hear what Goten was trying to say to him."

Goten powered down to his normal state, kneeling down to his comfort his new friend. He growled to himself and almost smashed his fist through the ground. "I knew Yuuma was trouble...and now look what happened! If I see her again, I won't hold back!"

"T-This sucks. M-My first g-girlfriend... k-k-kills me... on our first date..." Issei mumbled out loud to himself. "I-I just wish…I-I can d-die in the arms of a hot girl…like that one hottie...Rias..." Issei slowly closed his eyes.

Goten sat there next to him, helpless, trying to control his own rage as his new friend's energy slowly died out.

Just then a bright red light appeared as it lit up the night-fallen park. A circle with a strange insignia unknown to Goten formed on the blood-stained ground.

"What the...?" Goten watched in surprise.

In the center of the circle stood a girl with crimson-red hair.

"This day just got worse." he thought.

"You summoned me?'" Rias' voice came from the person standing in the circle. With one look at Issei, she sighed silently.


The redhead was honestly a little surprised to see him standing there. "Oh? Goten? Why are you here?"

"I should be asking you that." Goten said, pointing at her as he said that. He didn't look very happy, evident by the frown on his face. He put his hands behind his head and stood up.

"You first." Rias replied.

"I felt Issei's power drop to critical levels and I came as fast as I could. I was supposed to be watching that Yuuma girl, but the day totally slipped my mind."

"Ah, I see." Her lips curled into a cute smile. "I had a feeling he'd catch on on to that girl's true intentions."

"Now your turn. What are you doing here? How in the hell did you just appear in that red circle thing?"

Rias looked down at Issei with a sweet, kind face. "He summoned me with his last wishes. I was keeping a close eye on him too, you see."

"Then why didn't you save him?"

"That doesn't matter anymore. I can save his life. But he'll have to become a devil." She said looking back up at Goten with a hopeful smile.

"You're going to turn him into a devil? But he's already dead!" Goten asked scratching his head in confusion at what she just said. "Is she going to use the Dragon Balls?"

"That doesn't matter. I can revive him." Rias replied with a smile.

"Wait! Is he going to become a zombie?!"

"No, silly." Rias then looked down at Issei again. Goten intently watched the scene unfold with his mouth wide in a circle shape.

A giant red magic circle appeared under Issei's body. It had the exact same symbol on it from before.

The beautiful devil then pulled out two pawn pieces, and placed them over Issei.

"Hold on! What're you doing?" Goten said.

Rias smiled. "Just watch."


"From this moment forward, you will live your life for my sake." A bright red glow The pieces then melted into Issei's body and fused with him.

Whatever just happened didn't answer any questions the Saiyan had. "Just what the heck was that? Were those chess pieces?"

Rias nodded. "Correct. I had hoped to use all eight on you, but this was an emergency."

Goten raised an eyebrow. "Ookaay, that's not weird at all..."

"This boy has incredible potential. He could be insanely strong one day. Perhaps under your guidance." She said while slightly blushing.


"Think about it." She smiled as she went to leave.

Goten took a stepped forward. He only had more questions now. "Wait!"

"I'm sorry, but for now I have to go. I'll explain everything soon. By the way, my offer still stands. If you've made a decision, you know where to find me." The redhead said with a smile.

After Rias had finished saying that, she picked up the lifeless Issei and vanished like it was nothing, leaving Goten alone.

"Man, just what the hell did I get myself into?" Goten said, still in shock. "That Rias girl is gonna be a handful; looks like it's unavoidable now..."

With his secret out to the prettiest girl in school, and the fate of his new friend currently unknown, it became obvious to Goten that his new high school life was going to be anything but normal. What new challenges does the Saiyan face in the near future? And what about Issei? Is Rias telling the truth?

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