Why I'm Arthur

By Mathieu Leader

Arthur is a series of books authored by Marc Brown and is a series produced by Card Nine Entertainment and is not owned by me

Today was the start of the Spring Break and unusually Arthur's dad came to do the pickup from school "Dad where's Kate D.W and Mom?" I asked curiously

Dad turned his head from the driver's seat and said in an oddly stressed voice "We're going on a holiday just you and I to meet a very important person,"

"Cool, Who is it?" Arthur said excitedly

Dave sighed "It'll spoil the surprise," Dave said in a low voice

The car sped along the motorway passed Crown City this was the furthest Arthur had ever been out of the county and they arrived in a small Danish looking town called Belmont. They went down a street called Aylesbury Road till they reached a redbrick townhouse surrounded by shady pine trees the car was parked and dad got out the luggage.

Arthur ran with excitement to the door and rang the doorbell.

He suddenly heard the shuffling of feet and a wheezy chuckle as the door opened revealing a short stooping elderly aardvark dressed in a pinstripe suit with a wiry white goatee and had dark brown eyes.

"I did not think I was going to have your company for a fortnight Dave always unpunctual as usual." The aardvark grumbled

"Hey don't be rude to my dad!" Arthur shouted

"Always respect your elders," giggled the elderly aardvark

Arthur and his dad went inside to the rumpus room where they helped themselves to some cheese and onion crisps and some icy orange juice.

Arthur noticed his dad was oddly quiet and slightly nervous around the elderly constantly fidgeting with his hands Arthur grew bored of the silence.

"Who are you?" Arthur asked curiously to the elderly aardvark

The elderly aardvark who had downed nearly three bottles of beer turned his face to Arthur which was now red "I'm Arthur Sr. your grandpa," he slurred as he got up and then he noticed the bits of crisps smudged into his white carpet and his bushy grey eyebrows furrowed.

He suddenly came over to Arthur and slapped him right on the face leaving a big blotchy purple bruise on his face.

Arthur was stunned at what his own grandpa did to him it was the first time in Arthur's life that he realised that not all adults where nice and kind but some are cruel and mean.

Arthur after a few moments started to sob and shudder simultaneously he was afraid of his newfound family member.

Because of this Arthur dad quickly drove Arthur and himself to a motel just off the freeway.

Later that night Arthur awoke screaming after having nightmares about being in a forest of many big wrinkly palms hitting him till he was black and white.

"What is it son?" Dave asked nervously running from the small sofa bed to visit his distressed son

"D-A-D why did Grandpa hit me?" Arthur sobbed

Dave sighed "Arthur, I know you not understand this as you're a little young. But I do owe an explanation. Your grandpa Arthur was a loyal comrade during the war. Then a good accountant for a big firm then the firm went bust and he and grandma divorced. So we left him and he moved to Belmont and he then remarried and had a daughter called Lizzie. She died of cancer then he took to the drink. Then I and your mum had our wedding he had a crush on your mum and let's say things got a tad out of hand. I protected us from him. But as time march on I thought it was worthwhile to give him a second chance." He said in a calm voice.

"Even though my dad is nasty now I prefer to him to him as I knew him as that hero unafraid on the battle," Dave said in an oddly blank tone.

But then the calmness evaporated and Dave cried and all Arthur could do was to give him a big heartfelt hug.

Story Notes

A few months ago I uncovered that under the Cartoon section I found out this site has an Arthur sect ever since then I wanted to do an Arthur fiction.

I always wondered why we never saw Dave's Dad and this piece of fiction answers that question and I hope this is a great explanation, and I hope I handled the challenging subject of abuse in a manner of great sensitivity and care that the series would do such a subject in a manner like this.