Why I'm Arthur

By Mathieu Leader

Arthur is a series of books authored by Marc Brown and is a series produced by Card Nine Entertainment and is not owned by me

Chapter Four

Nineteen Years earlier St. Francis's Church Elwood City:

Dave was nervously fixing his black tailcoat as he was soon going to marry Jane Geisler and Thora came in looking rather miffed.

"Son, your dads staying as he brought Bonnie with him," Thora said tersely

"Look mum you may not like it but without dad I would not be here," Dave said calmly patting Thora's shoulder

The wedding march sounded and ran across the red petal strewn carpet "Do you David Read take Jane Winifred Geisler to be your lawfully wedded wife," said the tabby cat pastor

"I do," said Dave sobbing whilst Jane took his hand tears streaming down her face.

The wedding went without a hitch for the day however as day turned to night it could not have been more different.

"Hey bro how yeah doing with my sis," said his new brother-in-law Fred whom was wearing a leather jacket and had a bright green Mohawk and had a nose piercing handing Dave a cold glass of white wine whilst Fred drank his Budweiser.

"Hey Dave is that your pa?!"Fred exclaimed with curiosity as he saw a black gloved hand fondle Jane's dress and then he buried his face in her breasts and rubbed them in a fevered frenzy.

"Who's your daddy," Dave's dad Arthur yelped excitedly

All the while Jane let out orgasmic wails of ecstasy, and Fred literally saw red grabbing the bottle and bashing it against the table breaking the bottle leaving it jagged as he tried to thrust the bottle to the bulge in Arthur's crotch.

Then Arthur punched Fred leaving him with a bruised black eye and then he withdrew his trusted penknife and in a Zorro like fashion at his father-in-law's codpiece on his suit.

Only leaving a small rip in his crotch leaving Arthur to scamper away.

½ hour later Dave stood pale and shaking in shock outside where paramedics were called to the scene a hefty looking yellow bulldog with frizzy brown hair was stitching up Dave's eye and a pimpled orange haired monkey "Eliza pass me the bandage," said the monkey in a hushed whisper

"Ok Ed," the other paramedic blushed with infatuation

Ed tended to the bandages on Fred's arm

Then Dave's other father-in-law came out Freddie what are we going to do with you," he said in a stern voice

Then a walrus police officer came over "Excuse me Mr. Geisler, I'm sorry to inform you that indeed our theory was indeed correct Mr. Read had another one of his episodes he used a chloroformed handkerchief to have his way with his son-law's newlywed will you be pressing charges," said the officer in a brisk manner

Dave saw his son-in-law looking dejected and depressed in his crumpled wedding outfit plucking the yellow petals from his carnation.

He shook his head and the officer went away.

Then Dave got up from the fountain and ran to Dave "Why on earth did you do that?!" gasped Dave in complete shock.

"Your grandmother Irene told me, what went on and Davy. I know you may not know this but your grandfather has post-traumatic stress disorder from his experiences in the war. Because of this he is disabled and impaired somewhat perhaps someday he'll better but till that day I will try to be the best dad I can to you to you and my daughter."

Then the paramedics placed a blue blanket on Arthur and placed him in the ambulance looking dejected and forlorn.

Present Day

Mr. Cargill ran into the mayor's office to visit Mayor Deegan who was drinking his coffee

"What do I owe the pleasure to have a visit from a great educator like yourself?" said Mayor Deegan in a cheery voice

"Cut the crap with your pleasantries Mayor. I thought this town was founded upon the principles of knowledge, friendship, family, and charity, until that is a little letter came to my house with a rather unsettling revelation. That is very counterproductive to your tourism pamphlet?" Cargill barked sternly

"Look the PETA has made its choice they were concerned that their kids would be taught by human so from now on Ms. Sweetwater will be the principal but you will be pleased and you'll teach her class." Spoke Mayor Deegan kindly

"My father never told me to accept second best. I'm not going to take this lying down I will run against you for the position of mayor for the nepotism and corruption with spending being diverted for a reserve for the lesser spotted grebe." Cargill replied angrily

"Eh don't you agree with conservation?" Mayor Deegan replied in a puzzled tone

"I do but there has been a splurge in the birth rates for that particular avian specimen are too high a cull would prove to be most prudent you dirty ratty mayor."

"I take great offence to that because it is a slur to an animal like me!" Mayor Deegan shouted his face went scarlet with rage

"Oh it's no different from what the PETA said about me I feel lesser than the pets in your homes and if you are truly a skilled politician as skilled as the citizens say you are then you won't mind facing a challenge from a Republican candidate?"

"You don't seem to like a Republican?" said Mayor Deegan taken aback

"Just because you belong to a political party does not mean you have to share the same views I took a gap year in China and saw all that wealth accumulated with officials very unpleasant." Cargill responded curtly.

A few moments later Mayor Deegan let out a sigh "Fine no challenge, I'll call Sweetwater that there is a change of plans."

Heaney's House

It was the wake after funeral of Francis Callum Heaney and to Alan Power's surprise he had never thought that his mother was Heaney's cousin.

Alan was upset and in anguish as why did his mother never told him. Besides physics his Uncle Keith liked to trace his family.

"Brian are you alright?" said his tutor Mr. Ratburn kindly

"It's so confusing why it is just now that the principal was related to me…." Alan sobbed

"Alan this will be a lesson in life sometimes families are more complex than we think." Ratburn patted Alan's shoulder caringly.

Soon Nigel had one less pupil in this class as the Powers had moved to Canada to get over the loss of their long-lost relation with Heaney's inheritance.

Several years later the Read's House:

Arthur was now a teenager things had certainly changed in Elwood City having two of his friends leave the Brain having moved to Canada and Buster moving with Mitzi to New York his parents having remarried he had ordered a cappuccino from the machine.

Not only that but his grandma had passed a month ago and gave her granddaughter Kate a photo in her will.

Kate rushed in with an old photograph with an ornate silver frame.

Kate placed it on the table and stared at the person in the photograph a chubby aardvark with circular glasses with a bowl-cut

"Who's that man in the photo?" Kate whispered in a hushed tone not to wake D.W or their parents as Arthur had to get up early for his weekend job as a trainee assistant librarian at the local library.

"Arthur just Arthur, he was our grandad you don't remember him as he came to the house when you were a baby that visit taught me families can be different very different. Families can help you learn to work and play but not always get along with each other,"

"I see," Kate was taken aback by this her voice faltered

The end

Story notes

Please excuse me for not continuing this story more often but I graduated with a degree in journalism, and I did not proceed with the animal racism storyline as it would make the story too overcomplicated I hope you enjoyed Arthur's weekend job.