A/N: So, this will probably make no sense if you haven't seen or read Shada (the novelization of which is actually really, really good), but it was just something I wanted to see in the special. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially since this is my first story here.

Summary: After the events of DotD, the Doctor has a question for Clara. Be warned, massive spoilers for Day of the Doctor.
Time: Immediately post-DotD.
Character(s): Eleventh Doctor, Clara

So, ah, Clara," the Doctor began. "You said you, ah, talked to the Curator?"

She eyed him curiously, twirling her hair in her fingers. He was even more fidgety than normal, and doing a very poor job of hiding a grin.

Of course, maybe that was because he'd just been relieved of the crushing, centuries-old guilt and anguish of having wiped out his own race. (And honestly, though she's aware of how ridiculously unfair she sounds, how dare the Time Lords push him that far? Didn't any of them consider the burden they were forcing on him? And okay, yeah, definitely being ridiculous...but seriously!)

But anyway, fidgety Doctor asked her a question. And he seems to actually be waiting for the answer, as opposed to having moved on to fifteen other things after asking it.

"Well, it was more he talked to me, I suppose. Looking for 'my friend the Doctor' - mine, not his, I mean. We did talk a bit, though." (Actually, some of the things he said - well, most of them - seemed a bit odd. Not "cryptic clues to save the universe with" odd or "evil scheming alien" odd, just...normal odd? He was charming, though.) All in all... "He seemed like such a nice old man," she said absently.

A minute and a half of uninterrupted, uncontrollable laughter later, she was still wondering just what about that remark was so funny.