Unexpected Daughter

Visiting Minnesota

May 19th 2016

Life Unexpected

Eric and Lux

We got dressed quickly and Eric left the barn and I just stayed in there wondering what had I just done I slept with a married man again not long after my husband passed away.

While I was walking back to the house Lyndon came running towards me " mom I really like it here it's so beautiful," I looked around the farm and it was beautiful I looked at Lyndon and I knew what she was thinking she wanted to be around her dad and step brothers more since she was still getting to know them.

Since it was almost time for dinner I went to see if I could help Alison with anything, right away I could tell that she didn't like me and I kinda know why but I wasn't sure if she knew about Eric and me all those years ago.

When dinner was ready the boys set the table and I went to to find Lyndon but I ran into Eric instead "why does Alison hate me?" he gave me a look " so you noticed it to?" I nodded my head " well when you sent that email she asked me about it and I lied and told her it was the wrong person but I'm not sure that she remember the name or not.

Once we found Lyndon we went inside to eat dinner it was a awkward dinner. Since Lyndon and I were leaving in the morning we packed our bags and put them in the car so that way we could just put our purses in the car after we got up.

I was tossing and turning all night so around three I got up and went downstairs to sit outside I was thinking about the kids and it wasn't fair for Lyndon to leave her dad so soon after finding him since Jones never treated her like his own and then there was little Austin who was 8 had lost his dad already I didn't want him to lose more.

I guess I was in deep though that I didn't heard Eric or see him sit next to me " what are you thinking about Eeyore?" I smiled at that name, " I was thinking about the kids?" I felt Eric touch my hand "move to Minnesota?" I looked at him like he was crazy " I want to be closer to Lyndon and get to know her better and have her brothers actually know that they have a sister."

I though about it as I went to bed, then I decided to ask Lyndon and Austin to see how they would feel about starting a new life.

Before we left I told Lyndon I was going to put gas and get the tires fixed and have the car checked out, so she stayed with Eric while I went to look at apartments to rent I hoped I found one soon and not have to look for a while and then having to look for a job.

The apartments


medium kitchen/living room

1 bathroom

3 bedrooms

wood floors

creme colored walls

carpet in all the bedrooms

dark wood cabinets

1389 sq. ft


1599 sq ft

3 bedroom


Apartments [x]

1270 sq ft

3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

a play area for kids

I fell in love with the last apartment that I saw so I told the owner that I would take it.

When I went to pick up Lyndon I talked to Eric and told him about the apartment and that I put a deposit down, I just hoped that the kids would be happy about the move once Lyndon was in the car we took off back to Portland.

Finally in a place that looks familiar to me we drove to my parents house to get Austin. When Lyndon was helping her brother pack I told my parents about the move, they still didn't like Eric but they kept it to them self since it was Lyndon's dad and they saw how Jones treated her growing up.

When Lux and the kids got to the house she told them about wanting to move to Minnesota Lyndon was happy of course she would be able to see her dad and brothers more but Austin was a little mad that they would be leaving the house even though it belonged to Jones dad and step mom.

Lyndon finally talked her little brother into moving. It was finally moving day Baze,Cate,Ryan and Julie came to help Lux move, Cate and Baze were going to go with them to help them unpack and get settled in at their new apartment.

When they pulled up to the apartment Eric and his brother Micheal were waiting for them so they could help unpack.

Austin and Noah (Micheal) little boy were running around while the adults moved and unpacked.