This story was suggested to me by someone on here so who ever requested I write this then here you go.

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The chatter of teens and slamming of lockers filled the hallways of Fairy Tail high. The noise became hushed and awe filled whispers were the only sounds in the hall as a group of teens walked to class. The most popular group in the entire school were walking past, seemingly oblivious to everyone staring. Gray, the 'blue prince', walked hand in hand with Lucy, the 'golden princess'. There were also Erza and Jellal, the 'fierce fighters' (because Erza is captain of the martial arts club and Jellal is captain of the kendo club). Along with them were Gajeel and Levi, the 'fire and ice' couple. One of the most popular of all the couples were Loke and Aries, the 'dazzling duo'. Then there were the only non-senior couple, every freshman envied their class mates, Wendy and Romeo, for being allowed to hang out with such a popular group. The stars of that group were 'King' Natsu and 'Queen' Cana. All eyes were on them as they walked down the hall. Many people thought Natsu and Cana were a couple but they both considered each other friends, at least for the first half of high school. Cana had started liking Natsu as something more when he comforted her after her mother died. She had no clue who her dad was but she knew that he and her mom went to this high school together, which is where they meet. Cana believed that Natsu didn't see her as anything more than as a friend and he was oblivious to her very obvious feelings. While Cana tried to get Natsu to see her that way, she never noticed that he felt the same way. He always smiled the most when she was around and hugged her for longer than his other friends. These two continued to be oblivious to the other person's feelings until second semester of their senior year. After school one day, Natsu asked Cana over to his house so he could tell her how he felt in private. His sisters Erza and Wendy were both going to be home late and his dad Igneel didn't get off work until 3 am. When Cana and Natsu arrived at Natsu's house, they got onto the couch and Natsu picked a random movie to watch. As the movie started, Natsu turned to Cana. "C-Cana?" "Hm?..." "I... I really l-like you, Cana." Cana smiled sadly at that, "Yes, we've been close friends for quite some time haven't we?" "That's not what I mean, I like you a lot more than just a friend, I l-love you." Natsu looked away, scared of rejection or awkwardness. That's when he was surprised to feel arms around his neck and a soft whisper against his ear, "I love you too, Natsu. I'm so happy you feel the same as me." After he got over his initial shock, Natsu wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her his signature goofy grin. They continued to cuddle and whisper to each other, never noticing that the movie had ended. Erza came home with Wendy to find Natsu and Cana asleep together on the couch. Erza gave a slight smile, 'so they finally admitted their feelings did they?' She and Wendy walked upstairs and let the new couple sleep.

The Next Morning:

With a yawn, Cana woke up to feel skin under one of her hands as she tried to sit up. Looking down at where she placed her palm, she notices a tan arm attached to a sleeping pink haired boy. With a look similar to that of one faking anger and a slight blush on her cheeks, she turned to face away. Feeling an arm around her waist pulling her back down, Cana gasped. She was now facing away from Natsu with her back against his chest and his face next to her ear, each breath tickling it. "It's the weekend, too early to wake up..." Natsu said groggily before laying back down with Cana still captured in his arm. Cana sighed and decided it would be best not to try and escape. She closed her eyes and was almost asleep when Natsu whispered, "I love you." "I love you too." And they both fell asleep again, not wanting to ever get up.

Was that good? Hope it was. Let me know if you want it to be more than just a one-shot. I had planed on making it a three-shot but this has such a perfect ending so I'll leave it up to my readers to decide.