This takes place when everyone is around 30 or so.

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Cana and Natsu walk down the street each holding one of their 4 year old boy's hands. He had Natsu's pink hair and Cana's deep bluish purple eyes. He let go of their hands and ran up to the house they were standing in front of. "Leo's excited..." Cana laughed, "He is your son after all, Natsu." Natsu grinned widely. Lucy rushed out of the house when she heard her friends outside. She scooped up the little boy and placed him on her hip. She then walked up to Natsu and Cana and hugged them both. Out came Gray followed by their daughter. She had blonde hair and black eyes. She ran up to Natsu and Cana and giggled when Natsu leaned down to tickle the little girl. "How're you today Sachi?" The blonde hugged Natsu before replying, "I'm good. Auntie Aries, Uncle Loke, Auntie Levi, Auntie Wendy, Uncle Romeo, and Uncle Gajeel are all here too with Lilly, Yuki, Hiro, and Raki!" Cana leaned down next to Natsu and rubbed the little girl's hair. Loke and Aries had twins and named them Lilly and Yuki (5 yrs. old). Gajeel and Levi's little boy is named Raki (6 yrs. old). Wendy and Romeo had a one year old boy named Hiro. The five kids would often get together and play while their parents would catch up. Natsu and Cana stood up and followed the blonde 6 year old into the house. Lucy handed Cana Leo before following them. At the doorway, Gray grabbed Lucy's hand and closed the door behind everyone. They all went into the living room/kitchen and sat down on the seats all around the room. Cana and Natsu wound up sitting at the bar while Gray and Lucy sat on the other end of the room in the love seat. Wendy stood next to an arm chair, occupied by her husband, as she bounced and swayed to lull the baby to sleep. The other kids sat in the middle of the room on the floor and played with various toys. Gajeel and Levi were sitting on a couch against the left wall with Levi in Gajeel's lap. Aries and Loke took up the rest of the couch. When the baby had finally fallen asleep, Romeo got up for Wendy to sit down and he stood next to the chair. Everyone was silent, waiting for Lucy to tell them the news she wanted to tell them in person. Gray wrapped an arm around her shoulder reassuringly. Lucy took a deep breath before excitedly proclaiming her news, "I'm pregnant!" Levi got up and ran to her friend, hugging her happily. All the boys broke out into grins as Aries quietly said "Congrats, you must be so excited." Wendy smiled brightly at her friend as did Cana. Life was definitely going great...

I suck with naming, I know... Did everyone like the ending? Sayonara if this is the last of the stories of mine you will be reading, if not, Ja Ne~