Goodbye Summer. Hello Trouble

The waves collided with the massive rocks, only to shatter at the impact, creating a beautiful rainbow of foam. The sea illuminated the rays of the sun and seemed as though it was shining brighter than the star itself. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The day was perfect minus the strong wind, but, unlike most, Peter liked it. In fact, he loved it because the wind created strong waves; some of them were even enough to challenge an experienced diver like him.

Though Peter was quite confident in his abilities, he had to admit that today in particular the waves were a lot stronger and dare he say it dangerous. The sea appeared to be quite ferocious because of the way it had taken possession of at least half of the beach. Peter sighed and shook his head. He couldn't believe that he was starting to get a bit scared. This was probably one of the last days of summer and he was hesitating to do the things he loved most – swimming and diving.

After a few minutes Peter dismissed the little voice inside his head that told him to be careful, that he had been diving for the past two hours and as a result he was tired and shouldn't go in too deep. His instincts told him to be extremely cautious. They warned him that it was far too dangerous, but being the adrenaline junkie he became during days like this one, he ignored them completely.

With a few determined steps Peter found himself on the wet part of the sand. He could hear the draconic waves from afar. He could see the fierce foam cover their surface when they were still at least twenty, maybe even thirty feet away from the sand. His eyes narrowed. No wonder the lifeguards were so cautious and their whistles were heard every few minutes. It really was life threatening to dive and swim more than five meters away from the beach. And Peter loved it.

Peter emerged to the surface and took a much needed breath of fresh air. He smirked when he heard the frantic whistles in the distance. He turned around and saw some of the lifeguards walking around frantically and wondering whether it was a good idea to swim to him and scold him for disobeying their safety regulations. Peter chuckled when he heard the faint shouts but he ignored them. Instead he turned back around, breathed in some air and dived back into the darkness of the fierce sea.

"What the hell is that guy thinking?!" Luke asked incredulously as he stared at the brunette that had wandered very far away from the safety of the beach.

Sam, who was busy making sure the other people in the sea were safe, turned around and spared his friend a glance. His gaze then followed the place where Luke's finger was pointing at and he gasped. Someone was there and was swimming like a pro, but Sam could definitely see that said person was finding it hard to continue his pace. Checking one last time that no one had wandered too far away, Sam motioned to one of his colleagues to take over for him. He then went to Luke's side and watched how the boy emerged and submerged in a matter of seconds.

"He's good." Sam commented.

"Yeah but that won't save him from drowning if he isn't careful." Luke said through gritted teeth.

Sam nodded. He had found it a bit hard to swim fast that morning. The waves were dangerous and if you weren't careful enough, one of them might surprise you and make you drown in a matter of seconds.

"What are we going to do then?" Sam asked. "He doesn't heave our warnings."

"I'll keep an eye on him but-" Luke began replying when but faint shouts were heard in the distance, attracting both of the boys' attention.

Sam and Luke turned around and their eyes started searching frantically the surface. Soon enough they spotted two young girls, not older than the age of 10, maybe eleven, who were trying to swim back to shore, but couldn't escape the waves' tight grasp. The two boys didn't hesitate for a second and seeing as they were closest, took off their jackets and hurried into the sea.

It wasn't hard to reach the two girls as they hadn't wandered off too far away. Luke was halfway near the shore and Sam was just behind him when they saw another lifeguard waving his hands distraughtly at them. Sam narrowed his eyes and turned around. His gaze fell on the boy who had captured his attention earlier. He was drowning. Sam's eyes widened. He quickly turned around and was grateful that Luke had understood what his friend wanted to do for had managed to reach a place in the water where the girl could step and was now heading back. It took him only a second to reach Sam, who quickly handed him the other girl. Then he rushed towards the boy, who was fine only a minute ago.

Peter didn't know how it happened. One minute he was fine and was about to reach the surface and gulp in some air and the other he was crashing down into the pit of darkness called sea. The wave had come out of nowhere and had surprised him greatly. As a result it sent Peter thundering down.

It was getting harder and harder to breathe. His lungs were burning and his eyes were drooping. He wanted to succumb to his body's wish and pass out but Peter knew that that was not an option. That was the reason why he fought against said urge with all the energy he had left and was proving to be successful. He managed to emerge once more only to end up imploding once again when another wave caught him off guard.

The worst was that his mouth was opened in order for him to take the much needed breath of air when it all happened. Now his lungs were filled with water, he couldn't breathe, only cough, ending up getting even more water into his lungs. The darkness was surrounding him and for the first time Peter was starting to panic. He tried to move his limbs but they wouldn't cooperate. He tried in vain to fight off that all so tempting desire to just lose consciousness and end it all. And in the end he did.

Sam cursed under his breath. He wished this idiot had followed their safety regulations. If he had done what they said, now he wouldn't be in such a horrible mess. If he had heaved their warning, he wouldn't be drowning; he would be safe; his life wouldn't be in danger; he would be damn fine!

Sam brushed those thoughts aside. Now wasn't the time to dwell on the past. What happened to his sister wasn't going to happen to this kid. And Sam was going to make sure of it.

He reached the place where he had last seen that boy's head pop up only to disappear out of sight again. Sam then drew in a deep breath and dived in. It took him only a few seconds to locate where the kid was. Sam's eyes widened when he saw that the other was unconscious.

Damn it! Sam thought. Hang in there. I'm coming.

With newfound strength he rushed forward and grabbed the boy's hand, pulling him upwards. He soon wrapped an arm around said boy's waist and was swimming towards the surface. After few seconds Sam emerged and started swimming frantically towards the shore. He knew that every second was precious and hoped that the boy in his arms was going to be alright.

Sam reached the beach after a few minutes and dragged Peter with him. He laid him on the sand and started pushing hard on his chest for a few seconds. Sam then proceeded to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation. He repeated the process a few times, praying that the boy was going to be ok.

After the fifth time he repeated the process Luke stepped out and was about to take over, saying:

"Come on man. You're tired. Let me take over."

"No." Sam answered, continuing to deliver CPR to Peter.

Luke waited for another two minutes and noticed that there had been no change and most of all that Sam was panting and sweating. He cursed under his breath and decided to try for a second time to talk some sense into his friend.

"Sam. Sam. Sam!" Luke screamed.

The third yell was loud and clear and the message it held was one Sam couldn't ignore. That was why once he was finished giving mouth to mouth again he went on to pushing hard on Peter's chest, while glancing at Luke every few seconds.

"You need to stop. He hasn't woken up in five minutes. He's probably gone."

Sam didn't listen. He only continued as though none of Luke's words had sunk in. This went on for another minute when Luke had had enough.

"Sam. Sam!" He screamed, kneeling down and grabbing both of Sam's hands. He then added, "That's not Kaelynn!"

Once he heard his sister's name, Sam froze. His shoulders began shaking and his head was lowered. Luke regretted bringing that delicate topic up but he knew it had to be done. He abhorred the tragedy that had stricken Sam's family three years ago but he was well aware that the wound was still fresh and that Sam was still blaming himself for what had happened. Luke bit his lip when he sensed that something was terribly wrong with his friend. His shoulders had begun shaking vigorously and his hands had covered his face. Luke moved a hand to touch Sam's shoulder and was about to try and calm his friend down when he heard laughing.

Luke jerked his hand away as though it had been burned and proceeded to stare at his friend. He was laughing. He was freaking laughing. There were tears in his eyes when Sam looked up but Luke couldn't tell whether it was from the sudden hysterics Sam had just been sent into or the fact that he was in fact crying. He hoped that the salty liquid hadn't been triggered by the abrupt pain and emptiness and probably guilt that hit Sam, who was left utterly unguarded.

There was a sudden gasp of air and Peter's eyes shot open. He then tried to get up only to have someone lay a hand on his chest, preventing him from doing so. Peter glared at the offending limb but once his eyes traveled upwards his scowl and angry look completely diminished. He could only gape and stare.

Damn this guy's hot. Wait. Why the hell is he touching me?! What happened?

Suddenly the sexy lifeguard answered his last question as though he had read his mind.

"You nearly drowned out there." Sam said and added, "Next time try to be more careful and don't go diving when the waves are that strong and high. Got that?"

Peter narrowed his eyes and retorted:

"I was perfectly fine."

"No you weren't." Sam replied.

"I didn't need saving. I appreciate the help but for the record I am pretty good at swimming so your assistance was unneeded." Peter responded, knowing full well that every last word was a lie except for his abilities, of course. He was a great swimmer.

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose. Luke noticed that movement and knew exactly what it meant. His friend was going to lose it sooner or later. That was why he decided to intervene and hopefully manage to end this without hell breaking loose.

" My name's Luke Cage. What's yours?" He asked, figuring that it was best to start from there. But if that boy continued acting the way he had the past few minutes, Luke's self-control might slip as well.

"Why do you ask?" Peter questioned, earning himself a small glare from Luke.

"Just forget it Luke. He isn't going to answer. Plus he doesn't have to." Sam suddenly said.

Both boys looked at him in disbelief. Peter couldn't believe how patient this guy was while Luke couldn't comprehend when Sam had developed such a solid self control.

"Why are you being so mature and serious? Normally I wouldn't put up with myself if I acted they way I have just had." Peter queried.

Luke immediately slapped his forehead, while Sam looked down, then up and his eyes instantly fell on Peter's. The sadness, guilt, anger, anguish and all different shades of emotions that were swirling inside Sam's orbs were enough to take Peter aback. He instantly regretted asking that question.

"It's a long story. Just make sure you don't do it again. The sea is wonderful but as much as people hate to admit it sometimes it can be dangerous as well." Sam said with such seriousness and maturity that Peter was surprised even further. Somehow the tone, the behavior, even the words didn't suit the boy before him. He should be carefree, impulsive and lash out at Peter because he had acted like an ungrateful jerk.

"Alright. I'll try but I can't promise anything." Peter replied, choosing not to pry. After all, he had only made a few assumptions. He barely knew this guy. Relying on a vague and evidence lacking hunch wouldn't be the smartest thing to do.

Sam nodded and then got up. He went next to Luke and while patting him on the shoulder, said:

"Make sure he gets medical treatment. He was unconscious for quite some time." Luke nodded his answer, deciding that it was best not to speak or else he might lose his patience and ask Sam if today's events had actually had an impact on him.

Before Sam went out of sight, he heard a faint 'thank you' and 'I'm sorry' being shouted in the distance and somehow it managed to lighten him up a little. Smirking slightly, he turned around and yelled his answer:

"You're welcome. Just don't become a damsel in distress next time."

He then turned around and while he was walking to his car, he could swear he heard a faint yell 'shut it bucket-head' from far away. He chuckled. Really? Bucket-head? He could understand the use of a nickname for the boy didn't know his name and neither did Sam his, but of all the possibilities he chose bucket-head. Looks like that kid had webs for a brain. And that was when Sam came up with the kid's nickname. Web-head! It fitted him perfectly. Too bad Sam couldn't call him that for they had both gone their separate ways.

The night was quite cold. There were no clouds which meant that the possibility of raining was very low. Nonetheless, Sam had brought his umbrella with him. Something inside told him that it might rain. It was hard to explain but Sam was never one to question his instincts.

Having walked for a few minutes, he was now in front of Luke's house. His friend had decided to throw a party for one last time before summer ended and naturally Sam wouldn't miss it for the world. He went inside and was immediately greeted by none other than Luke.

"Hey man glad you could come." Luke greeted.

Sam grinned and asked playfully:

"Why so happy? Will the party be filled with boredom without me?"

"Modest as always." Luke sarcastically commented.

"Of course." Sam responded.

The two shared a brief hug. Luke then patted Sam on the back and couldn't help but ask:

"You sure you're feeling okay?"

Sam's grin faltered but didn't diminish completely. It was instead replaced by a fake smile as Sam nodded. Luke sighed and rubbed the back of his head. He decided, however, not to question the matter further. After all they were best friends. If Sam wanted to tell him something, he would. Just as Luke recalled today's events, he remembered a particular detail he had forgotten to mention.

"I invited Peter by the way." Luke said out of the blue, forgetting that Sam didn't know who Peter actually was.

Sam's eyebrows furrowed and he asked in confusion:

"Alright but who's Peter?"

"That would be me." Someone suddenly said, drawing both of the boys' attention.

Sam quickly turned around and his eyes widened slightly. Before him was standing none other than the prick he had saved today. Actually Peter wasn't exactly a prick, but Sam couldn't help calling him that way.

"My name's Peter Parker by the way. I figured it'd be better to come and introduce myself the way it should be done. And also to apologize for the way I acted. It was unneeded and uncalled for. You saved my life after all." Peter rambled nervously, scratching the back of his head.

Sam found the gesture quite cute. He couldn't help but grin at the boy before him and blush because now he could actually take a good look at Peter and he would lie if he said he didn't find the sight before him very attractive. Peter's light brown hair was slightly ruffled probably because he either hadn't had time to brush it or had been running both of which signaled that he was afraid of being late. His blue eyes were shining yet there was a shadow lingering in them. One that appeared to be suspicious and Sam found himself being drawn to that particular trait. There was something about this guy and Sam was going to find out exactly what it was.

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