"Peter Parker, are you asking me out on a date?'' Sam asked before taking a bite out of his burger. Peter merely chuckled as he reached out and rubbed a smudge from Sam's shoulder. He neveer would've thought that Sam was such a messy eater. Peter wondered devilishly what he would've done had Sam dirtied a different part of his body – preferably a spot closer to that sinful mouth. Ever since they got together neither could keep their hands off each other. Peter could not help but wonder whether things were going to continue in the same pace. If they did, Peter was scared they were going to burn too fast and burn out too soon.

"Webs, I asked you something. Where are you off to?" Sam questioned eyeing his boyfriend warily.

Peter merely blinked, chuckled and shook his head when Sam somehow managed to acquire a smudge right next to his mouth. Peter smirked when the other teen tried to lick it away, but failed miserably. Peter grabbed a napkin and was glad when Sam allowed him to brush the remnants of the ketchup and mayo without a sound of protest. Then Peter merely leaned in and whispered, "I am right off to here."

Sam's eyes widened when Peter kissed the corner of his mouth and then kissed his cheek before retreating, smiking smugly at the blushing Sam.

"T-that was completely unfair." Sam stutered. Peter's smirk grew. He crossed his arms and asked, "Would you like me to go for another round now that you are prepared?"

Sam rapidly shook his head and went back to eating his burger. Peter merely shook his head, laughed and leaned in to say, "And FYI, I do not need to ask you out on a date because technically we have already been on several dates. I asked you whether you wanted to keep me company during the weekend since Aunt May will be off with Coulson."

Sam's eyebrows went into his hair, " Alright um...first of all, are you okay with the situation between Aunt May and agent Coulson and second – aren't things moving a little too fast? You and I were barely talking to each other before the accident and we have yet to even hint to the team about the nature of our relationship...Plus, I have something to do on Saturday..."

Peter's eyes narrowed when Sam's voice faltered. He took a deep breath and explained, "I may not be completely supportive of their relationship internally. However, I do know that Coulson is a good man and will not let anything happen to Aunt May. As for your concerns, Sam, I am not asking you to sleep with me – I am merely asking you to spend time with me..."

Sam rolled his eyes. He knew what could happen once the two of them were alone. He could not chance it. Spending a couple of hours together when Aunt May was there even if it was during the night was one thing. However, doing it when she was absent was completely out of the question.

"What plans do you have for Saturday by the way?" Peter enquired, looking at Sam suspiciously when the teen began to sweat.

Sam mentally cursed Peter's impeccable ability to pick the right time to question him about well...everything.

"I-I...would rather not say." Sam hesitantly tried to evade the question.

Peter glared, "Does it have something to do with Danny?''

Sam sighed before he nodded. Peter rolled his eyes and growled, "Sam..."

"It's not like anythign is going to happen. We will go watch a movie we agreed to watch only with each other when we were still...then we are going to talk over a coup of coffee...that's all. Pete, I need to reconcile with the team and you know it. Danny is probably my best bet because he will at least hear me out. Plus before I tell him anything about us I need to confirm that there won't be a problem...We are all teammates after all." Sam tried to reason.

Peter surprisingly accepted his answer. However, before he ended the discussion he asked, " I promise to accept it...but I need you to promise me something."

Sam finished wiping his face before he gave Peter his undivided attention.

"That you are going to spend Sunday with me and...that you will tell me everything that happened."

"Peter.!" Sam protested before the other hushed him with his pleading eyes.

"I trust you...However, I have a bad feeling about this. Danny may be great, but he is still your ex."

"You should've thought about that when you and I got together...I told you it was going to be complicated." Sam chided. Peter rolled his eyes, "Oh please...Like I wasn't the one doing the warning and you feigning ignorance...Sam, we will need to conrfront them about out relationship."

"Must we?" Sam whined before saying, "It's only been like two weeks."

Peter looked flabbergasted. His frustration showed in his words, "I believe I told you what I wanted from you before this even began."

"Pete," Sam leaned forward and kissed Peter's forehead, whilst holding his hand, " I am not going to do anything." He added as he looked into Peter's eyes, " I know it's really soon, but...I have fallen for you, desperately and idiotically...Blindly...whatever other adverb you would like to add, feel free to do so."

Peter chuckled before he cupped Sam's cheeks with his hands and cradled the boy's face. He leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Sam's lips before withdrawing and responding, " I have fallen for you deeply as well. However," He then let go of Sam's face and retreated fully into his seat, "I still do not trust Danny."

"Do you trust me?" Sam suddenly asked.

" Sam..." Peter grumbled.

"Do you trust me?" He enunciated each word.

" Yes, of course, I trust you." Peter answered truthfully.

"Then," Sam smiled as he leaned forward and kissed Peter on the lips before whispering, " You have nothing to worry about."

Before Peter had a chance to protest he was engulfed by a very good reminder of why he did not have to worry about Sam walking away. Needless to say, after a couple of minutes the two love birds were reminded that they were in a cafe and were politely asked either to put an end to their antics or take said antics elsewhere. Ten minutes later found them in Peter's room.

They had not gone all the way because Aunt May came home. However, they could have. Sam mentallyy berated himself as he was walking towards the movie theatre where he found Danny waiting for him. As he looked at his blond-haired companion and that gorgeous smile he was remidned exactly how messed the two of them had been to have sex so early into their relationship. It seemed that that was part of the reason for their mostly toxic relationship.

"Hey, Sam." Danny greeted and smiled brightly.

Sam's steps faltered. A part of his brain questioned his sanity. Why was here again? Ah, yes, He needed to make amends.

"Hi, Danny. Did you wait long?"

"No, let's go inside." Danny ushered Sam into the movie theatre. Sam looked at him questioningly before Danny's smile turned into a strained one, "Sorry, he murmured as he paid for the tickets...I am trying."

Sam licked his lips and bit the lower one from nervousness before nodding.

"Don't do that.'' Danny warned before heading inside.

Sam's eyes widened. With his heart thudding in his ears and his mind reeling with a dozen insults and questions mainly asking the body why it had decided to come here in the first place, Sam joined him.

After the film ended it seemed that the cloud above their heads had lifted. They were talking, joking, laughing...like they had done before. It seemed as though things could actually go back to normal. Sam was hoping they could. Unfortunately for him Danny had other plans.

Danny proposed that they take a walk through Central Park and Sam agreed. They drinking their respective coffees and discussing whether Sam should buy a new video game when Danny suddenly stopped and yelped. Concerned, Sam asked him what was wrong.

"I think I have something in my eye...Can you please check?" Danny pleaded.

Sam good-naturedly agreed. Unfortunately, the way Danny tilted his head made it seem as though something different was going on especially given the fact that his lone unaffected eye was visible only from the direction Peter was at. Danny had closed it. Sam's back was to his current boyfriend. He had angled his head closely so that he could look at Danny's eye.

"I don't see anything."

"Could you look at it more closely? It is still hurting me?" Danny asked. Sam mumbled, "Sure."

This continued a little after Peter, Harry and MJ walked away. His two friends, too, had seen the scene unfold in front of them. It seemed that MJ was ready to walk up to them and chew their heads off. Harry was would have probably assisted her in punching either Danny or Sam or both of them for hurting his precious friend. Fortunately, Peter stopped them. Internally Danny chuckled. If Peter trusted Sam this little, then either their relationship was too fresh or it should not have had a chance to even be born let alone blossom. Sam deserved someone who would trust him regardless of what type of situations he caught the boy in.

That night Sam went to Peter's house like he had promised. Strangely Peter answered the door, but did not let him in. He stood with Sam on the porch and explained, "I'm afraid you can't come in. Aunt May's got the flew and I am taking care of her."

"Oh...I could help you out with her, if you want?" Sam offered looking hopefully up at Peter. He frowned when Peter met his gaze only for a second before looking inside the house and scratching the back of his neck.

"No need. I can handle it myself. I'll see you on Monday for trainig." Peter mumbled before he entered the house.

"But what about!" Sam shouted, but Peter did not even give him a chance to finish, "our date tomorrow..." He mumbled before he looked sadly at the door. He raised his fist to bang on it, but stopped when his hand was just a millimiter away. He did not want to cause Aunt May any worries. He decided to walk away and call or at the very least text Peter tomorrow.

When he went back to the tricarrier he decided to do some last minute light trainig before going to bed. Once he was walking to his room from the showers Sam's eyes widened when he saw a giddy agent Coulson walking down the halls in a tuxedo.

"Did you have fun, agent Coulson? I thought you would've been sad because your plans with Aunt May got cancelled." Sam said.

Coulson merely laughed and answered, "Cancelled? What are you talking about? I had so much fun with her tonight. Maybe you should visit that psychologist. It seems you have started to imagine things."

Coulson then left Sam alone whose heart was up in his throat and beating rapidly. Peter had lied to him. He knew that much. However, why he had done it Sam had no idea. He decided to text his boyfriend even though it was half past eleven.

Sam: 23:31 How is Aunt May doing? Hope her cold is not too severe.

Peter: 23:35 No, her cold is not too severe. She is a little bit better right now actually.

Sam scoffed before muttering, "At least remember what lies you've spewed, web-head."

Sam: 23:38 Glad to hear that. I thought she had the flew though. You mean to tell me she has both a cold and the flew?

Peter's eyes widened. He whispered, "Shit."

Peter: 23:39 I must've said the flew instead of a cold absentmindedly. She rarely gets sick. I was just really worried about her.

Sam 23:40 Sure you were.

Peter 23:41 What's that supposed to mean?

Sam 23:42 You know exactly what it means.

Peter 23:43 No, I am afraid I do not. Care to elaborate?

Sam 23:45 For fuck's sake Peter! I just saw Coulson giddy and elated as a Christmas tree. Why did you lie to me?

Peter 23:46 Why did you cheat on me?

Sam 23:47 WHAT?! Who or what the fuck gave you that idea? I was only out talking with a friend.

Peter scoffed before he texted:

Peter 23:48 I saw you two at Central Park today. You were bloody kissing.

Sam 23:49 You haven't been binge watching Buffy again, have you? And I did not kiss him. Danny had something in his eye and I was just checking what it was.

Peter 23:51 And he was having problems with his eyes exactly when I was watching your way?

Sam 23:52 The fuck are you implying, Parker?

'Parker?!' Peter mentally shouted before texting his answer:

Peter 23:55 I am impying that your jealous ex is trying to break us up or at least give us a reason to fight and you are happily allowing it to happen. Just how blind are you, Sam?

Sam 23:56 Danny isn't like that.

A few seconds after that there was a knock at his door. Sam threw his phone on the bed without so much as telling Peter that he would probably not be able to respond immediately. He was surprised to see Ava and Luke at his door. Before he even had a chance to ask them what they were doing in his room Ava spoke up:

"Sam, first I am sorry fo bothering you this late and for the way I treated you. However, I need to tell you something."

Sam crossed his arms and nodded for her to continue. She breathed in deeply and braced herself before saying:

"Danny knows about you and Peter. So do we. Luke and I are okay with it, but Danny isn't. I am not exactly sure what he is going to do, but he is going to try and get you back."

"So Peter was right. I can't believe that I trusted him..." Sam whispered seethingly before he saw red and exited his room. He walked briskly down the corridor to Danny's room. He knocked on it sharply and did not wait for an answer. Sam barged into his ex's room and stopped dead in his tracks. Ava and Luke who had been following him did the same. Their jaws dropped when they saw Flash and Danny both semi-naked. The two boys were shocked and Danny advised Flash to leave who did so without saying a word. Danny merely promised to call him tomorrow.

" The fuck is going on?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, man...I know Flash redeemed himself and all, but he is still Flash Thompson.'' Luke added.

Ava merely shivered from slight disgust and shock. She could not even picture it...The calm and collected Danny Rand and the hyperactive and aggressive Flash Thompson. They would certainly make an interesting couple. A lightbulb flashed in her head.

"Wait...If you and Flash are together..then why did you tell me that you thinking of getting Sam back?" Ava enquired, making both Sam and Luke's eyes widen. It was true. Three pairs of eyes looked pointedly at Danny who was too busy putting his shirt back on.

"Your question is not without reason, Ava. How about I make us all some tea? Sam go? and call Peter to come and I will explain everything." Danny simply said before he exited the room, not even waiting for either of his teammates to ask any more questions.

Sam was flabbergasted, but did as he was told. When he got back to his room he saw that the top of his phone was emitting a rhythmic flow of light. His eyes widened. Because of the shock he had completely forgotten about Peter. He immediately opened his phone and scanned through the unread texts.

Peter 23:59 Of course, I am not saying that that is something Danny would normally do, but given the fact that he is probably bitter about your break-up, who knows what he might try to get you back?

00:00 I hate to admit it..

00:01 but if I were him, I would probably act the same.

00:05 Sam?

00:10 You aren't mad at me, right? I'm sorry.

00:18 For God's sake, Sam, I know I screwed up, but at least give me a fucking answer.

Sam sighed before he dialed Peter's number. He waited and waited, but there was no answer. Sam growled. 'So this is how he wants to play it...very well then?' Sam thought before he put on his helmet and immediately flew to Peter's house which was conveniently empty.

Peter was walking back to his room while brushing his teeth. He was wearing loose sweatpants, but had forgone putting on a T-shirt. Exactly when he was searching for his phone to check whether Sam had replied he heard a tapping on his window. Peter jumped, but sighed internally in relief once he saw that it was Sam or rather Nova. Once he opened the window he backed up and allowed Sam enough space to enter and take off his helmet. Peter went back to his bathroom and finished brushing his teeth. Once he came back he was about to start talking, but Sam had other plans.

The second Spiderman walked back into his room Nova cornered him into the nearby wall and immediately attacked Peter's soft lips with his. Sam's lips were conveniently wet from all the nervous licking and biting he had done while Peter had been brushing his teeth. The sudden attack surprised Peter, but he quickly responded. Sam's hands cupped his face, whereas Peter's immediately went to Sam's hips.

When the shorter boy pulled his body closer to Peter's, Sam moaned from the feelings of Peter's hot skin against his clothed torso. He felt Peter tug at his shirt and gave him only a couple of seconds to take it off. Soon the skin on skin contact was back. Feeling Sam's chest rub against his made Peter gasp. Sam smirked before he licked Peter's lips. Peter opened his mouth and soon Sam was able to taste the mint of Peter's toothpaste. Peter was engulfed by the strange combination of chocolate and a banana, but he did not have a chance to dwell too much onto it.

Sam gently ran his hands up Peter's sides up and down, making goosebumps appear on the slightly sweaty skin. With his chest heaving Peter broke the kiss and latched his teeth onto Sam's neck, kissing, biting and sucking down the boy's feverishly red skin. Sam moaned when Peter found one of his more sensitive spots. His hands tightened and would probably leave a bruise when Peter gently took the skin between his teeth and nibbled on it before releasing it. He then suckled on it, making Sam emit a throaty moan. Sam returned the favour by running his fingers up and down and exploring Peter's entire upper torso. Soon his fingers found a nipple and twirled it before tugging at it sharply, making Peter yelp and put an end to his ministrations.

Both returned to devouring each other's mouths and exploring every inch of heated skin they were granted access to. Pants, sighs, gasps, moans and whimpers filled the air. Soon Peter started grinding into Sam, making the boy let out an extremely loud moan.

" Shit." Sam whispered through his pants... '''W-we need t-ah-s-stop. God!"

Sam whimpered when Peter's mouth found the skin behind his right ear and gave it an especially long suck. Sam's mind began reeling. If things continued, he would never be able to pull back. With a sharp tug on Peter's hair he said:


Of course, Peter protested, but soon his eyes widened once he saw the state the two of them were in. Sam's neck and chest were riddled with love bites and bruises, his hai was messier than usual and his face had such a prominent flush that made Peter wonder whether he could make it spread further down his boyfriend's body. However, what aroused him even more were Sam's eyes - the lusty haze those beautiful storms were holding was mesmerizing.

Sam was in no better state. Seeing how flushed Peter upper torso had become, how the inviting chest was heaving up and down, the redness of Peter's lips, the messiness of his hair and the half-lidded, depserate gaze that those normally calm blue eyes were directing at him made Sam question his sanity once more.

" I take it you're not angry at me." Peter managed to choke out once he managed to put some distance between himself and Sam. Peter threw Sam his shirt and went to rummage through his closet to find one for himself.

After he put his shirt on, Sam confirmed, "Yeah, we're fine. I...I actually came to get you because Danny has some explaining to do."

At the mention of the boy's name Peter immediately balled his hands into fists and asked coldly, "What does he have to say?''

Sam chuckled before he went and embraced his boyfriend from behind who had yet to put his shirt on.

"I caught him with Flash Thompson in bed..both of them were half naked." Sam whispered in Peter's ear before he kissed the skin behind it. Peter shivered once he felt Sam's breath tingling on his neck.

Once what Sam had said registered Peter screeched " WHAT?! This I've got to hear." He said before turning around and smirking at his boyfriend.

"Will you let me ride you?" Peter asked cheekily as he put his shirt on.

"WHAT?! Didn't I just stop you from doing that and hell no am I bottoming first!" Sam replied while crossing his arms and glaring at his boyfriend.

Peter merely chuckled and moved to his his seething boyfriend on the forehead. Then he whispered in the boy's ear, making Sam shiver, "I meant will you give me a ride to the tricarrier?"

"O-oh..yeah. Sure." Sam breathed before he and Peter exited the Parker household.

Soon all five team members were in the kitchen and all had a mug of tea in their hands. Peter was the first to question Danny:

"Why did you have to go through all of that?"

"Be more specific, Peter?"

" Why did you make Peter believe that I was cheating on him? Same goes for Ava and Luke?" Sam elaborated. Peter looked at him and smiled. Sam mirrored his expression.

"Because of this."Danny simply answered, gesturing to the two lovebirds who were secretly holding hands underneath the table. Danny smirked once they both blushed and let go of their respective limbs.

"On with the explanation please." Ava demanded.

Danny sighed, "Peter and Sam were obviously worried about how I was going to take their reltionship. And not only me, but you two as well. We all made the mistake of shunning Sam away and Sam needed a reason to believe that his teammates still had his back. The only way for you and Luke," Danny gestured to the other two lovebirds, " to immediately forget about your fears and see Sam your friend and not Sam, the monster, was to direct your anger towards another teammate. I was the easiest new target. I believe I played the role of a jealous ex-boyfriend quite well. Plus, Peter and Sam needed a little push to cement their relationship and no..I do not mean only physically. I believe Sam has learnt that in spite of how well he plays his role, he actually favours emotional intimacy over solely physical intimacy, am I correct?"

All four pairs of eyes blinked rapidly at him before laughter filled the air, confusing Danny yet simultaneously giving him a sense of relief as well.

"You mean to tell me that you did all of this to help us fix our friendship with Sam and Peter and possibly function better as a team?" Luke asked as he brushed a tear of laughter from his eye. Danny merely smirked and nodded, chuckling at his teammates.

"You are one evil mastermind, you know that, dude?" Luke added.

"Of that I am aware, my friend. However, you cannot deny that my plan worked. We are all together once more." Danny responded and smiled fondly at his teammates, friends and possibly family who all reciprocated it.

Silence filled the room, while everyone was busy drinking their teas when a lightbulb flashed in Sam's head, "Wait a minute," All eyes were on him, " Did you plan on us," He pointed to everyone but Danny and Peter, " on walking in on you and Flash?"

Danny calmly drank the rest of his tea and answered, " No, that would be ludicrous. I may be quite intelligent, however, I fear I cannot control fate. That was mild miscalculation on my part. I wasn't counting on my plan working so rapidly. Now, if you will excuse me, it is getting late and I need to get some sleep."

"Do you by any chance have a date with Flash tomorrow?" Peter teased Danny who merely rolled his eyes and smiled fondly at the web-slinger. He did not give his teammates an asnwer, merely bid them goodnight and with a wave of his hand suggested that this discussion was over.

Luke and Ava soon left as well and Peter and Sam decided to go back to Peter's house. There they spent the entire night talking and agreed that after everything that happened Sam would remain in New York and not tell the others about Batman's proposition. They also agreed that they would prefer to take things slow and not allow their relationship to escalate because it was yet too fragile. Naturally, they also thought the same when it came to Danny and Flash – there would be a lot of teasing on Monday during their mixed training sessions.

"Sam, you are certain about staying here, right...about me...about us I mean?" Peter asked as he lay there embracing Sam.

Sam looked at him, smiled and caressed his hair, "Of course, I am." He then kissed Peter's forehead.

"Sam," Peter murmured.

"Yeah?" Sam asked.

"I love you." Peter professed.

Sam smiled, "I love you, too." He said before leaning in for a soft kiss which was bound to lead to other enjoyable acitivites.

Too bad nothing pleasant and good lasts forever.

The End.

Author's note: God, it has been so long. I am sorry for the wait. I hope you liked this conclusion. This story was definitely a gem worth writing. I hope you liked it and do not mind the mistakes for which I apologise. I wanted to post it right away. Anyway, this is the ending. Have a wonderful day/night/week.