It had started out as a walk. Melanie and her two sisters hadn't seen each other in quite some time and were, for the most part enjoying their time together. They had strolled leisurely through the woods around their property, and on a rather steep hillside containing mostly limestone. they found a small cave. The cave entrance had been littered with old bones of small animals, but not one of the three women found that odd or disturbing. In fact, it was fairly common.

Melanie had never been comfortable in smaller caves. If this could be considered a cave. So far it was a dark, damp, crack in the stone that, now, after some time squeezing her way through, hardly seemed like a safe or good idea to explore. She and her sisters could be trapping a vicious animal in its den. Melanie hardly savored that idea. Bears suddenly sprang to mind. Of course Melanie realized the chance of finding a bear would be extremely improbable. Bears didn't live in this area, and even if they did, one would not be able to fit through this enclosed space.

"Let's turn back. I don't think this goes anywhere. Besides, it's gross and uncomfortable," Madison, the youngest of the trio chirped in. Of course it was her. Madison would always be the first one to back out of anything. She always claimed it was because it was dangerous or boring or some other unpleasant thing, but the truth was she was afraid. Of everything.

"We should go a little further, and if it's not interesting we will turn back," Melanie compromised. The three had often gone on these types of adventures as children, and Melanie had always led them. She never really understood why she led them when she was hardly capable of leading herself. Melanie supposed it was because she was the oldest, but now that they were grown adults that really made no difference. Maybe she was leading them now because she had suggested the walk in the first place.

She had also found the cave, and they had decided to enter with a majority rules vote. Melanie had wanted to explore a little. The three had often found these kind of caves but had never gone in them. Morgan, the middle child, had voted with Melanie against Madison, like she always did. That thought brought a smirk to Melanie's face, and as the cave widened out a little she turned to regard her sisters.

Morgan was right behind her. She was the shortest of the group, but hardly the meekest. Morgan was stubborn, proud, and often times foolhardy. She considered herself a very moral person, despite not being religious, but didn't always hold herself to her own standards. Morgan loved the idea of being brave and strong, so she rarely backed out of any of Melanie's crazy schemes. This also made her perfectly susceptible to Melanie's manipulation. Morgan had almost unnaturally straight light brown hair that came down just below her shoulders, light brown, almond shaped eyes, and full lips which were naturally a pleasing light pink. Her face was the roundest of all of the sisters with less prominent cheekbones and jawline, but it fit her well. Morgan was the most extroverted of the three, but she was far from achieving social grace. She was quick to anger and didn't hide that when in public. This made her rude at times.

Thinking of people without social talents caused Melanie to focus her attention on to her youngest sister, Madison. Madison had long blonde hair, which was not straight but not wavey, and her left eye was a blueish color and her right a brownish. The difference between the two was only slight, and at first glance they appeared to be the same color. Madison was very pale which had led to her being called a cave-dweller on several occasions. While taller than Morgan, Melanie still had several inches of height on her youngest sister. Madison was also very physically weak which was probably because of her love of sleeping, reading, roleplaying games, and other things that didn't involve much if any physical effort. She was very introverted and had some social anxiety which prevented her from doing many things and made her somewhat clingy.

Melanie considered herself fairly average. She had shoulder length brown hair, which was notably darker than Morgan's but a far cry from being considered dark brown, darker brown eyes, a stronger jaw and cheekbones, and was the most athletic and tallest of her sisters. Melanie had always thought her nose was large and her body a little below average. She shared some things in common with her sisters. They were all considered intelligent, and nerdy. She also was introverted like Madison, though not as severely.

"Are we going on?" Morgan's question interrupted Melanie's contemplation.

"Yeah. It looks like it's getting wider and more interesting, but I doubt that it continues on much farther." It occurred to Melanie that she could no longer see the sunlight, and the air felt more stale and oppressive than it should be. They could only now see by the dim glow of Melanie's tiny flashlight. A shiver went down Melanie's spine as she turned around and continued walking. She was completely unprepared for the sudden and complete darkness that enveloped her a moment later.

Melanie heard her sisters cry out from behind her and felt what seemed like many bee stings all over her body. They left a burning itching pain that began to clog her mind. Whatever was attacking her couldn't of been a swarm of bees despite the sensation. There was no buzzing. Melanie felt herself collapsing onto the hard stone ground, which was strangely no longer limestone and thought that perhaps exploring this cave had been a very bad idea on her part.