Melody woke up to a warm summer's morning and smiled to herself. It was the anniversary, marking three years since the wall was removed and Morgana was finally destroyed. She suddenly frowned a bit as she looked out to the sea. She walked out onto her balcony, resting her chin on her arms as her lips started to quiver. It had also been three long years since she had seen her friends Tip and Dash. She smiled as tears shined in her eyes, getting memories of when they were together. Exploring sunken ships, mid-afternoon swims, hide and seek in the reefs and finding hidden treasure.

She teared up even more when she saw on her dresser, a special tiara that dash had found one day exploring. He gave it to her the day they separated. Melody remembered that day so well. She even remembered what he and tip said to her.

They said that no matter what happened, she'd always be a princess to them.

Tears fell down her cheeks as her mother came in.

"Oh melody. I know you miss them terribly" Ariel said resting a hand on her shoulder.

"I wish I could see them again" she said crying into her mothers arms.

As Ariel held her, she heard voices outside in the distance. Melody's head suddenly shot up as she recognized the voices. She had to be dreaming. There was no possible way. But it was! She walked outside and saw figures leaping out of the water and diving back in.

"It's them..." She whispered to herself shakily.

She bolted down the steps and down to the beach as a walrus and penguin were getting close to the shore. When melody saw tip and dash for the first time in years, she started to cry a bit.

She ran into the water, not caring that her nightgown was getting wet, tearfully laughing.

Tip and Dash had tears in their eyes and were calling her name like crazy. When they were finally within reach, melody couldn't help herself but fling herself into the walrus's waiting flippers. She could feel dash shaking as they hugged for what seemed like a long time.

"Oh Melody, my Melody" dash said whimpering and crying a bit as he held her close to his chest.

"Oh dash I missed you so much" cried melody

Melody then turned to see tip who had tears welling up in his eyes. She gave a small tearfull giggle as tip snuggled into her arms and nuzzled her, all the while crying softly and clinging to her body.

"Oh i missed you so much my shining star" tip whispered shakily.

Melody held him closer and smiled a bit as dash joined in the hug. The three were back together again. She then saw her mom and dad come out smiling.

"I see you recieved part 1 of your surprise" Eric said smiling.

"Part 1?" she asked confused.

"He's right melody"

They all turned to see king triton smiling.

"Grandfather what's going on?" melody asked.

"Melody my dear, I am giving your friends special transformation powers. That way you three can be together whenever you wish"

Melody gasped in surprise and teared up. What her grandfather did next, was no more than a special miracle….