Chapter 14

After lunch, Maria decided to go out by the lake, trying to rethink on whatever happened that day. Hands gripping tight on the black iron gate, humming different tunes, trying to calm herself down. They finished the dance, yes, but why is she feeling too much. Was it really that possible to fall even more?

"Oh, help," she muttered.

"Help? Why do you need help?"

Are you kidding me? she thought. Maria turned around to see the Captain.

"Oh, um, well...I..." she stuttered. The Captain just smirked at her and went beside her. There were many times they stood in conversation here, laughing and so, and now, here they are, awkward and everything.

The Captain was eyeing the boat. He'll not let go of this moment this time.

"Maria?" the Captain said. "Yes, Captain?" she replied. "I was thinking of...having a boat ride after lunch, but figured I don't have a companion. So, well, um, would you like to...go on a boat ride with me?" the Captain said. "W-Well, um, sure, no problem at all," Maria replied with a smile. He opened the black iron gate and led her carefully down the stairs. "You first, m'lady," the Captain offered. Maria accepted with a nervous smile and they soon were rowing around the lake.

They stood in awkward silence, Maria looking at her hands and fidgeting them, while the Captain was trying to catch her eyes or either look around, trying to think of how he would confess it.

"So..." the Captain said, breaking the awkward silence. They have been like that since the morning, and it has gotten even more worse after the dance. Maria, as he could tell, was avoiding him.

Maria just looked up at him, then looked back down. "Maria, well, I'm really sorry for asking, It's been long before I asked it, and I know you wouldn't want to hear it agin, so, well..." the Captain started. Maria now looked at him attentively.

"Why did you leave?" he finally said. Maria's eyes widened a bit, before looking down. "Well, it''s a complicated story," Maria said, before looking back up to him again. The Captain locked his eyes with her. "Do tell," he said.

"Well, I left, because, I...was scared," Maria started. "Scared becasue I was afraid of what I feel. Since I was going to become a nun, it was impossible for me to ever feel those things. I never even thought that I would feel them," Maria said. The Captain's ears perked up. Feelings.

"What, may I ask, did you feel?" he said. Maria felt really nervous. She has lied about this many times now and now she could even faint while telling the truth.

"Well, there were jittery feeling in my stomach, my heart pounding whenever we look at it each other, and when I feel most of these things, I could hardly breath. I feel like my breath was blown away," Maria said, a pink shade tinting her cheeks. "Him?" the Captain said, smirking. "Him? Oh, oh yes, him," she said, blushing a little bit more.

"I could say you're in love," the Captain said, chuckling. Maria blushed even more, remembering all those days, her dreams, the Baroness' words, his words, she didn't know what to do anymore.

"It's weird though, I ran away from the fear of falling in love," Maria chuckled nervously. "Well, why did you come back?" the Captain then said, face going forward to her, but still a few meters apart.

"" Maria stuttered. Oh, help. Help me now, Maria thought. "Hmm?" the Captain said, smirking once again.

"Because...I wanted to look for my life," Maria muttered. "Have you found it?" the Captain said. "I'm not quite sure," Maria said.

" is this mystery man you came back for?" the Captain said. Maria's eyes widened. "Name?" the Captain said, smiling. "Or maybe perhaps you would like to describe him? Because I really don't know if I know this 'man'," the Captain said. Maria's eyes were now the size of golf balls. How could I tell it? she thought.

"Well, um, physical or qualities?" Maria said. "Both," the Captain replied. " has black hair, blue eyes, beautifully tanned skin, in fact he is very handsome. Qualities, well, he's stern yet loving, um, sometimes stubborn, funny, kind, and has a wonderful singing voice," maria said, dreamily.

The Captain raised his eyebrows. Sounds somewhat like me.

"Well, enough about me, Captain, how about you?" Maria said, somewhat making a diversion to calm her senses.

"Well, yes, I am in love. She was one of the most beautiful people I've ever met," he stated. "Um..who?" Maria said.

"Well, she has beautiful golden-blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, rosy cheeks, long lashes, and, well, sorry to say, but she has pink, soft lips. Her personality is wonderful. I would love to marry her, if she, well, agrees. She does, in fact, loves my children," he said, smirking.

Maria was thinking. Golden-blonde hair? Loves his children? Her eyes widened at the realization.


"Yes, you. I'm in love with you. I've been so blind. I even thought I could marry Elsa, but the truth was it is you. It is you I have loved all along," the Captain said, stopping the boat.

"Captain..." Maria muttered as he cupped her cheek. He slowly leaned closer. "May I?" he said, smiling. Maria just nodded, speechless. The Captain then went for it, gently pressing his lips on hers.

As they broke away, Maria just hugged the Captain. "I love you, Maria," the Captain said. "And I love you too, Georg," Maria said, smiling at his name. The Captain smiled. "Don't you know that this isn't our first kiss?" he said, recalling that rainy night. "Hmm?" Maria said, breaking away. "Remember that rainy night in where I fetched you from the gazebo?" he said. "Mmm-hmm," she replied. "Well, after I brought you to your room, I couldn't sleep and I decided to go to you. I acually told you I love you, then you kissed me- while you were asleep," the Captain said, chuckling. "What?" Maria said, blushing. "Yes. Dreaming of me, perhaps?" he joked. "Maybe," she smiled. They kissed again and held each other for a while. "Marry me?" Georg said, stroking her hair. Maria smiled. "Gladly."

The children saw everything through the window. They all smiled. They were going to have a mother again, they knew it.

All those dramatic events made them reach this. Well, it's love, after all.

It is you I have loved, all along.


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