She isn't sure what it is about Bellefleur, Oregon but it seems to cause her to run into his arms in hotel rooms.

This is a different version of him than the last time she remembers doing this.

This version doesn't tell her that his sister and a government conspiracy are all that matters to him. No, this version is holding her and whispering into her ear about how there's so much more she needs to do with her life. She's the sole focus of his energy now.

He's grown up.

They've come full circle and what once was so important, what once consumed and defined him, has faded into the background.

He's not quite ready to walk away, not quite ready to get out of the car, but he's getting there. It's almost time.

Had she known, she'd have begged him to stay. She'd have clung to him in the hallway of the Hoover building and pleaded her case.

Don't go, Mulder.

Don't leave me, Mulder.

I'm pregnant, Mulder.

It's yours, Mulder.

We got our miracle, Mulder.

It's everything we ever wanted, Mulder.

You can't walk away from us, Mulder.

We need you, Mulder.

She wonders if he still would have left. She isn't sure. Part of her thinks he would have, that he wouldn't have been able to help himself. He'd grown up but that childlike curiosity was still there. But then a part of her remembers the night IVF failed, the night they'd shed tears for a child that would never be, the night they frantically attempted to make it happen anyway. That part of her thinks he'd have stayed.

He'd have stayed.

But she didn't know, curses herself for not knowing, wonders how she could have been so blind. She wonders when it happened. After England? In Hollywood? During Caddyshack? She can't be bothered to do the math. It doesn't matter.

She can't ask for another miracle, she knows she's used hers all up.

So she watches Skinner break down, watches her mother break down, listens to her brother tell her he told her so. She wonders how long he's been waiting for the moment that Fox Mulder failed her.

"We're so sorry, Dana."

They mean well but the apologies and sad eyes make her cringe. This loss is monumental and she isn't sure they even know what they're sorry for.

Sorry your life turned out this way, Dana. Sorry he left you, sorry you fell in love with him, sorry you got what you asked for, sorry you paid the price, sorry you got greedy. Should have been a doctor, Dana!

Friends of her mother's send her flowers since she's lost touch with friends of her own.

There's an odd combination of "Congratulations!" and "Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time!"

She supposes they don't make cards for barren women like her who find out they're pregnant when the father of the unborn child has just been abducted by aliens.

She'd laugh at her own circumstances but she just doesn't have it in her anymore. The only other person who'd find it funny isn't here to laugh with her.

She'll find him, she tells them all. He'll be back. He always comes back.

All of her paths led her to him and he'll find his way back to her.

Samantha's favorite color was purple but she got taken, a twelve year old boy blamed himself, and now here they are. Here she is.

He'll come back.