Sasha looked at the camera, determined. They started rolling. "I'm doing the Ice Bucket challenge, which is something to spread ALS awareness. ALS is a disease that currently has no cure. I am nominating... let's see... Eren Yeager," Eren gasped in surprise from the crowd. They were at a party, almost half of their college was attending. "Mikasa Ackerman," Mikasa remained emotionless. "And Armin Arlert." Armin grimaced. Sasha closed her eyes, and three football players, grinning, ran up to her, each with an individual bucket filled with ice water. They dumped the water on her simultaneously. Sasha shrieked, suddenly alert with the freezing water on her. "That was cold!" she screamed. Everyone laughed. Later that night, Sasha and her boyfriend, who was filming and the one who nominated HER, posted the video on Facebook. Which left Eren, Mikasa, and Armin to do the challenge.

"Okay, I'm ready!" Eren was outside the dorms, with all the people in his classes surrounding him. Mikasa started filming. Eren grinned. "Hey guys, this is Eren Yeager, and I am doing the Ice Bucket challenge for ALS awareness. You all should do it too! I nominate my buddy Marco Bolt," at this Marco, in the crowd, lite up his face with a smile. "I also nominate Jean Kirstein." Jean growled. "I'm going to kill you Yeager, I swear." Jean started forward, but Marco held him back. Jean sighed. Eren continued. "And, last but not least, I nominate my boyfriend, Levi." When the camera swiveled to show Levi, the man Tched. "Eren, you deserve this." Then he, Jean, Armin, and Connie ran forward and poared four giant buckets of Ice water onto Eren. Eren shook his head like a dog. "Cold!"

Levi shot his best death glare at his boyfriend. "I can't believe you're making me do this," he grumbled. Eren grinned, his face cheery. "I know. You're doing it 'cause you just live me that much." Levi rolled his eyes. They were at Levi's parents house, in the backyard. All their closest friends gathered around in a clump. The sun was setting in the distance. Eren started rolling. Levi mumbled something incomprehensible under his breath. It was probably very rude. Levi looked up. "For the ALS challenge, I nominate Connie, Petra, and Gunther." And then two buckets of ice were dumped on his head.

So, how'd everyone like it? I posted this on Archive of our Own a few weeks ago, and it got great reviews. So everyone, please review! But I want to explainto you guys that the ice bucket challenge isn't just about dumping a bucket of ice water on your head. It's great if you do, but ALS is a scary disease. I was inspired to write this by a video I found on Facebook, in which I learned about what ALS really is. The guy in the video got diagnost with ALS at age 26. ALS cause your whole body to get paralysed, eventually leading to the point where you can't even breath without help. So everyone should go and research ALS, and also do the ALS challenge. Thanks for reading! And I encourage you all to read my other stories. I started school last week so I can't update very often, but please read them, it would make me soooooo happy! Again, thanks for reading, and please review!