Disclaimer: I swear I don't anything! Although, I'm not sure who would want to own a Villain...


Part One

I swore an oath to a Great Ruler

(I thought I did what was right)

I performed every task, completed every mission

(I don't need to regret anything, do I?)

And then I came face-to-face with something… strange

(I remember that person, I think.)

It was a Flame that matched the Passion in my Soul

(Fire has no place in Darkness)

Part Two

It was revenge I sought

(Weren't we comrades?)

But it was a good chance, too

(When did I grow isolated?)

Love was for fools

(That look seemed familiar)

I needed only the Great Ruler

(The Passion in her eyes

Gave me Thunder in my chest)

A/N: This is for Sailor Poems' latest reviewer and the suggestion that my Muse decided was too good to ignore.