Story rating: M

Chapter rating: T+

This chapter: Similar to the prologue, this chapter sets up Hiccup's feelings for Astrid.

Chapter One: Goddess

Hiccup was utterly convinced that Astrid was the daughter of Freya, if not Freya herself. Why? Because Freya's the goddess of sorcery, and no way could anyone make another person feel so strongly for them without sorcery. She's also the goddess of gold, which was the color of her hair. War was next on the list, and Hiccup had never seen a female who kicked more ass than her. The goddess was also associated with death, which made perfect sense, as the unsuspecting Astrid could very well be the death of him. She's also the goddess of fertility, and with hips like that, there was no way Astrid could be infertile. Her mother, Freya, was the goddess of beauty, and Hiccup was certain that she had never had to hope for it; he had never seen anyone more beautiful. And then, of course, there was love. And as cliche as it may sound, Hiccup would slay every dragon that flew over Berk for her without a second thought. True, he wouldn't do a very good job of it, but he would certainly try. And sexuality. Of course she was the daughter of the goddess of sexuality. How could she not be when one look, one smile in his direction, had him feeling a very strong need to throw himself in the freezing ocean to calm his body in order to avoid tackling her to the ground? Oh yes, he thought to himself as she walked past him, hips swaying back and forth. She simply had to be the daughter of Freya.

Historical stuff: Freya is, in fact, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, fertility, sorcery (well, okay, some fancy word for it but that's what it means, according to Wikipedia), war, gold and death. However, as far as I know (which isn't a whole lot, as I'm not big on medical stuff), hips don't have anything to do with how fertile you are. Despite this, it was a common belief in the past. The movie Dark Shadows portrayed it in a pretty funny way.