A/N: Well, this'll be interesting. I like to think that Hiccup could be dominating if he got possessive of Astrid, and I think he would in this circumstance.

Story rating: M

Chapter rating: M; pretty severe sexual stuff but not a full on lemon just yet. You should take note that not everything in this chapter is... Ah... Consensual on Astrid's part. But you should know that no way in hell (or Hel, I should say. Heh) would Hiccup do anything to hurt Astrid. He loves her way too much, and that is true in my story as well as in canon.

This chapter: Hiccup is not particularly pleased with Astrid's reaction to her dad's note.

Chapter Five: Hiccup's desperation

I dropped the note and turned my wide-eyed gaze to the individual in front of me.

"So. You got to the end, huh?"

I was too shocked to respond, much less move.

"You know it's me?" He questioned again.

After a few moments, I found it in myself to nod jerkily.

"Good," he smiled, and then began to move towards me. I couldn't seem to stand up at that moment but I was capable of scrambling away from him.

He paused, looking heartbroken. "Astrid..." He began moving towards me again.

"K-keep away!" I stuttered.

He continued to move closer to me, and I couldn't remember the last time I had felt so trapped. "Astrid, please, I-"

"I said keep away!" I snapped. It wasn't like me to act like this. I have to be strong, I thought to myself. I have to get out of here.

So I stood up and grabbed my clothes off the drying place in a single movement, and raced towards Toothless, who lifted his head up quizzically.

I began to scramble atop the dragon, but a hand grabbed my wrist, and pulled me back down. I whimpered, terrified. I made a desperate attempt to pull myself free, but was surprised to find that Hiccup had become stronger than I was, and he held his grip.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and turned my body around. He was far too close, and he towered over my small stature. "Astrid, please. Listen to me," he begged.

"No!" I near yelled. "You're just going to try and convince me to marry you, and I'm not going to, dammit! I will never marry you! I would rather die than shackle myself to anyone, much less to you, I won't, I refuse, I-" and then my words were cut off by a possessively angry growl.

"You will not die." He ground out. "And you will marry me. Your father was not mistaken. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to have children with you. No, I demand it. I will not accept anything else."

I whimpered again. "Let me go."

"No. I'm never going to let you go." And then he pulled me tight against him, and pressed his lips to my own terrified ones, and, pulling me away from Toothless, he lowered me to the ground. His kiss was hungry and desperate, and I knew he wanted to take more than just my lips.

"Kiss me back," he ordered.

"No, I won't, I-" he pressed his lips against mine again, growling in the back of his throat.

"Kiss me back, Astrid." I refused again. "What can I do to make you want me as I want you?" He asked, pressing his need against me.

Tears welled up in my eyes when I felt his hardness against me. I was terrified. I knew without a doubt he could easily have his way with me. He was much stronger than me now. The tears began to fall freely down my cheeks.

"Astrid..." He said softly. I whimpered. "Astrid, my love, I would never hurt you. I won't take you without your consent. You should know that by now."

"I'm not your love," I snapped, angry once more.

"Oh, but you are," he nuzzled my neck. "My love," he kissed my neck once, "and my wife, soon enough", he kissed it again.

"I will be no such thing. I've told you I'm not going to marry you. I absolutely refuse."

He growled again, his frustration rising. "You don't understand. You're mine." He pinned my hands above my head with one of his own. I was suddenly reminded of how large they were. How large he was, compared to me. When did he get so much taller than me? He always had been -I wasn't exactly tall myself-, but not this much. So when? I wondered.

He kissed me again, and the shirt I was wearing -his shirt- rode up around my thighs as he pressed his body against mine. Gods, I thought. This feels amazing. Then I reminded myself that I could not be feeling such things, and so I pushed the hormones aside.

He ground against me. "Astrid..." He moaned against my neck. He moaned my named several times.

I remained silent.

He pulled back from me, still holding my hands above my head with one of his, while the other was used to prop himself up.

"Say it."

"Say what?" I asked, exasperated.

"My name."

I raised an eyebrow. "You want me to say your name?"

"Yes. Say it. Now," He demanded.

"No," I said flatly.

He growled again. "Say it." He demanded.

I rolled my eyes. "Or what?"

His grin would've made Loki proud, and I quickly found out why- he slid his hands up my sides, slowly inching closer to my breasts. "Or I'll touch them," he whispered. "I'll grasp them and fondle them. Maybe even suck them..." He trailed off.

"Dammit, Hiccup, no!" I made an attempt to push him away. He nuzzled my neck instead.

"Good. That's what I wanted. Now say you're mine." If the glare I sent him had been my axe, his head would have been rolling on the floor of the cave. "You know what I'll do if you don't."

"Fine," I snapped. "I'm yours."


"What?" I groaned inwardly.

"Say it's forever."

"Yes, fine, fine." This time I did groan. "Forever. I'm yours forever." He kissed me in response.

"Now tell me how much you love me." He said softly, kissing my lips gently.

"What? Hiccup, I'm sorry, but I don't-"

"You do," he said simply. "I know you do. Now tell me."


"Tell me that you love me, and say you'll marry me," he demanded.

I groaned again. "Fine, I do, and I will."

"Say it. Actually say it." He whispered against my lips. "Swear it to Freya herself."

"Please don't make me," I begged.

"I need to hear it. Please. Say it. Tell me exactly how much you love me. And say my name when you do. I love it when you say my name."

I sighed, then took a deep, quivering breath. "Hiccup, I swear to and before Freya, the goddess of love, fertility and... and sexuality, that I..." it was at this point that I realized I was about to speak the truth. I didn't know when I began to love him, but I did, and the force of it -my love for him- hit me so hard that I nearly lost my breath. He wanted for me to continue. I did. "That I love you, and only you, and that I will marry you. I will love you all throughout this life, and I will love you after death. There is nothing I want more than to be with you. I will spend my eternity at your side. " As I finished, I felt my face heat up.

He took my face gently in his hands, leaned his forehead against mine, and whispered, "really? Do you really mean that or did you just say it because I wanted you to? Or made you, I guess. If you didn't mean it I promise I won't do anything. Just tell me if you meant it."

I shut my eyes tightly, not wanting to look at him after such a confession. I nodded slightly. "Yes, I... I mean it."

"Thank the Gods," he said before kissing me. Not sure what to do, I simply lay there beneath him. Frustrated, he pulled back slightly. "Astrid, there's no reason for you not to kiss me back now. You've said you love me, and that you want to be with me. You don't have to hide how you feel about me. I don't want you to." I blushed, nodding my agreement. "Will you kiss me back?" I nodded again.

He leaned in, and pressed his lips to mine once more. Wrapping my arms around his lanky frame, I tilted my head to the side. His tongue probed my lips, slipping inside as I wove my fingers into his hair.

"Say my name again, baby..." He begged softly, as he started to suck my neck.

"Hiccup..." I moaned. He sucked harder in response, his teeth scraping my skin, and I knew it would leave a mark.

His hands reached down the shirt I was wearing, slipping under it. "I love the way you look in my clothes," he sighed against me. I hummed happily. He slid his hands up my stomach and over my ribcage, soon finding my breast bindings. He stroked them at first, barely grazing them, but then he kissed me again, roughly, and grasped my breasts with equal roughness. "They're much bigger than they look," he noted as they easily filled his hands.

"That's on purpose. I make them look smaller." I gasped out as he fondled the part of my body in question.

"Why?" He wondered aloud.

"To stop men from... Ah...! Looking at them... Mmm..." I said in between gasps of pleasure.

"Good. Other men can't look at you the way I look at you. The only one who knows what size your breasts actually are," he said with a squeeze, "is me."

I hummed in agreement, then pulled him to me and our lips met once more in a frenzied kiss.

"I want you," he moaned against my lips. "I want to be inside you."

I pushed him away a bit, turning my head to the side.

"I'm sorry, Hiccup. I love you, but I... I'm just not ready for that yet," I said softly, wrapping my arms around myself as we both sat up and he moved off me.

"I'll... Try and wait, I guess," he said hesitantly. I smiled at him gratefully, completely unaware of what he was thinking, which was, I've waited too long. I can't anymore. I need her.