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Chapter 8- Enter the Chibi gang and the Suna nin!

Team 7 was in hell. A week after the mission to Nami, Kakashi had announced that the Chunin exams were coming up next and he wanted to kick them into it. Their hell began right there.

They were forced to run away from Kakashi's pack of dogs whilst covered in bacon slices and BBQ sauce, they were forced to hike up a mountain with weights on them, they were forcibly binded together, hindering their movements, while Kakashi would throw different projectiles at them, from the smallest thing such as a pebble, to the biggest thing he could carry and not kill them: it was the same weights that burdened them during their hike.

By this point, even Naruto who has a monstrous amount of stamina was tired.

"And the Chunin exams won't even begin until 2 months later." Naruto sobbed in exhaustion. Sasuke was too tired to do anything but walk haggardly, staggering in his steps while Sakura face planted to the ground and stayed there until Sasuke and Naruto were a few distance away.

Some civilians looked at them like they needed to go to the mental ward and visit the Yamanaka's for a mental evaluation, while the Shinobis and Kunoichis who were passing by gave them a sympathetic look, knowing how tiring training could be.

"Boohoo! Can't we get one day of rest!" Sakura weeped, but it was muffled as she was facing the ground. All Sasuke and Naruto could hear was 'Woowoo, gawe gek one dayarest?'.

Both boys didn't reply to her words. Sakura lifted her head from the ground and wailed even harder.

"If it isn't training, then it's a d-rank. Babysitting, Dog walking, human interaction." Sasuke whispered, horrified. They all took a moment to shudder at the memories.

It was then a box suddenly appeared.

"Why is there a box?" Naruto asked his teammates who groaned. He, whose recovery rate was amazing as ever, started walking away, causing the box to follow. Sakura, who was face planted, could see the culprits of the maker of the box, while Sasuke could only look at 3 pairs of tiny legs that followed after Naruto, chasing after the blonde when he started running.

The box halted to a stop when Naruto did. "Why did you make a rock in the shape of a cuboid with 2 holes in the front?" Naruto asked incredulously. The box was mysteriously quiet for a moment before a muffled voice spoke out. " Just what you'd expect from the man I respect! You're my rival, aren't you!" It spoke before a smoke bomb, or three, were used.

Team 7 could hear coughs and hackings because of it. They could only watch what happen next.

Three little kids emerged from the smoke, still kneeling due to the fact they couldn't see much and the box was covering them. When the three stared at the older three, they realized that they must have looked lame, so they decided to do something about it.

"With the sexiness of a kunoichi, Moegi of the senior class at Kunoichi Preschool!" The little girl posed.

"The one who likes factoring, Udon!" The boy with snot hanging from his nose posed as well.

"The number one genius ninja in the village, Konohamaru!" The wanna-be ninja posed.

"And together, we are the Konohamaru gang!" The three of the little kiddies spoke out. There was a pause for a moment, Team 7 were taking the time to process it.

"Why is it Konohamaru Gang?" Sasuke asked.

"Sexiness of a kunoichi?" Sakura sounded almost criticizing.

"Genius?" Naruto asked incredulously. But then Naruto noticed something. "Why are all of you wearing goggles?" He asked. It caused the kids to giggle happily and touch their goggles.

"We're just copying what Nii-chan used to do!" There were more paused before Naruto started getting teary and hugged all three of them, causing Moegi and Udon to snuggle up to him while Konohamaru was pretending that he hates it.

"It's the most adorable thing I've ever seen." Sakura whispered to Sasuke.

"I want one of them..." Sasuke whispered back to her, making her nod.

"Oh, by the way, why are you guys here?" Naruto asked, taking a step back away from the academy students. Konohamaru grinned.

"You promised that you would play Ninja with us!" He cheered, causing the two behind him to nod hopefully. Naruto stared at Sakura and Sasuke hopefully, causing them to sigh and nod.

"Yay! We got two more participants!" Naruto cheered, causing the little kiddies to cheer, being infected with all his sunshine cheeriness. It was then Udon noticed the other people other than Naruto.

"Who are you?" He asked, causing Sakura and Sasuke to give a small wave, even if Sakura was having a bit of a difficult time to do it.

"We're his teammates. I'm Uchiha Sasuke, while the face-planting girl is Haruno Sakura." Sasuke said.

"Is Sasuke-niichan and Sakura-neechan going to play with us!?" Moegi looked at them hopefully with puppy eyes. It made the two gain a bit of energy, and stood up straight.

"We are!" Sakura smiled at them, causing the three children to cheer. Sakura hooked an arm around Sasuke to whisper in his ears.

"I seriously want one of those too." She whined to him, making him nod. Moegi noticed the gestured and squealed.

"Are you two.." She whispered "..dating?" She then squealed like it was the most scandalous thing she's ever heard. It made the two jump away from each other like they were covered in feces.

"Nope, no we aren't" They quickly denied. Those two would rather date Naruto then each other, as he was the most sweetest thing since sugar had been invented. He was like the sunshine itself.

"I'll be it!" Sakura quickly changed the subject. The others took that as a cue to run away.

"Don't forget to count to ten!" Naruto yelled to her.

"I won't!" Sakura said and turned around, starting to count.

As soon as Sakura counted to ten, she started chasing her teammates and the kids.

The first person she caught was Moegi, who pouted and proceeded to join her in catching others, as she's changed affiliation, according to the game rules. It made the game move on two times faster, with Moegi catching Udon and Sakura catching Naruto. The four began to chase after Sasuke who was definitely hiding Konohamaru.

"Ah! I found Konohamaru-chan!" Moegi called out, causing Konohamaru to stiffen and stare at them before running away. Sakura and Naruto, who used an academy level of speed, chased after Konohamaru.

"Oof!" The boy they were chasing after grunted and fell to the ground. Sakura's first response was to make sure that Konohamaru was fine and didn't take a heavy landing before trying to apologize to the person the boy bumped into. But then, Sakura almost wanted to snap his neck, while Naruto wanted to rasengan him in the face. Sasuke hiding in the tree wanted to use some of the metal fire jutsu the Uchiha clan has, possibly to erase all evidence.

"That hurt, ya lil' punk." The cat-ear suited guy picked up Konohamaru roughly by his scarf, causing him to try and get away. Naruto snarled, Sakura bashed her fist together, while Sasuke turned on his Sharingan.

"Konohamaru-kun!" Udon gasp out in worry.

"Well, do you want to be hurt even further?" Naruto growled at the foreign ninja who had the audacity to behave like this in foreign territory.

"Haaaahh?" The foreign shinobi raised an eyebrow as he seemingly looked like a yankee, causing the kids to cower. Sakura ushered the little kiddies she still has left in her grasps behind her before preparing for a fight.

"Stop that! You'll get yelled at later!" The blonde foreign kunoichi behind him tried to warn him, but her teammate obviously didn't listen.

"You know what punk? I'm tired of this. I was going to apologize for it, but you dare threaten a little boy, in a foreign village?" Naruto practically hissed out his words venomously. "You obviously didn't do your homework well to not realize that the boy you are currently holding in your grasps is the Sandaime Homage's grandson." Sakura yelled, making the two pale and drop Konohamaru, who immediately ran behind Sakura to cower with his friends.

"SHAANNNAARROOOO!" Sakura yelled as she cocked her fists and punched the foreign shinobi, making him disappear elsewhere with a shine in the sky.

The blonde foreign kunoichi took a step back, obviously threatened.

"Well? Are you going to do anything to our village? Cause if you are..." Sakura trailed off for Naruto to continue. "...we'll kill you. Probably torture you first before roasting you." Naruto chirped in glee, hoping that she would do something so they were allowed to do that.

"We are here for the Chunin exams!" The blonde held out her pass and the identification card for entering the Chunin exams.

"Temari, where's Kankuro." The five heard a voice and glanced towards the tree to see two boys on different branches. One was Sasuke while the other was a red hair boy carrying a gourd, obviously affiliated with the foreign shinobi

"T-this, this girl punched him somewhere." The blonde stuttered, making the Konoha natives confused to why she was afraid all of a sudden.

"Both you and Kankuro are a disgrace to the village. Why do you think we came all the way to Konohakagure?" The red head's voice seemed threatening. The girl stuttered out her apologized to the red head. Sasuke, realizing that there was no use to be up there on the tree branch and hide from his teammates, jumped off and beside his teammates.

"I apologize for that." The red haired's voice didn't even seem apologetic.

"I hope that next time, you wouldn't try do this again to another village." Sasuke sneered at the obviously Sunagakure Shinobis.

"We won't." The red head said asking a question. "What is your name?" He asked Sakura, who was surprised that someone like him bothered to ask for names.

"Haruno Sakura." She announced proudly.

"Haruno? There are no shinobi clans with the name of Haruno." The blonde muttered to herself, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear it.

"I'm a first generation kunoichi in my family." Sakura said proudly. But then to be polite, she asked their names.

"Sabaku no Gaara." The shinobi introduced, a bit threateningly, but that's life.

"Temari. " The blonde seemed proud of it, but of course, non of the Konoha nin were interested nor do they care. Sasuke and Naruto never bothered to give out their names, still weary of those two.

"Let's go Temari. We have to find him." Gaara gestured to Temari who meekly followed him. The Konoha nin stared at their retreating backs before Konohamaru made one comment that they all shared.

"I don't want to play Ninja anymore..."


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