Title: Korrasami 83

Fandom: Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Pairing: Korra / Asami Sato

Rating: PG-13

Notes: Thank you all for your patience. Thank you to those who have sent me support via P/A/T/R/E/O/N. Thank you to those who make private writing requests. I know it has been a long wait, please forgive me for letting you down. If I could write as my full time job how lovely that would be. Speaking of there will likely be lots of edits needed as this is a long one. If you spot any big ones, please send me a private message so I can correct it.


The next day…early A.M.

Asami's flight back to the city was a slow tumultuous blur. She couldn't concentrate. For a while, she'd lost count of how many birds she almost hit. She kept looking back at the swamp. Korra knew. They were actually going to be parents. They would finally be able to have normal lives. They needed to talk, to be in one another's arms. Asami furrows her brow and stops mid-flight. "But how did Korra know?" She says to herself. They hadn't shared any dreams since she left. Sure the Avatar was hopeful about her pregnancy but there was no way for her to confirm it. And then there was Toph. There was no way Korra told her about their existence or about the Mothers, and yet she knew everything. Asami stares at the still-growing tree on the outskirts of the swamp. It was almost as tall as the Banyan Grove tree. The heiress takes a resolved breath. "I have to get to the bottom of this."

Back in the swamp

The sound of leaves being crushed echo through the young Avatar's ears. A slow, steady heartbeat moves closer to her. The scent of soil and a uniquely feminine musk fills her nose with every inhalation. She takes a deep breath as the footsteps stop. She tries to turn over on the slab of stone, dirt, and moss that she called a bed. Pain shoots through her body like lightning. "Urggrrhh…." She growls.

Toph shakes her head and huffs roughly through her nose. "Stop pretending you're asleep I can hear how fast your heart is beating." The earthbender barks.

Korra inhales a rough breath before hissing through her teeth. "I'm not…"

"Did you think saying her name was cute?" Toph asks. "It wasn't. It's annoying. I get enough of it when you're dreaming."

Korra rolls her eyes behind her closed eyelids. "Why'd you make her leave?" She asks already knowing the answer.

"Oh, so you're ready to see her?" Toph snaps back as silence fills the space between them. Korra feels her mentor's hand pat her shoulder. "Stop crying."

The Inuit wipes her eyes. "I'm not crying."

Toph lowers her head as she creates an earth stoop to sit on. "Yes, you are. Every time I turn around you're all boohooing about something. Sato, your past, regretting not being able to change the past, promising to change the future, blah blah blah. It's just plain pathetic." She shakes her head. "And speaking of, are you having any memory flashes?" Korra shakes her head no. "Good I didn't feel like burying you again. When was your last one?"

The Avatar releases a sorrowful sigh. She hated being trapped in those traumatic memory loops but she also missed seeing her wife. They hadn't shared a dream in so long. And as much as it hurt at least she could see her through the memories. "I'm not sure. Maybe a few weeks ago. I have no idea how long I've been out here."

Toph's ears start to twitch. She stomps her foot against the ground then waits. "Good. Tell me where she is kid." The metal bender senses someone moving around them.

Korra furrows her brow. "Huh?"

"You heard me." Toph says.

The Avatar clenches her jaw and swallows hard. "How am I supposed to know?" She says hesitantly. A heavy fist slams down hard against her thigh. "Ahhh! What? What! Geez, what's your problem?" She shouts. Toph doesn't say a word. Korra turns her head away and huffs through her nose as a heaviness fills her chest.

She exhales and gulps before stammering on her words. Being around Asami always thrilled her. There was no way she wouldn't notice. "She's close. Probably somewhere in the trees."

"Uh-huh. And how about now?" Toph asks while digging her foot into the ground. A smirk crosses her lips when she feels Asami disappear.

The Avatar blinks creasing her brow harder and scrunching her nose. Her heart thumps faster against her chest as ripples ping through her mind. "Wait she's…." In her excitement, she tries to get up when Toph's hand slams down clamping her mouth shut.

"Quiet." The master bender whispers. Korra nods. Toph takes a deep breath before speaking again. She angles her chin upward. Her voice suddenly booms through the swamp. "Get your narrow behind out of here or your girl's gonna stay out here for a year!"

Asami's eyes widen as she looks down through the trees. She immediately launches herself high above the clouds.

Toph takes in a breath then waits. She suddenly feels Korra clawing at her wrist. "I said be quiet." The blue-eyed woman gasps for breath when Toph finally removes her hand. She pants trying to steady herself as she sits up. "Keep your mouth shut."

Korra grits her teeth trying to forget the pain spreading across her back. Asami was floating. She shouldn't have been able to see that even with Raava's help. It felt like the ripples she saw when she was buried. She thinks back to Aang's first fight with Toph in the Earth Rubble tournament. Toph couldn't see him until he touched the ground. Wasn't that how earthbending worked?

Toph nods. "Okay, she's far enough away now."

"How!" Korra shouts.

Toph plugs her ear with her finger then smacks the Avatar in the back of the head. "Keep it down. I'm sitting right here."

"Ow." The Inuit huffs rubbing the fresh knot forming just above her neck. "Toph…"

"Because you finally got out of your head. That's how. Why do you think I let you fall? You're thinking too much. Your body is what you use to see, not your eyes. Now that it's hurt you're more sensitive to your surroundings." The earthbender says.

Korra shakes her head in confusion. "But she was in the sky. How did I…"

"You're both idiots." Toph says before walking over to her pot of stew.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Korra asks feeling more than a little offended. Asami was the smartest person in the world.

"Earth is everywhere. It's in everything even the tiniest invisible speck. I'm surprised Sato doesn't understand that. Listen and you'll feel it." Toph says while bringing her hands together creating a loud clap. It echoes through the area revealing plumes of dust.

The sound overwhelms the Avatar. Korra quickly covers her ears and squeezes her eyes shut. "What's all that noise? It's so loud." It sounded like thousands of rocks were being crushed inside her head. The sound came upon her suddenly. Millions of twigs breaking over and over again. "Urgh! What is that?" She shouts unable to drown out the noise. Toph grabs Korra's wrists and pulls them away from her head. She lifts her hand to Korra's ear. The Avatar squirms and almost vomits feeling something slimy crawling into her ear canal.

Toph bends two earth clamps over Korra's wrists and raises her voice. "Calm down it's just sponge jelly. Hold your breath." The Avatar does as she's told. Her eyebrows raise as the noise begins to dissipate. "Open your eyes."

Korra furrows her brow. Toph's voice was muffled. "Huh?"

Toph shakes her head then leans into Korra's ear. "I said open your eyes."

Silvery ripples bounced off of everything. The Avatar blinks rapidly unable to keep up with what she's seeing. "Wait." She thinks. "I-I can see?" She turns to her teacher and shouts. "Toph, I can see!" She ducks as the earthbender attempts to smack her again.

"Keep it down. I'm standing right here." She says rolling her eyes and leaning into Korra's ear again. "Relax. Lay back and close your eyes." Korra nods and lies back down. "Tell me what you see now."

A deep crease spreads across her brow again. "The ripples. I still see the ripples. Toph, what's happening?" Korra asks with nervousness in her voice. She opens and closes her eyes again. The images were still there.

The mature bender inhales sorrowfully. She hadn't expected Korra to adapt to her training so fast. Katara wasn't kidding when she said the Avatar was a quick study. Toph hesitates before speaking. No one knew the complete truth of how she saw the world or what it felt like. No one except Korra now. A twinge of regret fills her heart. She knew what the Avatar was in for but didn't want to say it.

"Toph?" Korra says seeing intense pain on her teacher's face. She could swear the woman was about to cry. That's when she understands. She swallows and lowers her eyes. A knot begins to form in her stomach. "This is how you see isn't it? You can't stop it can you?"

Toph turns away then walks back over to her stew. She spoons some stew into a leaf pocket, covers it in moss then tosses it to Korra. "Put that over your eyes and try to get some sleep. We'll start the last part of your training tomorrow." She says as she walks out toward her room.

Korra looks down at the pouch in her lap. She could barely understand what the woman said. She pulls the sponge jelly out of her ear and is immediately affronted by the deafening sounds of the swamp. "Toph!" She shouts before stuffing the jelly tube back in her ear.

The earthbender turns around, points to the pouch, and covers her eyes. Korra nods understanding what she meant. She watches her leave then lies back against her pillow. How had Toph dealt with so much noise and pinging images bombarding her mind all these years? She inhales lifting the pouch above her head to examine it. It just looked like a stuffed leaf, nothing special about it at all. She places it over her eyes. She's shocked as waves of water fill her vision. It was like standing in a calm ocean on a pitch-black night. No flashing images of the swamp. Just a quiet ocean. Sleep came upon her almost immediately.


Asami mumbles to herself as she raises her altitude until she's above the clouds. She can't help continuing to look back at the swamp. She was sure she had erased her presence. Of course, Korra could sense her, but Toph shouldn't have been able to. "How did she do it? Maybe she was picking up on Tsuchi's essence. No, that's not possible right now. His abilities aren't activated. It doesn't make any sense. And how the hell did she floor me? I didn't even feel her flinch."

2 hours later…

Republic City

Asami lands at the top of her building. A livid Chelse is there to greet her. The metal tiles of the airship pad are boiling, the woman is so mad. "Ah, ah, Chelse geez. Cool it." Asami burns her feet as she attempts to solidify the liquid metal bubbling beneath them.

"What the hell were you all thinking?" The Fire Essence growls.

The heiress sighs and lowers her head. "I panicked okay? Korra was hurt." Asami furrows her brow registering what she'd just heard. "Wait what?"

"A human! Seriously, a human?" Chelse says.

"What?" Asami says in genuine confusion.

"They allowed a human to rewrite the whole of existence over 15,000 times! Do you have any idea how many divergent universes have been created? What if our alternates try to find the source of the changes?" Chelse shouts.

Asami throws her head back and sighs. "Wan Shi..."

"Miss Sato this is serious. Was saving one human worth all this?" Chelse asks.

"Is that all you saw? It wasn't about Korra, it's about all of us. They did this to give all of us a chance at life." Asami says while gently caressing the unborn essences growing in her belly. "The Mothers are just as subject to their laws as we are. Rewriting creation was the only way to set us free. And humans are a part of that. They gave humans free will in order to continue expanding this universe. So it doesn't matter whether it's one or one million. They are all important."

Chelse closes her eyes and lowers her head. "Why didn't you tell me that the story of creation had changed?"

Asami pulls her into her arms. "Because I know you. Even though you know there's nothing we can do, you'd still give your all to change things." The heiress cups her assistant's cheek for some eye contact. "Just like when you woke me up to stop Tsuchi." Chelse nods softly as Asami releases her. "Did the library have any information about why the Mothers have transformed?"

Chelse takes a hesitant breath. "The changes they allowed Korra to make reshaped the galaxy." Asami's eyes widen. "Some of the larger comets and asteroids have new trajectories." Their eyes lock.

The CEO swallows hard with a nervous smirk suddenly remembering what Toph told her. "Any chance we just have to stop the Fire Nation from attacking the world again?" Chelse lowers her eyes. Asami pants under her breath. "It's…it's just passing by a few decades early right?" The fire essence remains silent. "You can stop it can't you?"

Chelse shakes her head no. "Maybe one of them, but not all of them. Why do you think the dinosaurs went extinct?" The executive assistant lowers her gaze. She never imagined having to experience something like that again. It scared her like nothing else. "The library believes that the Mothers have transformed to prepare for what's coming. And since the room of creation is still being formed it can't tell when the comets will hit. It could be years, centuries, or even a millennia, there's no telling."

A stark expression covers Asami's face. "We're mortal. What can we do?"

"What?" The fire essence says.

"Lin, Korra, and Kya are mortal. And I'll lose my immortality once I give birth. And none of us have access to our memories. How are we supposed to stop this?" Asami asks fearfully.

"I'll call the others." Chelse says.

"No." Asami says quickly. "We can't risk this getting out. It'll cause a panic."

"So what are we going to do?" Chelse asks.

Asami is silent for a moment. "We need to pick Naga up from Air Temple Island."

Chelse furrows her brow. "Huh? How is that going to help?"

The heiress shakes her head. "It's not, but Korra will need help getting around once she's back. Naga is smart. She can keep Korra safe." Chelse opens her mouth to speak before Asami interrupts her. "We aren't going to do anything but act normal." Chelse's jaw clenches. "We'll keep things business as usual. Check the room of creation every week until we have more information. We have to trust the Mothers."

The executive assistant lowers her gaze. That wasn't what she expected to hear, but she knew Asami was right. There was nothing they could do anyway. It didn't mean that they shouldn't try though. "Miss Sato, we at least need to tell the others. They might be able to come up with…"

"No, it'll throw them out of balance. You saw what happened to the spirit world when they felt Tsuchi preparing to die. They'll try to leave. It's the law. We've seen it happen on other worlds Seika." Green eyes meet saddened brown orbs. "The Mothers are staying and so should we."

Chelse rolls her eyes in defeat knowing Asami was telling the truth. "Fine. I'll go get Naga. But what do you plan to tell the Avatar?"

The heiress lowers her gaze. It still hurt seeing her partner in so much pain a few hours ago. "That I love her just as she is. That she doesn't need to change." Her eyes well with tears. "That she doesn't have to try so hard. That she's not alone."

The fire essence releases an annoyed black flame from her lips. "Miss Sato…"

"I'm not going to tell her anything until I have to." She lifts her hand to stop Chelse from interrupting. "We are about to become parents Seika. Stress isn't going to help anything. It could be thousands of years before we have to deal with this. You said it yourself. We have no idea when…"

Chelse shakes her head. "That's exactly why we can't keep her in the dark. She is the most powerful Avatar in history. She's juiced up with multidimensional knowledge and power. And you don't think she should know that her world could be destroyed?"

"No I don't. Not right now. Please Chelse." Asami says taking her assistant's hand. "Let us have this. Please."

Chelse snatches her hand away before looking into saddened green eyes. "Fine. But if we lose this world it's on you. Got it? And if we lose this world, I'm done with you Mizu. I'm still your executive assistant in this lifetime so I have to look after you, but after this, I'm done. Do you understand?" Asami is in shock hearing that. "I mean it."

Asami nods slowly. They had been friends since the beginning of time. Seika had never said anything like this before. "Why…"

"Because you're being selfish. This world is important to me. My family is important to me. I have felt and experienced things here that can't be explored any place else. I'm sure the others feel the same way." Chelse shakes her head. "After everything that's happened, I thought you would have learned how dangerous secrets can be." Asami lowers her gaze. "Get some rest. I'll go back to the library tomorrow and tell the owl how 'you' want to handle things."

The heiress speaks up. "This isn't just about Korra."

"Whatever." Chelse says before she leaves.

"If family is so important to you then why aren't you happy about the last of us being born? I heard you back in the forest. You think the Mothers…" Asami says before she's interrupted.

"Grrahhh! Tell me you don't believe the same thing. Tell me! Look at the actions they've taken." Chelse yells.

"They've given us a chance to have real lives." Asami says.

"No, they've given you a chance. We're infertile remember?" Chelse says without thinking.

Asami's eyes widen. She hadn't realized all the implications of her pregnancy. Chelse was right. Asami swallows hard. "What if things have changed? If I can have children maybe…"

"I don't want to hear any more of this." Chelse shakes her head. "It doesn't matter. You've already made your decision. And I have made mine. If this world ends I'm done." Chelse slams the door behind her.

The Swamp

3:30 am

The sound of a slow roaring wind blows into the Avatar's ears. It was the strangest thing she had ever heard. She reluctantly removes the pouch from her eyes. Shades of white, grey, and black fill her vision as ripples bounce off of everything in the area.

The strange sound still persisted. It seemed like that odd noise was all around her. It was all she could hear. After taking a deep breath she removes the sponge jelly from one of her ears. Immediately the sounds of the swamp almost knock her over. She quickly stuffs the jelly back into her ear.

That roaring wind soon returns. Korra swallows softly. She focuses her vision on the drum-like heartbeat on the other side of the tree. "Toph? Toph can you hear that?" She asks as softly as she can knowing that the sound of her own voice in her head was louder with her ears plugged. When her mentor doesn't move or answer Korra shakily stands to her feet. Her back still ached but at least she could move.

The moment her feet touch the ground ripples blast in every direction. She can't stop herself from blinking. It takes her a few minutes to adjust to her new way of seeing. To her surprise hints of a blueish mist start to appear. "Blue?" She thinks. "That shouldn't be possible." She furrows her brow seeing that the mist was forming a path. She checks in on Toph again. The woman hadn't moved an inch. Korra shakes her head then cautiously follows the blue mist.

It felt strange moving through the swamp with her new eyes. She realizes right away that she has no depth perception. She had to rely solely on her sense of touch to navigate. She could see the surface of the ground as well as what was beneath it at the same time. It was hard to be sure of where she was stepping. Bugs were an issue too. She sees them moving everywhere creating even more ripples. "How does Toph keep track of all this?"

After half an hour the mist starts to pool into the trunk of the tree she had been climbing for the past few weeks. Korra is shocked. The tree was growing right before her eyes. She shakes her head and rolls her eyes. No wonder she was always wiped after training. "Nice one Toph."

"Hahahaha, not really." A voice says in her head.

The Avatar looks around. "Who said that?" She takes a few cautious steps toward the tree. There was someone in the trunk. "Who's there?"

"This is so weird. Toph really did a number on you didn't she? I didn't realize how bad it was." A woman says.

Korra can make out a silhouette standing in the center of the mist. She shouldn't have been able to hear the woman while she had the sponge jelly in her ears. "Who are you? And how can I hear you?"

"Oh man, that's right. You haven't finished training yet. Hold on a second. Just relax okay. This is gonna feel…uhh…just take a deep breath." The woman says.

The Inuit moves toward the mysterious figure. "What are you talking ab…." She's shocked as she involuntarily goes into the Avatar state. "Ahhhhh Ahhhh!" Korra shouts as a splitting pain throbs through her head. She drops to her knees.

"That should help. You can see me now right?" The woman asks.

The ripples finally stop. She lifts her head. Standing in front of her was…her.

"Hey you okay? I know that was weird. It was for me too." The alternate Avatar says.

Korra shakes her head. "Am I dreaming?"

"Ha, you wish. Or well I wish. This isn't the tree of time or anything. I'm real. And I'm talking to you telepathically." She says.

Korra shakes her head again to make sure that she's seeing clearly. She notices a long scar along the woman's arm. "Hey, I remember you. You're the one who told me to tell Lin about the Mothers." The older Korra nods. "Are you… me? I mean this world's version of me in the future?"

The other Korra scratches the back of her head. "Uhh, not exactly but let's go with that for now."

"How old are you?" The younger Avatar asks.

The other Korra squints her eyes. "I'm 28. You gotta problem with that?" The Avatar shakes her head no. "Look, I can't stay for long. I thought you'd get here sooner. I came here to tell you that you have time. Remember that okay? You have time. That noise you're hearing is the comets. If you climb to the top of this tree you'll hear them a lot better. They're pretty far off so don't worry. Like I said, you have time. Oh, and you need to take Asami, Lin, Kya, and the essences to the spirit portal in the park when she's ready to give birth. Got it?" The alternate Korra says.

The bewildered Avatar shakes her head. "No. This doesn't make any sense. Why not just tell me the whole story? Huh? How am I supposed to know when to come back and tell myself this stuff? Seriously I've been confused since the last time you showed up. And how many kids do Asami and I have? I saw two in the spirit portal with you and Asami was pregnant again. And what about my sight? Do I ever…"

The older Inuit lifts her hands in surrender when she hears thunder in the distance. She knew the Avatar was losing control. "Hey, hey, hey calm down okay. I know this is a lot to take in. It was hard for me too. All I can say is you'll know when you know. I'm sorry but it can't happen any other way. Just remember what I said."

Korra rolls her eyes. "What does that even mean? Just like the Mothers always talking in code. Can you at least tell me how you keep showing up here?"

The other Korra smirks as her body starts to fade into the mist. "This will be the last time. You'll understand soon, I promise. Word of advice from your elder kid, trust yourself. You'll get the answers to your questions when you accept who you are."

"Yeah, and who is that?" The Avatar asks.

"A Mother." The older Korra says as she disappears.

The Avatar state deactivates. "What? Wait. Wait! What about the comets?" Korra shouts as the blue mist fades from her vision.

She looks around and notices that the ripples hadn't returned. Things look normal just without all the colors. Everything was black, white, and grey. She breathes a sigh of relief unable to help her tears. She could actually see. A smile forms on her lips as she thinks of her wife. This is what she had been training for. It felt so good being able to see and walk again. Her back still hurt but at least the ground wasn't see-thru anymore. She turns to look at the tree. It was still growing. Just looking at it made her muscles ache. The strange wind continued to blow in her ears. She didn't have the energy to climb the tree again so she heads back to her bed.

As soon as she returns Toph turns over. "What are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep." Korra lies down and puts the pouch over her eyes.

"You still thinking about Sato?" Toph asks.

Korra half-smiles. "Always."

Toph takes a deep breath. "Well rest up. You'll be leaving after we finish tomorrow."

Korra removes the pouch from her eyes and turns to look at Toph. "Really?"

"You remember what I told you when you first came out here right?" The metalbender says.

Korra felt anger rising in her belly. She hadn't meant to go into the Avatar state earlier. "I saw something out there. I couldn't control it."

"Doesn't matter. I don't have much left to teach you anyway. Get some rest. You'll need it." The master bender says turning back over in bed.

"Toph…I'm sorry." Korra says thinking about how alone her teacher must have been. The woman spent her whole life being bombarded with light and noise. Korra couldn't begin to imagine what that must have been like.

Toph inhales deeply. She knew what the Avatar was apologizing for. "That's life, kid. The only thing that matters now is that you don't have to go through what I did. It's not going to be easy, but I'll show you how to manage it. And I'm sure that light spirit will be able to help you too. Now get some sleep."


"What part of get some sleep do you not understand?" The metalbender asks.

"I guess you can't hear them." Korra says.

"Hear what?" Toph grumbles.

Korra takes a deep breath as she looks up into the sky. "Comets."

"You're right. I can't. Now go to sleep."

Korra covers her eyes with the pouch. Maybe there were things only an Avatar can hear. "Or a mother." She thinks to herself.

The next day…

Republic City

Little Water Tribe

Lin suddenly hears a strange moan followed by incessant knocking at her front door.

"Who is it?" Kya asks from upstairs.

Lin slowly hangs up the phone. "I don't know." The moaning gets louder the closer she gets to the door. She's startled to find Azula standing on the other side of it.

The amber-eyed woman takes an almost panicked breath. "G…Great…one. I-I am…here." She pants.

Lin's brow creases. "I can see that. Are you alright? And how did you know I was calling you? No one picked up the phone at your place." She sees sweat trickling down the young woman's face.

The Fire Nation princess almost couldn't contain her excitement when she felt Lin summon her. Though it wasn't the most appropriate time it wasn't the worst time either. It was fortunate that she was in the midst of making love to her partners when the sensation hit. Things would have been quite awkward any place else. She was sure the police chief was unaware of what she had done because the feeling was overwhelming. Mako and Ty La are dumbfounded. They watch Azula writhing in pleasure knowing neither of them was the cause. "Master…" She moaned before getting out of bed, putting on her clothes, then disappearing from the room.

Azula nods and shakes the vision of her partners from her mind. "I'm fine now. Did anyone else arrive?"

"What do you mean?" Kya asks as she walks up behind Lin.

Azula clears her throat composing herself. "I meant the other guardians. Your call was quite strong. I've never felt it this way before. It caused me to orgasm uncontrollably. I got here as fast as I could." Lin and Kya's eyes widen in shock not expecting Azula's candidness. The princess looks around. "I see that your house is still intact. That's good. May I come inside?"

One hour later…

The three women are on their way to Avatar Korra Park. It took a bit of convincing but Kya and Lin decide it would be best to talk to their guardians. "The fastest way to the void of creation is through the spirit portal. " Azula says.

Azula parks on the outskirts of what's left of Avatar Korra Park. She was genuinely happy when she received Lin's call. Even though she was no longer officially assigned to a cosmic mother it felt good to take up the mantle of protection again.

Lin takes a nervous breath. "So you're sure these other guardians can help us learn how to manage what's happening to us?" She asks as they approach the spirit portal crater.

Azula furrows her brow seeing spirits circling the area faster than usual. She clears her throat to get the women's attention. "Yes, we need to get moving."

"What the problem?" Lin says noticing the princess's expression.

Azula points upward. "They can sense you. I wasn't expecting that. I think it would be best if we visit the spirit library first. "

Kya takes her partner's hand. "Is there something wrong with them sensing us?"

"The entities in the spirit world aren't normally able to interact with the Mothers without an invitation. This could be troublesome. I'll do my best to mask your energy, but we need to hurry." Azula moves toward the portal.

Lin shakes her head. "No, this is too dangerous." The idea of spirits being drawn to them didn't sit well with her.

Azula sighs. She'd spent the last hour trying to help Lin understand the dynamics of the spirit world. The woman didn't make it easy. Every answer Azula gave her only created more animosity within the metalbender. Kya was the only saving grace. She was able to help Lin calm down and explain things in a way she could understand. "As I said before, they can't and won't do anything to harm you two. The problem is that they will want to communicate with you. And you've told me repeatedly that you aren't ready for that. So the faster we…"

Kya squeezes Lin's hand. "We want answers, right baby?"

The cautious chief of police takes a steadying breath. "Fine, but we told Jinora to meet us at that void place. We need to get a message to her."

"Jinora will find you, don't worry Chief Beifong. She knows the spirit world very well. Please follow me." Azula says.

The moment they pass through the portal Azula's golden amber eyes widen. There were spirits everywhere. She swallows seeing that they were surrounded. Apparently, she hadn't shielded the Mothers' cosmic energy as well as she thought, but then again there were two of them. She was only used to traveling with one.

Lin and Kya stand silently with their eyes closed. Azula furrows her brow. "Great ones?"

Both women open their eyes blinking as if they had just awakened from a deep sleep. Kya half-smiles. "Is there something wrong?"

The future Fire Lord shakes her head no. After a deep somewhat worried breath she raises her voice. "Make…A…Path!" The spirits immediately move away.

A giant dragon bird spirit descends from the sky and bows to them. Lin takes a defensive stance. She felt angry all of a sudden, but not for the reason she expected. "Please do me the honor of transporting you, great m…"

Azula grits her teeth. Her instincts as a guardian kick in. "Infidel!" Within seconds she has the dragon bird on the ground with her foot pressed against its head. "You dare to speak in the presence of…"

Kya runs to her. "Azula, stop! What are you doing?" The princess immediately releases the creature and bows to one knee. Kya gulps not expecting Azula's subservience. "Uhh, d-don't hurt him, please. He has wings. Wouldn't it be faster if we flew?"

Azula's jaw clenches as she looks back at the dragon bird. "As you wish." She stands and turns to the ever-growing crowd of spirits. "Listen to me, all of you. Stay away or face oblivion." The spirits begin to move away. She turns to the dragon bird. "You will not speak. Take us to the library." He nods then prostrates himself before Lin and Kya.

The two women look at one another. This was going to be a long day. Azula subconsciously inspects them as she helps them onto the spirit's back. Something had definitely changed. Within seconds they are airborne. Kya swallows softly. "Azula was that necessary?"

"Please forgive me, Master Kya. This was my fault. I thought my presence would be enough to shield you." Azula sorrowfully lowers her head.

Lin rolls her eyes. "She was talking about the way you attacked this spirit. It wasn't going to hurt us." Even she was startled by Azula's actions. But she had to admit in some strange way it felt natural.

"Yes it was necessary. He knows who you are. He should not have approached you. He does not have the right." Azula explains.

Lin lowers her gaze. She couldn't help thinking of the monarchy in the Earth Kingdom. Kya lays her head against her partner's back. For the first time she understood that in this world the Mothers were royalty. Neither of them is sure how to feel about that.

Azula was very tuned in to the two women riding behind her. Their apprehension was palpable. "This is new for me as well. Under normal circumstances no has the ability to speak or move in your presence. You are not the rulers of a kingdom. You are not royalty. You are far greater. You are the creators of all things." Lin and Kya take in the gravity of her words. "Everything in the spirit world is subject to your command. This is why I'm taking you to the library. It will mask your energy. The master there will be able to assist you and answer your questions while I contact your guardians."

After what felt like only a few minutes Lin and Kya land at the library entrance. They cautiously stare at the large body of water in front of them. Lin speaks up. "So where is it?"

Kya looks around. "Maybe it's invisible?"

Jinora suddenly appears swimming toward the shore. "Hey guys. Is everything alright? I thought you wanted to meet at the Forgetful Valley entrance."

Azula steps forward. "I can't keep them hidden long enough to get there without interference. Tell the master they have arrived."

Jinora dries herself off. "He already knows, but this isn't a good time."

Lin swallows hard. "It doesn't feel like we should be here."

Jinora shakes her head. "No, it's not because of you and Aunt Kya. We have another guest. There's something else going on. Let's get you inside." She says noticing a large number of lights in the distance. The spirits were definitely being affected by the Mothers' presence. "Take my hands and hold your breath."

Kya smiles. "Did you forget that I'm a waterbender? Just lead the way I'll make an air bubble." She begins to move her arms.

Jinora is in shock watching the water from the lake being bent around them. "How are you doing that?"

Kya furrows her brow. "Its water isn't it?"

"Not the kind of water that can be bent." Azula says. "Take care of them and tell the master to prepare the bottom floor for my arrival."

Library Main Entrance

Wan Shi Tong spreads his massive wings and bows along with every knowledge seeker. Kya and Lin look at one another. Jinora nudges Lin.

The metalbender furrows her brow. "What?"

Jinora rolls her eyes then whispers quietly. "They won't talk or move without your permission."

"Oh. Uhh, you can get up now?" Lin says awkwardly.

Kya shakes her head and smiles. "Master Wan Shi Tong, knowledge seekers, you may rise. Thank you for opening your home to us. Our guardian, Azula said you would be able to assist us. Please grant us your wisdom."

Lin raises her eyebrows and nods to her partner. "Nice."

Kya smirks. "Well, my dad used to tell us stories about this place."

"It is an honor to have you here, great ones. Perhaps you can assist us as well." Wan Shi clears his throat. "One of the essences has been here for quite some time. Our daily schedules have been greatly disrupted."

Chelse floats up from a lower balcony. "You two come with me."

Lin and Kya start to wobble as they float off the ground. "W-what's happening?!"

Chelse shakes her head grumbling to herself. "I can't believe this. Put us in this stupidly impossible situation then you erase your own memories of it." She continues as she carries Lin and Kya down to the lower levels. "Ludicrous." The Fire Essence turns to the bewildered women when she sees some of the stones shaking in the walls. "Will you calm down, please? You remember who I am right?" Lin and Kya nod. "Then stop trying to bend or you'll destroy this place."

Lin releases a huff from her nose. "Stop trying to kidnap us and I'll stop bending. Where are you taking us anyway? Azula brought us here to talk to that owl and wait for our guardians. We came here for answers."

Chelse rolls her eyes when they reach the bottom floor. "Oh, you want answers, huh?" She releases the two amnesic mothers and walks over to the north wall. "Follow me."

The master of the library lands in front of Kotoba's new door. "Master Seika, I would advise against this. The story of creation is not complete and we do not know how witnessing it will affect the mothers while they are in their human forms. It was different with the Mother of Faces and the Mother of Plexus. They had spiritual knowledge and energy..."

"Be quiet and stop bothering me. I know what I'm doing." Chelse growls.

Wan Shi Tong defiantly puffs out his chest and lifts his beak. "Your behavior over the last week has been strangely chaotic. I can understand considering the current situation. However, if you intend to harm the creators I'm afraid I will have to stop you."

The fire essence closes her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose. "Are you kidding me, right now?"

Wan Shi furrows his massive brow. "I assure you I am not."

Chelse shakes her head. "Chaotic? You do understand what's at stake right? If this world is destroyed then every dimension connected to it will be wiped out, including this one. Why do you think my mother is being so nonchalant about that? Nothing would be left but them. Do you need proof?" She then turns to Lin and Kya and snaps her fingers. The two women are instantly covered in flames.

Wan Shi Tong shrieks and begins to flap his wings in an attempt to put out the flames. "What have you done?" Knowledge seekers begin pouring in from every direction throwing their bodies into the flames.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" Lin shouts as the fox-like creatures slam into them trying to smother the flames.

Lin and Kya's eyes widen when they notice not only that they aren't burning but they weren't being hurt by the knowledge seekers. Kya looks through the rainbow-colored flames. "It's okay. We're okay. We're not burning. It's warm…like a hug." She smiles as one of the knowledge seekers piled on top of them licks her face. The fire essence rolls her eyes.

Chelse snaps her fingers again extinguishing the flames. "Even if I wanted to hurt them, I couldn't, human or not." She couldn't believe she needed to have this conversation. "Your knowledge is severely lacking, Mr. Ten-thousand-things." The library starts to tremble. Chelse rolls her eyes again. "Oh calm down Kotoba. Just open the door. They need to see what's going on."

Azula's voice echoes through the hall. "Not without their guardians." She appears from the west wall where the mural of the Mother of Faces is painted. "Master Wan Shi, have you prepared the room I asked for?"

At this point, Lin has had enough. She pushes some of the knowledge seekers away from her. "Everybody just stop!" To her surprise, everyone and everything in the room is frozen unable to move except Kya. Lin's brow creases. "Uhh…"

Kya takes a deep breath. She could tell that something was wrong. "Everyone is allowed to move freely." Azula, Jinora, and Chelse gasp for breath.

Chelse glares at Azula. "You didn't tell them they were fully actualized before bringing them here?"

"What does that mean?" Kya asks.

Azula lowers her eyes. "No, I didn't think it was necessary."

The fire essence shakes her head. "What kind of guardian are you?"

"The kind that obeys their commands, unlike their children." Azula retorts.

Chelse's jaw clenches. She turns to the two women and lifts her hand. "Please don't say anything else. Just give me a minute to explain." Lin and Kya nod. "Right now for all intents and purposes, you are the Mothers of this universe. In the spirit world, your abilities as the cosmic creators are fully activated. That means anything you say will be considered a command to this world. And as I demonstrated earlier you're invulnerable."

Lin squints her eyes hearing that. "So that means you have to answer our questions." Chelse nods. "And you have to do what we tell you to do." Chelse closes her eyes and nods again.

Kya thinks for a moment. "So our powers are restored, but not our memories."

The fire essence sighs. "That's right, but we don't have time for this. Our world is in danger and you, Asami, and Korra are the only ones who can save it. Now I need you to come into the room of creation with me. It's possible some of your memories will be restored if you do."

Azula steps forward. "I have brought some assistance. Master Wan Shi, has the room been prepared?"

The librarian takes a relieved breath. "Yes, just a moment. I need to release the dimensional gates." He flies up toward his study. A loud slow clicking noise is heard.

The walls of the hall begin to glow with violet light. Suddenly an immense eel hound and a beautiful flutterby materialize from the western and northern walls. They bow to Lin and Kya. Azula bows as well. "Great mothers, may I present your guardians."

"Wow!" Kya says as the flutterby angles its head to look up at her. "Are you mine?"

The gigantic creature stands five stories tall towering over her as it lifts itself to a standing position. "Yes, master." It says sweetly in a strange childlike voice.

Lin swallows hard then crosses her arms. She looks into the imposing eel hound's eyes. There was something oddly familiar about it. The creature was naturally tall due to its longs legs but this one was gigantic. She inhales sharply. "Well, what are you waiting for? Come here."

The massive creature moves a few inches closer to the metalbender allowing her to place her hand on its head. "Thank you, master."

Chelse releases an aggravated sigh. She didn't like how comfortable the two women seemed to be. "Okay now that everyone has been introduced, can we go now? Or did no one hear me earlier when I said your world would be destroyed?"

The two guardian spirits begin to glow before dematerializing themselves into millions of lights. The glittering flakes float toward Kya and Lin covering the women from head to toe.

Kya and Lin look at one another nervously. Something strange was happening to them. It was as if they could read one another's minds. Lin furrows her brow. "Can you hear me?" She asks internally.

Kya's blue eyes widen. "Yes! I think this is because of our guardians."

"That is correct, master." Both guardians say in unison. "Step through the door with the daughter of fire. We will protect you."

Chelse rolls her eyes as she pulls the heavy door open. "Kotoba, story of creation, please."

20 minutes later…

Lin and Kya wear odd calm expressions on their faces as they exit the room. Chelse was worried. "Uhh, are you two okay?"

Lin turns to her and answers almost robotically. "We're fine."

Kya speaks up in the same monotone voice. "We need to leave." Chelse furrows her brow as she opens her mouth to speak. But Kya interrupts her. "Guardians, take us to portal 9-8-4-7-2."

Chelse's eyes widen as they disappear. "No, no, no! Wait! Wait!" She turns to Azula. "What the hell just happened? Where did they go?"

Azula shakes her head in confusion. "I-I don't know."

Jinora lowers her eyes. "Which spirit portal did they transport themselves to? I didn't know they were numbered. Does that mean there are 98,472 portals? That's incredible."

Azula shakes her head no. "There are millions of portals throughout this dimension."

"Millions!" Jinora shouts. "How? That would mean there are portals every four or five miles."

Azula still has her eyes lowered. She was genuinely concerned about Lin and Kya. "Not all of the portals are visible with the human eye. They exist at different frequencies. The portal the Mothers mentioned isn't familiar to me. I need to speak to the other two guardians."

"I'm coming with you." Chelse says. Azula nods.

"But what about Aunt Kya and Lin?" Jinora asks.

Chelse looks at her. "They're not dead or anything okay. They'll show up at some point. Don't worry. Azula let's go."

The Swamp

5:00 pm

Korra and Toph stand at the base of the tree the Avatar had been climbing. She'd just finished the last part of her training. "So, that's it." Toph says matter of factly.

The Inuit's brow creases. "That can't be it. It's too simple. There has to be something else."

"It's only simple because your senses are awakened. Now go home. I'm ready to have my swamp back to myself." The earthbender says. Korra shakes her head and smirks. "You better not start crying on me."

The Avatar takes a quick swipe at her eye. "No not gonna cry, but I'd like to hug you." Toph nods and pats Korra's back a few times.

"Alright, alright. That's enough. Get going." The grouchy teacher says.

Korra looks up at the tree as she releases her. "So you're sure this tree is connected to the spirit world the way the Banyon grove tree is?"

Toph is already walking away. She lifts her hand waving Korra away. "Look for yourself. I've done enough talking to last me another 20 years. Time for some quiet."

The Avatar inhales deeply, holds her breath, and closes her eyes. All around were paths of light that when followed would lead her where ever she wanted to go. It also created a dome of silence in her mind. She can't help but smile and laugh to herself. Toph was right. This action may have seemed simple but it was hard-won. She was sure she was seeing more than Toph was though.

Looking at the root system of the tree it did indeed lead to the spirit world, but there was something else. If she didn't know any better she'd swear there were dozens of spirit portals all over the swamp, but that couldn't be possible.

Korra releases the breath she's holding then focuses her attention on the three lines of intertwined light paths that would lead her home. She could only see color if it was connected to the spirit world. So she knew exactly who the paths led to. "Green, Blue, and Silver. I'll see you soon guys." She looks around and notices one of those spirit portals near her. "Let's see where you lead."

Republic City

7:00 PM

Sato Cottage

Asami decided it was finally time to go home. It had been a rough day. Chelse still hadn't returned to the office. So she had to do all the administrative work herself. Every call just brought more frustration. Her pregnancy combined with the stress of being without her partner was getting to her. She was also still pretty pissed about her experience with Toph.

Naga is there to greet her as soon as she opens the front door. Thankfully Tenzin had been able to drop her off earlier that day. The polarbear dog is remarkably gentle nudging Asami's hand with her nose. She was sure Naga knew about the pregnancy. The heiress smiles sweetly. "Hey, girl. Did you have a good day?" Naga follows her to the kitchen. Asami inhales slowly as she pulls some meat out of the freezer. "My day was alright. Thanks for asking. Although it was just a little tougher than usual without…." Naga begins sniffing the air eagerly. "What is it girl?" Asami watches the polarbear dog sniff every inch of the kitchen then head out to the living room. She furrows her brow. "Naga?"

The dog stops in her tracks. "Ooooooowwwhhooooo!" She howls then charges at the back door. She scratches it violently almost breaking it. "Oooooowhhoooooo, wooooooo! Wooooo, woooooo, wooooooooo!" Naga looks back at Asami, still howling trying to get the woman's attention.

"Okay, okay. Hold on!" Asami gulps as she runs to the door. She'd never seen Naga acting this way before. "You must really have to use the bathroom or something." She pulls the door open and Naga runs out into the woods behind the property. Asami can suddenly feel her heart beating faster. Was she scared? Was there something dangerous out there? She swallows hard and slowly backs her way into the house. Her first thought is to protect her children. But why was she backing away? She was immortal. Nothing could hurt her right now. She can hear Naga whimpering and yelping in the woods. Her eyes widen. What if the dog was being attacked?

The heiress gulps as she musters up some courage. She walks out to the backyard again with her hands at the ready. A sword and shield of ice materialize in her hands. She tries to look through the trees but can only see Naga rolling around on the ground. "Alright! Whoever you are, come on out!"

Naga emerges from the tree line with a familiar woman on her back.

"Korra!" Asami screams launching herself from the back door straight towards her partner. She snatches the Avatar off Naga's saddle and flies straight up into the sky hugging her tightly the whole time. "Oh my goodness! Spirits! Korra! Oh Korra! I missed you! Ahhhh! I missed you! Korra, Korra, Korra, Korra, Korra!" She says while planting messy imprecise kisses all over the woman's face.

The overjoyed waterbender just laughs. "I missed you too baby. But it's getting a little hard to breathe up here."

Asami is trembling as they land. She can't let Korra go. "How are you here?" She says nestling her face into the crook of Korra's neck. She runs her hands up and down the woman's chest and sides.

Korra just keeps her hands firmly pressed against her partner's back. She smiles into Asami's hair. "I told you you could fly." Asami giggles and cries. "I'm sorry I was away for so long. You've been through a lot huh."

Asami leans back now holding the nape of her wife's neck. She looks into Korra's now grey eyes. Her bottom lip trembles. Her voice is suddenly trapped in her throat. "C-can you…"

Korra nods while cupping Asami's cheek. "It's not as clear as when I'm in the Avatar state, but yeah." She examines her wife's facial features running her thumb along her lips. "I see you." She smirks seeing tears streaming down Asami's face. "Apparently Toph sees us too." She inhales shedding a few tears of her own. "She hates it when we cry." She caresses Asami's stomach. "But she'll be hearing a lot more of it soon, huh." Their lips come together gently at first until Asami increases the force of her kiss.

Korra swallows then creates a little space between them while still keeping her partner close. "We have some things to talk about first. Okay?" The fear Asami felt earlier returns with a vengeance. She's full-on shaking now with her eyes lowered. Her mind flashes back to her kiss with Wy. She can't move. Korra picks her up and carries her inside. She sits her down on the couch then kneels in front of her.

Asami shakes her head and closes her eyes. Guilt was raging in her chest. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Korra takes her hands. She knew what her partner was apologizing for. She takes a confident breath. "We'll talk about that later, okay." Asami is now completely confused. Did Korra know? She wipes her tears as the Inuit continues. "I have something to tell you and it's not easy to say." Korra closes her eyes for a moment. Silence fills the room for almost a minute. "After I finished training I could see things that I couldn't see before. I came here through a spirit portal in the swamp if you can believe that. There are portals all over the place. It's amazing, but they can't be seen or accessed by just anybody. At least that's what I think."

"Anyway, I've been hearing a strange wind for the last few days. I know what's causing it. While I was traveling I found a portal that leads to the sky. " Korra swallows hard. "It was our sky. And…it was full of comets. They look like they're far away, which is good. But the bad news is that they're headed here. I think we have time though." Korra averts her gaze for a moment as she remembers what the other Korra told her. "Possibly a lot of time. I don't want this to change the way we live and raise the kids. I think we can figure…" Asami pulls Korra into her arms and closes her eyes. The Avatar rubs her back. "Hey, it's okay."

Asami shakes her head. "I know about the comets. Chelse told me about it a few days ago." She smiles softly and cups her lover's cheek. "We really do have a lot to talk about."