Warriors High!

I know this has been done, like, thousands of times, but it is really fun! I also have a question: Would you reviewers like one long story of a cat or two, or a bunch of one-shots? Just review and tell me! Oh, and please note all cats are around the same age. So if Squirrelflight and Hollyleaf appear in the same scene, ignore the age difference. :P

Hollyleaf's Pov:

I head down the tiled steps to the Thunder section of the humongous building. As my hands streaked across the railing, I caught sight of my brother, Lionblaze, talking to Cinderheart, one of my friends, my roommate, but also the captain of just about every single sports team.

My brother told the same story- captain of every team, star of everything. Me? I was nobody but a sticker for the rules.

I'm no rebel.

My brother is handsome- like, really handsome. Almost every girl drops their jaw at the sight of him. His hair was a soft gold, and his eyes were amber. I mean, what wasn't to like about him?

Just about everything.

I watched him blush, and walk away, which surprised me. My brother thinks girl are plain annoying, and he wants to stick with being the best sports player he can be. Cinderheart waved, then passed me going down the stairs.

I brushed my jet-black hair behind my ear and followed the steps up to my dorm. You see, our high school is kind of like a university. We have dorms, where we bunk with another student. We have classes throughout the day, and free time in the afternoon. Some lucky kids get homeschooled, and get to stay at home with their parents.

I've heard of one, who is Firestar's - the handsome red-haired boy who was the top in grades- sister. For some reason, he wanted to go to high school, even if his sister was homeschooled. Her name was Princess.

Speaking of the buildings, there are six different groups in the building- River, Thunder, Wind, Shadow, Dark, and Star.

Thunder, Wind, River, and Shadow are the four main groups you're sorted into. Your parents decide. Once your parents decide, your mind is wiped clean of memories, so nobody is supposed to know their parents.

It sucks.

I'm in Thunder. Our dorms are on the fourth floor (which is no fun going to) while River's is on the second. Wind gets the third floor, and Shadow gets the first.

We're not supposed to associate with people from other groups- basically no falling in love, that stuff. I have no clue why, and I'm not about to question the Star group about it.

Star organizes everyone in the school. You become a star if you graduate. Firestar is a star- but he still takes school. Every star does. They're like seniors. Some other Thunder star's I know are Bluestar… and Bramblestar.

Then there is Dark. Dark is mainly for the bad kids, ones who gets in trouble often. Normally, not many people are in dark. But oh, well.

I found my dorm- 426- and opened it with my key. Cinderheart wasn't there yet, so I sat on my bed and turned on my iPod.

I had a few texts: One from my brother, Lionblaze, one from Honeyfern, one of the most popular girls in the school and a good friend, and…


I've never liked Ashfur. He seemed so… So weird! He had texted me: Hey, u got the hmwrk 4 history? I didn't get it

I ignored the text for now and read Honeyferns'. Hey, bestie! Want 2 go 2 the movies with my sis and Cinder?

Luv 2! When? I texted back. I moved on to Lionblaze's text.

Jay's grumpy again- got more hmwrk.

Jayfeather is my other brother. He's blind. It's really tough for him, but he's always grumpy about something.

There is a separate course that you can take. Jayfeather is taking it, even though he doesn't want to. It's a course to learn extra things, more advanced things, stuff like that. Our parents- whoever they are- wanted him to take it. If you succeed, you have a chance of getting a great job.

There is a hitch- you can't fall in love. According to the rules, it distracts you from what you're doing. I would never want to do that. Too hard… and the fact I like boys.

I sighed and turned off my iPod. Cinderheart walked in the door.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked her. I noticed the faintest trace of a smile on her face.

"Nothing much!" She exclaimed cheerfully as she plopped her bag on her bed.

"Right…" I muttered, but Cinderheart was already in the middle of another sentence.

"Did you get the english assignment? It looks so hard!" She showed me a booklet full of words, about a quarter-inch thick.

I groaned. "I'll get it tomorrow."

Cinderheart nodded, and stuffed the booklet in her desk drawer.

"Hey, Honeyfern texted me, she wants to know if you want to go to the movies with her, Poppyfrost, and me?"

Cinderheart's eyes lit up and she nodded quickly.

"Great! I'll text her now," I said, grabbing my iPod. Cinderheart nodded distractedly, looking around the room.

"Drat! My iPod's dead," I sighed. I looked to Cinderheart, who was literally bouncing up and down on her bed.

"What has gotten into you?" I asked. Cinderheart turned to me and squealed.

"I'm going on a date with Lionblaze!"


"Tomorrow! He said I played really well last soccer game, and he wanted to take me out to celebrate!"

I laughed. "Great for you! My brother normally hates girls."

Cinderheart's face hardened. "I know, and that's I'm not sure if he'll like me or not."

Cinderheart looked worried. I could tell why. She's had a crush on Lionblaze forever, and was always trying to win his attention. It was hard, since many other people liked him.

"You'll be fine," I said.

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